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Some Movies to Illustrate Concepts in Statistics

cltCentral Limit Theorem (CLT)
cltqCentral Limit Theorem (CLT) for sample quantiles
continuousUnivariate Continuous Distributions: p.d.f and c.d.f.
correlationSampling distribution of the Pearson correlation coefficient...
discreteUnivariate Discrete Distributions: p.m.f and c.d.f.
ettExtremal Types Theorem (ETT)
FPearsonFisher's transformation of the Pearson product moment...
lev_infLeverage and influence in simple linear regression movie
mean_vs_medianSample mean vs sample median
moviesMain menu for smovie movies
shypoTesting simple hypotheses
smoviesmovie: some movies to illustrate concepts in statistics
wwsWald, Wilks and Score tests
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