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Simulation of Study Data

addColumnsAdd columns to existing data set
addConditionAdd a single column to existing data set based on a condition
addCorDataAdd correlated data to existing data.table
addCorFlexCreate multivariate (correlated) data - for general...
addCorGenCreate multivariate (correlated) data - for general...
addMarkovAdd Markov chain
addMultiFacAdd multi-factorial data
addPeriodsCreate longitudinal/panel data
betaGetShapesConvert beta mean and precision parameters to two shape...
catProbsGenerate Categorical Formula
defConditionAdd single row to definitions table of conditions that will...
defDataAdd single row to definitions table
defDataAddAdd single row to definitions table that will be used to add...
defMissDefinitions for missing data
defReadRead external csv data set definitions
defReadAddRead external csv data set definitions for adding columns
defReadCondRead external csv data set definitions for adding columns
defSurvAdd single row to survival definitions
delColumnsDelete columns from existing data set
distributionsDistributions for Data Definitions
gammaGetShapeRateConvert gamma mean and dispersion parameters to shape and...
genCatFormulaGenerate Categorical Formula
genClusterSimulate clustered data
genCorDataCreate correlated data
genCorFlexCreate multivariate (correlated) data - for general...
genCorGenCreate multivariate (correlated) data - for general...
genCorMatCreate a correlation matrix
genCorOrdCatGenerate correlated ordinal categorical data
genDataCalling function to simulate data
genDummyCreate dummy variables from a factor or integer variable
genFactorCreate factor variable from an existing (non-double) variable
genFormulaGenerate a linear formula
genMarkovGenerate Markov chain
genMissGenerate missing data
genMixFormulaGenerate Mixture Formula
genMultiFacGenerate multi-factorial data
genNthEventGenerate event data using longitudinal data, and restrict...
genObsCreate an observed data set that includes missing data
genOrdCatGenerate ordinal categorical data
genSplineGenerate spline curves
genSurvGenerate survival data
iccREGenerate variance for random effects that produce desired...
mergeDataMerge two data tables
negbinomGetSizeProbConvert negative binomial mean and dispersion parameters to...
simstudy-deprecatedDeprecated functions in simstudy
simstudy-packagesimstudy: Simulation of Study Data
trimDataTrim longitudinal data file once an event has occurred
trtAssignAssign treatment
trtObserveObserved exposure or treatment
trtStepWedgeAssign treatment for stepped-wedge design
updateDefUpdate definition table
updateDefAddUpdate definition table
viewBasisPlot basis spline functions
viewSplinesPlot spline curves
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