Man pages for sos4R
Client for OGC Sensor Observation Services

CoercionCoercion of SOS objects to Spatial classes
ConstantsConstants in sos4R
DefaultsDefault Parameter Settings and Handling Functions
DescribeSensorRetrieve Sensor Descriptions from a SOS
encodeKVP-methodsEncode Classes as KVP
encodeRequestKVP-methodsMethods for Encoding Requests to SOS in KVP Format
encodeRequestSOAP-methodsMethods for Encoding Requests to SOS in SOAP Format
encodeRequestXML-methodsMethods for Encoding Requests to SOS in XML Format
encodeXML-methodsEncode Classes as XML
getCapabilities-methodsRequest Capabilities from a SOS
getDataThis function queries a SOS v2.0 for time series data
GetDataAvailabilityClass and construction function for '"GetDataAvailability"'...
getFeatureOfInterestFunction retrieving features of interest, i.e. the...
GetObservationRequest data with GetObservation and GetObservationById...
GMLClasses and Construction Functions from the GML Namespace
MonitoringPointClass '"WmlMonitoringPoint"'
OGCClasses and Construction Functions for the OGC Namespace
OmMeasurementClass and Construction Function for om:Measurement Elements
OmObservationClasses for om:Observation Elements
OmObservationCollectionClass "OmObservationCollection"
OmOM_ObservationClass '"OmOM_Observation"'
OWSClasses and Construction Functions for Elements of the OWS...
parseParsing Functions for XML Documents and Elements
phenomenaFunction retrieve phenomena of a SOS v2.0
SAClasses of the Namespace sa
SAMSClasses and creation functions for Sampling Features
siteListThis function queries a SOS v2.0 for its sites and returns...
sitesThis function queries a SOS v2.0 for its sites and returns...
SMLClasses of the Namespace sml
SOSClass, and Construction and Accessor Functions for "SOS"
sos4R-packageA client for the OGC Sensor Observation Service
SosBindingsBindings and Connecition Methods of OGC Sensor Observation...
SosCapabilitiesClass and Construction Function for "SosCapabilities"
SosContentsClass and Construction Function of "SosContents"
sosConvertSOS Conversion functions for Observation Results
sosCreateConvenience Functions for Request Parameter Creations
SosEventTimeClasses and Construction Functions for sos:eventTime...
SosFeatureOfInterestClass and Construction Function for "SosFeatureOfInterest"
SosFilter_CapabilitiesClasses and Construction Functions for...
SosGetFeatureOfInterestClass '"SosGetFeatureOfInterest_2.0.0"'
sosObservableProperties-methodsMethods for Function 'sosObservableProperties' in Package...
SosObservationOfferingClasses and Related Functions for "SosObservationOffering"
sosRequest-methodsSend Request to SOS
SupportedFunctions to Access Supported Features of the Current sos4R...
SWEClasses and Construction Functions for the SWE Namespace
SweTextEncodingClass '"SweTextEncoding"'
TM_OperatorsClasses and Construction Methods for Temporal Operator...
WMLClasses, creation, and parsing functions for WaterML
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