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This package implements several methods for Multivariate Interpolation for Scattered Data and Gridded data with large number of interpolation nodes. The target dimension runs from 4 to 8.


Package: smint
Type: Package
Version: 0.4-2
Date: 2016-01-14
License: GPL-3
LazyLoad: yes


Yves Deville <deville.yves(at)> and Yann Richet <yann.richet(at)>.

This package embeds a Fortran code written by Alain Hébert. It also embeds codes from the SHEPPACK Fortran package written by William I. Thacker, Jingwei Zhang, Layne T. Watson, Jeffrey B. Birch, Manjula A. Iyer, Michael W. Berry, and adapted from previous code by Robert Lenka.


W. Cheney and W. Light W. (2009) A course in approximation theory, American Mathematical Society (AMS).

C. de Boor (2001) A Practical Guide to Splines, revis. Ed., Springer-Verlag.

W.I. Thacker, J. Zhang, L.T. Watson, J.B. Birch, M.A. Iyer and M.W. Berry (2010). Algorithm 905: SHEPPACK: Modified Shepard Algorithm for Interpolation of Scattered Multivariate Data ACM Trans. on Math. Software (TOMS) Vol. 37, n. 3. link

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