sofa-package: R client for CouchDB.

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About sofa

sofa provides an interface to the NoSQL database CouchDB ( Methods are provided for managing databases within CouchDB, including creating/deleting/updating/transferring, and managing documents within databases. One can connect with a local CouchDB instance, or a remote CouchDB databases such as Cloudant ( Documents can be inserted directly from vectors, lists, data.frames, and JSON.

Client connections

All functions take as their first parameter a client connection object, or a cushion. Create the object with Cushion. You can have multiple connection objects in an R session.

CouchDB versions

sofa was built assuming CouchDB version 2 or greater. Some functionality of this package will work with versions < 2, while some may not (mango queries, see db_query()). I don't plan to support older CouchDB versions per se.


Scott Chamberlain [email protected]

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