soilDB: Soil Database Interface

A collection of functions for reading data from USDA-NCSS soil databases.

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AuthorD.E. Beaudette and J. Skovlin, and S. Roecker
Date of publication2016-11-10 13:17:03
MaintainerD.E. Beaudette <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

fetchHenry: Download Data from the Henry Mount Soil Climate Database


fetchNASIS: Fetch commonly used site/pedon/horizon data from a PedonPC...

fetchNASISLabData: Fetch lab data used site/horizon data from a PedonPC...

fetchOSD: Fetch Official Series Description (OSD) Data

fetchPedonPC: Fetch commonly used site/horizon data from a PedonPC v.5...


fetchSCAN: Fetch SCAN Data

get_colors_from_NASIS_db: Extract Soil Color Data from a local NASIS Database

get_colors_from_pedon_db: Extract Soil Color Data from a PedonPC Database

get_extended_data_from_pedon_db: Extract accessory tables and summaries from a local pedonPC...

get_hz_data_from_NASIS_db: Extract Horizon Data from a local NASIS Database

get_hz_data_from_pedon_db: Extract Horizon Data from a PedonPC Database

get_lablayer_data_from_NASIS_db: Extract lab pedon layer data from a local NASIS Database

get_labpedon_data_from_NASIS_db: Extract lab pedon data from a local NASIS Database

get_site_data_from_NASIS_db: Extract Site Data from a local NASIS Database

get_site_data_from_pedon_db: Extract Site Data from a PedonPC Database

get_veg_from_AK_Site: Retrieve Vegetation Data from an AK Site Database

get_veg_from_MT_veg_db: Extract Site and Plot-level Data from a Montana RangeDB...

get_veg_from_NPS_PLOTS_db: Retrieve Vegetation Data from an NPS PLOTS Database

get_veg_other_from_MT_veg_db: Extract cover composition data from a Montana RangeDB...

get_veg_species_from_MT_veg_db: Extract species-level Data from a Montana RangeDB database

gSSURGO.chunk: Gridded SSURGO Chunk

loafercreek: LoaferCreek Soils

mapunit_geom_by_ll_bbox: Fetch Map Unit Geometry from SDA

SDA_query: Soil Data Access Query

SDA_query_features: Soil Data Access Spatial Query

seriesExtent: Get/Display Soil Series Extent

soilDB-package: Soil Database Interface

SSURGO_spatial_query: Get SSURGO Data via Spatial Query


andic.subset Man page
cisne Man page
fetchHenry Man page
fetchKSSL Man page
fetchNASIS Man page
fetchNASIS_component_data Man page
fetchNASISLabData Man page
fetchOSD Man page
fetchPedonPC Man page
fetchRaCA Man page
fetchSCAN Man page
format_SQL_in_statement Man page
get_colors_from_NASIS_db Man page
get_colors_from_pedon_db Man page
get_component_correlation_data_from_NASIS_db Man page
get_component_data_from_NASIS_db Man page
get_component_esd_data_from_NASIS_db Man page
get_component_horizon_data_from_NASIS_db Man page
get_copedon_from_NASIS_db Man page
get_extended_data_from_NASIS_db Man page
get_extended_data_from_pedon_db Man page
get_hz_data_from_NASIS_db Man page
get_hz_data_from_pedon_db Man page
getHzErrorsNASIS Man page
getHzErrorsPedonPC Man page
get_lablayer_data_from_NASIS_db Man page
get_labpedon_data_from_NASIS_db Man page
get_site_data_from_NASIS_db Man page
get_site_data_from_pedon_db Man page
get_text_notes_from_NASIS_db Man page
get_veg_from_AK_Site Man page
get_veg_from_MT_veg_db Man page
get_veg_from_NPS_PLOTS_db Man page
get_veg_other_from_MT_veg_db Man page
get_vegplot_from_NASIS_db Man page
get_vegplot_from_NASIS_db2 Man page
get_veg_species_from_MT_veg_db Man page
gopheridge Man page
gSSURGO.chunk Man page
loafercreek Man page
mapunit_geom_by_ll_bbox Man page
mix_and_clean_colors Man page
processSDA_WKT Man page
SCAN_sensor_metadata Man page
SDA_make_spatial_query Man page
SDA_make_spatial_query2 Man page
SDA_query Man page
SDA_query_features Man page
seriesExtent Man page
seriesExtentAsGmap Man page
simplfyFragmentData Man page
simplifyColorData Man page
soilDB Man page
soilDB.env Man page
soilDB-package Man page
SoilWeb_spatial_query Man page


R/get_lablayer_data_from_NASIS_db.R R/utils.R R/get_veg_species_from_MT_veg_db.R R/fetchHenry.R R/get_colors_from_NASIS_db.R R/get_hz_data_from_pedon_db.R R/mix_and_clean_colors.R R/nasis_component_data.R R/get_hz_data_from_NASIS_db.R R/SSURGO_spatial_query.R R/get_extended_data_from_pedon_db.R R/fetchSCAN.R R/get_labpedon_data_from_NASIS_db.R R/get_colors_from_pedon_db.R R/get_veg_other_from_MT_veg_db.R R/fetchNASISLabData.R R/get_site_data_from_NASIS_db.R R/fetchNASIS.R R/simplfyFragmentData.R R/SDA_query.R R/getHzErrorsNASIS.R R/mapunit_geom_by_ll_bbox.R R/fetchOSD.R R/seriesExtent.R R/get_veg_from_MT_veg_db.R R/get_text_notes_from_NASIS_db.R R/get_vegplot_data_from_NASIS_db.R R/fetchKSSL.R R/get_veg_from_AK_Site.R R/get_extended_data_from_NASIS_db.R R/simplifyColorData.R R/fetchPedonPC.R R/AAAA.R R/fetchRaCA.R R/get_site_data_from_pedon_db.R R/getHzErrorsPedonPC.R R/get_vegplot_from_NASIS_db.R R/get_veg_from_NPS_PLOTS_db.R
man/fetchHenry.Rd man/loafercreek.Rd man/fetchPedonPC.Rd man/SSURGO_spatial_query.Rd man/get_hz_data_from_pedon_db.Rd man/get_lablayer_data_from_NASIS_db.Rd man/get_veg_species_from_MT_veg_db.Rd man/get_veg_from_MT_veg_db.Rd man/SDA_query.Rd man/fetchNASIS.Rd man/get_veg_from_NPS_PLOTS_db.Rd man/get_hz_data_from_NASIS_db.Rd man/seriesExtent.Rd man/get_veg_other_from_MT_veg_db.Rd man/get_site_data_from_NASIS_db.Rd man/fetchRaCA.Rd man/mapunit_geom_by_ll_bbox.Rd man/get_colors_from_pedon_db.Rd man/fetchOSD.Rd man/get_veg_from_AK_Site.Rd man/get_site_data_from_pedon_db.Rd man/fetchNASISLabData.Rd man/get_extended_data_from_pedon_db.Rd man/fetchSCAN.Rd man/get_labpedon_data_from_NASIS_db.Rd man/get_colors_from_NASIS_db.Rd man/fetchKSSL.Rd man/SDA_query_features.Rd man/gSSURGO.chunk.Rd man/soilDB-package.Rd

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