Man pages for shinyMobile
Mobile Ready 'shiny' Apps with Standalone Capabilities

accordionFramework7 accordion container
actionsheetFramework7 action sheet
add_dependenciesAttach all created dependencies in the ./R directory to the...
add_f7icons_depsFramework7 icon dependencies
add_framework7_depsframework7 dependencies utils
add_pwacompat_depspwacompat dependencies utils
add_pwa_depsPWA dependencies utils
add_shinyMobile_depsshinyMobile dependencies utils
appbarFramework7 appbar
app_containerCreate an iframe container for app demo
authenticationFramework7 login screen
autocompleteFramework7 autocomplete input
blockFramework7 block
buttonFramework7 action button
cardFramework7 card
checkboxFramework7 checkbox
checkboxgroupFramework7 checkbox group
class2f7Get CSS class based on cell class
create_app_uiCreate the app UI
createRadioOptionsGenerates a list of option for f7Radio
createSelectOptionsCreate option html tag based on choice input
datepickerFramework7 date picker
f7AlignFramework7 align utility
f7BadgeFramework7 badge
f7BlockFooterFramework7 block footer
f7BlockTitleFramework7 block title
f7ChipFramework7 chips
f7ColFramework7 column container
f7ColorPickerCreate a Framework7 color picker input
f7-deprecatedDeprecated functions
f7DialogFramework7 dialog window
f7DownloadButtonCreate a download button
f7FabCloseFramework7 FAB close
f7FileFile Upload Control
f7FlexFramework7 flex container
f7FloatFramework7 float utility
f7FoundUtility to display an item when the search is successful.
f7GalleryLaunch the shinyMobile Gallery
f7HideOnEnableUtility to hide a given tag when f7Searchbar is enabled.
f7HideOnSearchUtility to hide a given tag on search
f7IconFramework7 icons
f7ItemFramework7 body item
f7ItemsFramework7 item container
f7LinkFramework7 link
f7ListCreate a framework 7 contact list
f7ListGroupCreate a framework 7 group of contacts
f7ListIndexCreate a Framework 7 list index
f7ListItemCreate a Framework 7 contact item
f7MarginFramework7 margin utility
f7NotFoundUtility to display an item when the search is unsuccessful.
f7NotifFramework7 notification
f7PaddingFramework7 padding utility
f7PageFramework7 page container
f7PasswordCreate an f7 password input
f7PhotoBrowserFramework7 photo browser
f7PopupFramework7 popup
f7RowFramework7 row container
f7SearchbarFramework 7 searchbar
f7SearchbarTriggerFramework 7 searchbar trigger
f7SearchIgnoreUtility to ignore an item from search.
f7SegmentFramework7 segmented button container
f7ShadowFramework7 shadow effect
f7SingleLayoutFramework7 single layout
f7SkeletonFramework 7 skeleton effect
f7SlideFramework7 slide
f7SplitLayoutFramework7 split layout
f7SubNavbarFramework7 sub navbar
f7TabCreate a Framework7 tab item
f7TabLayoutFramework7 tab layout
f7TableFramework7 table
f7TabLinkSpecial button/link to insert in the tabbar
f7TabsCreate a Framework7 tabs
f7TapHoldFramework7 tapHold module
f7ToastFramework7 toast
f7ToolbarFramework7 Toolbar
fabFramework7 floating action button (FAB)
fabsFramework7 container for floating action button (FAB)
gaugeFramework7 gauge
getF7ColorsFunction to get all colors available in shinyMobile
inserttabFramework7 tab insertion
menuFramework7 menu container
messagebarFramework7 message bar.
messagesFramework7 messages container
navbarFramework7 Navbar
panelFramework7 panel
panelmenuFramework7 sidebar menu
pickerFramework7 picker input
pipePipe operator
popoverAdd Framework7 popover
preloaderFramework7 preloader
preview_mobileAllow to preview a given app on different devices.
progressFramework7 progress bar
radioFramework7 radio input
removetabFramework7 tab deletion
selectFramework7 select input
sheetFramework7 sheet
sliderFramework7 range slider
smartselectFramework7 smart select
stepperFramework7 stepper input
swipeoutFramework7 swipeout element
swiperFramework7 swiper
textFramework7 text input
textareaFramework7 text area input
timelineFramework7 timeline
toggleFramework7 toggle input
tooltipFramework7 tooltip
updateF7AppUpdate Framework7 configuration
updateF7EntityUpdate Framework7 entity
updateF7TabsUpdate a Framework 7 tabsetPanel
updateF7VirtualListUpdate an f7VirtualList on the server side
validate_tabNameValidate a tab name
validationFramework7 input validation
virtuallistFramework7 virtual list
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