simba: A Collection of functions for similarity analysis of vegetation data

Besides functions for the calculation of similarity and multiple plot similarity measures with binary data (for instance presence/absence species data) the package contains some simple wrapper functions for reshaping species lists into matrices and vice versa and some other functions for further processing of similarity data (Mantel-like permutation procedures) as well as some other useful stuff for vegetation analysis.

AuthorGerald Jurasinski <>, with contributions from Vroni Retzer <>
Date of publication2012-12-05 11:28:33
MaintainerGerald Jurasinski <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

abis: Vegetation and environmental data recorded in a Tundra...

ads.ternaries: Artificial data-set for studying the mathematical behavior of...

aslopect: Calculate similarity of plots based on slope aspect and...

bb2num: Transform Braun-Blanquet scale data to percentage cover...

bcoov: Calculate Bray-Curtis distance for only one variable

bernina: Repeated vegetation records from 7 Alpine summits of the...

boxes: Adaption of boxplot.n.

com.sim: Compare mean similarity between subsets of data

CqN: Probabilistic multiple-plot similarity indices following Chao...

diffmean: Calculate the difference in Mean between two vectors

diffmich: Calculate the difference in parameters of a Michaelis-Menten...

diffslope: Calculate the difference in slope or intercept of two...

direct: Obtain Direction Classes from Geographic Coordinates

dist.tmp: Calculate the distance between the instances or variables of...

hexgrid: Produces the nodes of an equidistant grid.

liste: Convert dist-objects and matrices to database format

mad: Make binary dummy variables out of a factor vector

makead: Create artificial data set (species matrix).

mama: A (convenience) wrapper function to make matrix from a...

occ.time: Track species occurrence

pcol: Permuted Correlation (on strata)

plot.mrpp: plot an mrpp-object

rin: Calculate multiple plot resemblance measures

sim: Calculate similarities for binary vegetation data

simbadocs: Display Package Documentation

simba-internal: Internal functions of the package simba that are usually not...

simba-package: Calculate similarity measures for binary data

sim.tmp: Calculate binary similarity in time

sim.yo: Calculate a binary similarity index you define.

symbol.size: Little helper function to obtain bubble plots with simple...

trudi: Calculate true diversity of any order

Files in this package

simba/R/zzz.R simba/R/trudi.R simba/R/symbol.size.R simba/R/sos.R simba/R/simbadocs.R simba/R/sim.yo.R simba/R/sim.tmp.R simba/R/sim.R simba/R/rin.R simba/R/print.permcor.R simba/R/print.pclist.R simba/R/print.occtmp.R simba/R/print.dsl2.R simba/R/print.dsl.R simba/R/print.dmn.R simba/R/print.diffmich.R simba/R/print.cslist.R simba/R/plot.mrpp.R simba/R/plot.mantl.R simba/R/plot.dsl.R simba/R/plot.dmn.R simba/R/plot.diffmich.R simba/R/pcol.R simba/R/occ.tmp.R simba/R/occ.time.R simba/R/mps.R simba/R/mps.ave.R simba/R/mpd.R simba/R/mos.ft.R simba/R/mos.f.R simba/R/mantl.R simba/R/mama.R simba/R/makead.R simba/R/mad.R simba/R/liste.R simba/R/hexgrid.R simba/R/fitmich.R simba/R/dist.tmp.R simba/R/direct2.R simba/R/direct.R simba/R/diffslope2.R simba/R/diffslope.R simba/R/diffmich.R simba/R/diffmean.R simba/R/diffic.R simba/R/CqNa.R simba/R/CqN.R simba/R/com.sim.R simba/R/boxes.R simba/R/bcoov.R simba/R/bb2num.R simba/R/batons2.R simba/R/batons.R simba/R/aslopect.R simba/R/ads.R simba/R/ simba/R/ads.fbg.R
simba/man/trudi.Rd simba/man/symbol.size.Rd simba/man/simbadocs.Rd simba/man/simba-package.Rd simba/man/simba-internal.Rd simba/man/sim.yo.Rd simba/man/sim.tmp.Rd simba/man/sim.Rd simba/man/rin.Rd simba/man/plot.mrpp.Rd simba/man/pcol.Rd simba/man/occ.time.Rd simba/man/mama.Rd simba/man/makead.Rd simba/man/mad.Rd simba/man/liste.Rd simba/man/hexgrid.Rd simba/man/dist.tmp.Rd simba/man/direct.Rd simba/man/diffslope.Rd simba/man/diffmich.Rd simba/man/diffmean.Rd simba/man/CqN.Rd simba/man/com.sim.Rd simba/man/boxes.Rd simba/man/bernina.Rd simba/man/bcoov.Rd simba/man/bb2num.Rd simba/man/aslopect.Rd simba/man/ads.ternaries.Rd simba/man/abis.Rd

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