Man pages for shp2graph
Convert a SpatialLinesDataFrame Object to an 'igraph'-Class Object

Degree.listDegree (In-degree and Out-degree) of nodes
DirectedOrientate all the edges in a given edgelist
edgelistA designed structure to denote edges from a spatial network
ERN_OSMEstevan road network from OpenStreetMap...
LNHPLondon house price and hedonic data (SpatialPointsDataFrame)
LNNTLondon Road network data (SpatialLinesDataFrame)
ME.simplificationSimplify multiple edges in a network
nel2igraphProduce an "igraph" object
nodelistA designed structure to denote nodes from a spatial network
Nodes.coordinatesReturn the coordinates of nodes in a "nodelist"
nt.connectCheck the connectivity of a given network
ORNOntario road network data (SpatialLinesDataFrame)
PN.amalgamationAmalgamate edges connected by a pseudo-node
points2networkIntegrate a point data set into a network
ptsinnt.viewVisualize the integration between a point data set and...
readshpnwRead a network from a "SpatialLines" or...
Redef.functionsA collection of functions for redefining attributes of edited...
SL.extractionExtract self-loops form given network
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