Man pages for solrium
General Purpose R Interface to 'Solr'

addAdd documents from R objects
collapse_pivot_namesCollapse Pivot Field and Value Columns
collection_addreplicaAdd a replica
collection_addreplicapropAdd a replica property
collection_addroleAdd a role to a node
collection_balancesharduniqueBalance a property
collection_clusterpropAdd, edit, delete a cluster-wide property
collection_clusterstatusGet cluster status
collection_createAdd a collection
collection_createaliasCreate an alias for a collection
collection_createshardCreate a shard
collection_deleteAdd a collection
collection_deletealiasDelete a collection alias
collection_deletereplicaDelete a replica
collection_deletereplicapropDelete a replica property
collection_deleteshardDelete a shard
collection_existsCheck if a collection exists
collection_listList collections
collection_migrateMigrate documents to another collection
collection_overseerstatusGet overseer status
collection_rebalanceleadersRebalance leaders
collection_reloadReload a collection
collection_removeroleRemove a role from a node
collection_requeststatusGet request status
collectionsList collections or cores
collection_splitshardCreate a shard
config_getGet Solr configuration details
config_overlayGet Solr configuration overlay
config_paramsSet Solr configuration params
config_setSet Solr configuration details
core_createCreate a core
core_existsCheck if a core exists
core_mergeindexesMerge indexes (cores)
core_reloadReload a core
core_renameRename a core
core_requeststatusRequest status of asynchronous CoreAdmin API call
core_splitSplit a core
core_statusGet core status
core_swapSwap a core
core_unloadUnload (delete) a core
deleteDelete documents by ID or query
is-srTest for sr_facet class
makemultiargsFunction to make make multiple args of the same name from a...
pingPing a Solr instance
pivot_flatten_tabularFlatten facet.pivot responses
schemaGet the schema for a collection or core
solr_allAll purpose search
SolrClientSolr connection client
solr_facetFaceted search
solr_getReal time get
solr_groupGrouped search
solr_highlightHighlighting search
solrium-packageGeneral purpose R interface to Solr.
solr_json_requestSolr json request
solr_mlt"more like this" search
solr_parseParse raw data from solr_search, solr_facet, or...
solr_searchSolr search
solr_statsSolr stats
update_atomic_jsonAtomic updates with JSON data
update_atomic_xmlAtomic updates with XML data
update_csvUpdate documents with CSV data
update_jsonUpdate documents with JSON data
update_xmlUpdate documents with XML data
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