setup_env: Setup a dedicated Python virtual environment for slendr

setup_envR Documentation

Setup a dedicated Python virtual environment for slendr


This function will automatically download a Python miniconda distribution dedicated to an R-Python interface. It will also create a slendr-specific Python environment with all the required Python dependencies.


setup_env(quiet = FALSE, agree = FALSE, pip = NULL)



Should informative messages be printed to the console? Default is FALSE.


Automatically agree to all questions?


Should pip be used instead of conda for installing slendr's Python dependencies? Note that this will still use the conda distribution to install Python itself, but will change the repository from which slendr will install its Python dependencies. Unless explicitly set to TRUE, Python dependencies will be installed from conda repositories by default, expect for the case of osx-arm64 Mac architecture, for which conda dependencies are broken.


No return value, called for side effects

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