simba: A Collection of functions for similarity analysis of vegetation data

Besides functions for the calculation of similarity and multiple plot similarity measures with binary data (for instance presence/absence species data) the package contains some simple wrapper functions for reshaping species lists into matrices and vice versa and some other functions for further processing of similarity data (Mantel-like permutation procedures) as well as some other useful stuff for vegetation analysis.

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AuthorGerald Jurasinski <>, with contributions from Vroni Retzer <>
Date of publication2012-12-05 11:28:33
MaintainerGerald Jurasinski <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

abis: Vegetation and environmental data recorded in a Tundra...

ads.ternaries: Artificial data-set for studying the mathematical behavior of...

aslopect: Calculate similarity of plots based on slope aspect and...

bb2num: Transform Braun-Blanquet scale data to percentage cover...

bcoov: Calculate Bray-Curtis distance for only one variable

bernina: Repeated vegetation records from 7 Alpine summits of the...

boxes: Adaption of boxplot.n.

com.sim: Compare mean similarity between subsets of data

CqN: Probabilistic multiple-plot similarity indices following Chao...

diffmean: Calculate the difference in Mean between two vectors

diffmich: Calculate the difference in parameters of a Michaelis-Menten...

diffslope: Calculate the difference in slope or intercept of two...

direct: Obtain Direction Classes from Geographic Coordinates

dist.tmp: Calculate the distance between the instances or variables of...

hexgrid: Produces the nodes of an equidistant grid.

liste: Convert dist-objects and matrices to database format

mad: Make binary dummy variables out of a factor vector

makead: Create artificial data set (species matrix).

mama: A (convenience) wrapper function to make matrix from a...

occ.time: Track species occurrence

pcol: Permuted Correlation (on strata)

plot.mrpp: plot an mrpp-object

rin: Calculate multiple plot resemblance measures

sim: Calculate similarities for binary vegetation data

simbadocs: Display Package Documentation

simba-internal: Internal functions of the package simba that are usually not...

simba-package: Calculate similarity measures for binary data

sim.tmp: Calculate binary similarity in time

sim.yo: Calculate a binary similarity index you define.

symbol.size: Little helper function to obtain bubble plots with simple...

trudi: Calculate true diversity of any order


abis Man page
abis.env Man page
abis.spec Man page
ads Man page
ads.fbg Man page Man page
ads.ternaries Man page
aslopect Man page
batons Man page
bb2num Man page
bcoov Man page
boxes Man page
com.sim Man page
CqN Man page
CqNa Man page
diffic Man page
diffmean Man page
diffmich Man page
diffslope Man page
diffslope2 Man page
direct Man page
direct2 Man page
dist.tmp Man page
fitmich Man page
hexgrid Man page
liste Man page
mad Man page
makead Man page
mama Man page
mantl Man page
mos.f Man page
mos.ft Man page
mpd Man page
mps Man page
mps.ave Man page
occ.time Man page
occ.tmp Man page
pcol Man page
plot.diffmich Man page
plot.dmn Man page
plot.dsl Man page
plot.mantl Man page
plot.mrpp Man page
print.cslist Man page
print.diffmich Man page
print.dmn Man page
print.dsl Man page
print.dsl2 Man page
print.occtmp Man page
print.pclist Man page
print.permcor Man page
rin Man page
sim Man page
simba Man page
simbadocs Man page
simba-package Man page
sim.tmp Man page
sim.yo Man page
sos Man page
summits Man page
symbol.size Man page
trudi Man page
veg Man page
veg.lst Man page
years Man page

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