Man pages for smint
Smooth Multivariate Interpolation for Gridded and Scattered Data

apermPermutation of dimensions, or generalized transpose
apply_GridApply a function to a 'Grid' object.
array_GridReshape or coerce an array of responses
as.GridCoercion of objects to 'Grid'
as.Grid.defaultCoercion to 'Grid'
boundary_GridFind boundary points in a 'Grid' object
braninBranin-Hoo 2-dimensional test function
cardinalBasis_ceschinoCardinal Basis for cubic Ceschino interpolation
cardinalBasis_lagrangeCardinal Basis for Lagrange (broken line) interpolation
cardinalBasis_natSplineCardinal Basis for natural cubic spline interpolation
checkXCheck designs: size and colnames
closestFind closest point(s) in a design or object.
drop_GridDrop the dimensions with a unique level in a Grid object
GridCreate a new 'Grid' object
Grid-classClass '"Grid"'
interp_ceschinoCeschino cubic interpolation
interp_GridGrid interpolation in arbitrary dimension through Cardinal...
qsheppIntShepard's (modified) quadratic interpolation method
randGridRandom drawing of a 'Grid' object
range_GridRange of a 'Grid' object
round_levelsRound a vector (of levels)
sampleInSample from/in a design object
scale_GridScale a 'Grid' object.
ShepFun1Test functions for/from SHEPPACK
smint-packageMultivariate Interpolation for Scattered Data and Gridded...
subset_GridSubgrid by selection of levels in one dimension.
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