#' Renal Function in Three Groups of Peritoneal Dialysis Patients
#' Longitudinal data on the renal function of 116 patients observed on up to
#' five different occasions.
#' @format A data.table with 116 rows and 5 variables:
#' \tabular{ll}{
#' id \tab patient identifier, a character string \cr
#' group \tab treatment group identifier, a character string \cr
#' vintage \tab days since starting dialysis, an integer \cr
#' month \tab month of observation, an integer \cr
#' renalfn \tab renal function of the patient at that month, numeric \cr
#' }
#' @source This data is derived from the Global Fluid Study. This part of the
#' study was led by Dr James Chess and Prof. Nick Topley.
#' @references Lambie, M., Chess, J. et al. (2013). Independent effects of
#' systemic and peritoneal inflammation on peritoneal dialysis survival. J Am
#' Soc Nephrol, 24, 2071--80.

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