login_UI: Shiny UI module for login box

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login_UIR Documentation

Shiny UI module for login box



It need to be used in conjuction with login_server() function and is suggested to be used alongside password_reset_UI() and register_UI() for full potential.

This function creates a UI div() element containing informations and input necessary for user to log-in. As it outputs a div() element, you can put it inside container of your choosing (be it some tabItem, fluidPage, fluidRow etc.)


login_UI(id = "login_system", lang = "en", custom_txts = NULL)



the id of the module. Defaults to "login_system" for all of the modules contained within the package. If you plan to use serveral login systems inside your app or for any other reason need to change it, remember to keep consistent id for all elements of module.


specifies the app used language. Accepts "en" or "pl". Defaults to "en"


named list containing customized texts. For more details, see documentation for 'reglog_txt'. Provided list can contain only elements used by this function, but it is recommended to provide the same list for every 'shiny.reglog' function


'tags$div' containing all elements for login procedure

See Also

login_server() for more details and example

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