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Safe Implementation of Monte Carlo Tests

confidenceLimits-methodsMethods for class 'mmctestres' and 'mmctest', Package...
confint-methodsMethods for Function run in Package 'simctest'
cont-methodsMethods for Function 'cont' in Package 'simctest'
getalgprecompConstruct algorithms
getbounds-methodsMethods for Function getbounds in Package 'simctest'
getL-methodsMethods for Function getL in Package 'simctest'
getNumber-methodsMethods for Function 'cont' in class 'mmctestres', Package...
getSamples-methodsMethods for Function 'cont' in class 'mmctestres', Package...
getU-methodsMethods for Function getU in Package 'simctest'
hBH-methodsMethod for class 'mcmtest', Package 'simctest'
hBonferroni-methodsMethod for class 'mcmtest', Package 'simctest'
hPC-methodsMethod for class 'mcmtest', Package 'simctest'
mcpFunction mcp in package 'simctest'
mcpres-classClass "mcpres"
mctestSequential implementation of Monte Carlo tests with multiple...
mkdeltamidFunction mkdeltamid in Package 'simctest'
mmctest-classClass "mmctest"
mmctest-methodsMethods for class 'mmctest', Package 'simctest'
mmctestres-classClass "mmctestres"
mmctSampler-classClass "mmctest"
mmctSamplerGeneric-classClass "mmctSamplerGeneric"
mmctSampler-methodsMethods for class mmctSampler', Package 'simctest'
pEstimate-methodsMethods for class 'mmctestres' and 'mmctest', Package...
rejProb-methodsMethods for class 'mmctestres' and 'mmctest', Package...
run-methodsMethods for Function run in Package 'simctest'
sampalg-classClass "sampalg"
sampalgonthefly-classClass "sampalgonthefly"
sampalgontheflyres-classClass "sampalgontheflyres"
sampalgPrecomp-classClass "sampalgPrecomp"
sampalgres-classClass "sampalgres"
simctestSequential implementation of Monte Carlo tests
summary.mmctestres-methodsMethods for class 'mmctestres' and 'mmctest', Package...
testResult-methodsMethods for class 'mmctestres' and 'mmctest', Package...
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