Man pages for shiny.semantic
Semantic UI Support for Shiny

accordionAccordion UI
action_buttonAction button
attach_ruleInternal function that creates the rule for a specific...
buttonCreate Semantic UI Button
calendarCreate Semantic UI Calendar
cardCreate Semantic UI card tag
cardsCreate Semantic UI cards tag
checkboxCreate Semantic UI checkbox
check_proper_colorCheck if color is set from Fomantic-UI palette
check_semantic_themeSemantic theme path validator
check_shiny_paramChecks whether argument included as shiny exclusive parameter
COLOR_PALETTESemantic colors
counterbuttonCounter Button
create_modalAllows for the creation of modals in the server side without...
data_frame_to_css_grid_template_areasGenerate CSS string representing grid template areas.
date_inputDefine simple date input with Semantic UI styling
define_selection_typeDefine search type if multiple
digits2wordsHelper function that transforms digits to words
display_gridDisplay grid template in a browser for easy debugging
dot-onLoadInternal function that expose javascript bindings to Shiny...
dropdown_inputCreate dropdown Semantic UI component
dropdown_menuCreate Semantic UI Dropdown
extract_icon_nameExtract icon name
fieldCreate Semantic UI field tag
fieldsCreate Semantic UI fields tag
file_inputCreate Semantic UI File Input
flow_layoutFlow layout
formCreate Semantic UI form tag
generate_random_idSome elements require input id, but this does not need to be...
get_cdn_pathGet CDN path semantic dependencies
get_default_semantic_themeGet default semantic css
get_dependenciesAdd dashboard dependencies to html
get_numericExtracts numeric values
grapes-colon-colon-colon-grapes::: hack solution to pass CRAN checks
gridUse CSS grid template in Shiny UI
grid_container_cssGenerate template string representing CSS styles of grid...
grid_templateDefine a template of a CSS grid
headerCreate Semantic UI header
horizontal_menuHorizontal menu
iconCreate Semantic UI icon tag
labelCreate Semantic UI label tag
list_containerCreate Semantic UI list with header, description and icons
list_elementHelper function to render list element
list_of_area_tagsGenerate list of HTML div elements representing grid areas.
menuCreate Semantic UI Menu
menu_dividerCreate Semantic UI Divider Item
menu_headerCreate Semantic UI Header Item
menu_itemCreate Semantic UI Menu Item
message_boxCreate Semantic UI Message box
modalCreate Semantic UI modal
multiple_checkboxCreate Semantic UI multiple checkbox
numeric_inputCreate Semantic UI Numeric Input
parse_valParse the 'shiny_input' value from JSON
progressCreate progress Semantic UI component
Progress-R6Reporting progress (object-oriented API)
rating_inputRating Input.
register_searchRegister search api url
render_menu_linkRender menu link
search_fieldCreate search field Semantic UI component
search_selection_apiAdd Semantic UI search selection dropdown based on REST API
search_selection_choicesAdd Semantic UI search selection dropdown based on provided...
segmentCreate Semantic UI segment
selectInputCreate a select list input control
semantic_DTCreate Semantic DT Table
semantic_DTOutputSemantic DT Output
semanticPageSemantic UI page
set_tab_idSets tab id if not provided
shiny_inputCreate universal Shiny input binding
shiny.semanticSemantic UI wrapper for Shiny
shiny_text_inputCreate universal Shiny text input binding
show_modalShow, Hide or Remove Semantic UI modal
sidebar_layoutCreates div containing children elements of sidebar panel
single_stepCreates a single step to be used inside of a list of steps by...
SIZE_LEVELSAllowed sizes
sliderCreate Semantic UI Slider / Range
split_argsSplit arguments to positional and named
split_layoutSplit layout
stepsShow steps
SUPPORTED_THEMESSupported semantic themes
tabsetCreate Semantic UI tabs
textAreaInputCreate a semantic Text Area input
text_inputCreate Semantic UI Text Input
theme_selectorThemes changer dropdown
toastShow and remove Semantic UI toast
toggle_step_stateToggle step state
uiinputCreate Semantic UI Input
uirenderRender semanticui htmlwidget
update_action_buttonChange the label or icon of an action button on the client
update_dropdown_inputUpdate dropdown Semantic UI component
update_multiple_checkboxUpdate checkbox Semantic UI component
update_numeric_inputChange numeric input value and settings
update_progressUpdate progress Semantic UI component
update_ratingUpdate rating
updateSelectInputChange the value of a select input on the client
update_sliderUpdate slider Semantic UI component
update_tabsetChange the selected tab of a tabset on the client
vertical_layoutVertical layout
warn_unsupported_argsWarn that there are not supported arguments
with_progressReporting progress (functional API)
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