Man pages for sitree
Single Tree Simulator

calculate.development.classCalculate Development Class of the Stand
dbhi.BN2009DBH Increment Function by Bollandsas and Naesset (2009)
dead.trees.growthGrowth of Dead Trees
flPlot Data
fn.vars.requiredFinds Variables Required on Functions
FuruVolVolume for the Main Species in Norway
grow.dbhinc.hgtincGrowth and Height Increment Function Wrapper
height.korfSimple height function
management.probFinal felling and thinning functions for Norwegian forest
mng.tree.removalFunction to remove trees
mort.B2007Mortality Function by Bollandsas (2007)
prep.common.vars.funFunction to Calculate Common Variables Mean Diameter
recover.last.measurementRecover dbh and height at time of death
recover.stateRecovers the State
recr.BBG2008Recruitment function following BBG2008
sitreeIndividual Tree Simulator
sitree2dataframesitree2data.frame and sitree2dataframe.all
sitreesummarySummary plots
sp.classificationSpecies classifcation
stand.west.stStand and plot characteritics for
stand.west.trA whole stand dataset
toBindListsBinding lists
trIndividual Tree Data
tree.ageEStimation of individual tree age
trList-classClass '"trList"'
trListDead-classClass '"trListDead"'
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