Man pages for sofa
Connector to 'CouchDB'

active_tasksactive tasks
attach_getGet an attachment.
attachmentsWork with attachments
Cushionsofa connection client
databasesWork with databases in your CouchDB's.
db_alldocsList all docs in a given database.
db_bulk_createCreate documents via the bulk API
db_bulk_updateCreate documents via the bulk API
db_changesList changes to a database.
db_compactRequest compaction of the specified database
db_createCreate a database.
db_deleteDelete a database.
db_explainExplain API
db_indexCreate and get database indexes
db_infoList database info.
db_listList all databases.
db_queryQuery a database.
db_replicateUpload (replicate) a local database to a remote database...
db_revisionsGet document revisions.
designWork with design documents
design_searchSearch design documents
doc_createCreate documents to a database.
doc_deleteDelete a document in a database.
doc_getGet a document from a database.
doc_headGet header info for a document
documentsWork with documents in your CouchDB's.
doc_updateUpdate a document.
parse_dfParse data.frame to json or list by row or column
pingPing a CouchDB server
restartRestart your Couchdb instance
sofa-packageR client for CouchDB.
uuidsGet uuids.
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