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smartR (Spatial Management and Assessment of demersal Resources for Trawl fisheries in R), a tool for assessing bio-economic feedback in different management scenarios. smartR combines information from different tasks gathered within the European Data Collection Framework for the fishery sector. The smartR package implements the SMART model in R, through the object-oriented programming paradigm, and within this package it is possible to achieve the complete set of analyses required by the SMART approach: from the editing and formatting of the raw data; the construction and maintenance of coherent datasets; the numerical and visual inspection of the generated metadata; to the final simulation of management scenarios and the forecast of their effects. The interaction between the user and the application could take place through invocation of methods via the command line or could be entirely committed to the graphical user interfaces (GUI).

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Here are listed the most important elements of a Smart analysis. The first, smartRgui, is the GUI developed to guide and assist the user, while the other five are the classes that make up the smartR package. See SmartProject for an example workflow.


GUI to assist the analysis


main project class


survey data class


fishery data class


Environment data class


Fleet data class

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