Man pages for sos4R
An R client for the OGC Sensor Observation Service

checkRequest-methodsMethods for Function checkRequest
ConstantsConstants in sos4R
DefaultsDefault Parameter Settings and Handling Functions
DescribeSensorClass and Construction Function for "SosDescribeSensor"
describeSensor-methodsMethod for a DescribeSensor Request to a SOS
encodeKVP-methodsEncode Classes as KVP
encodeRequestKVP-methodsMethods for Encoding Requests to SOS in KVP Format
encodeRequestSOAP-methodsMethods for Encoding Requests to SOS in SOAP Format
encodeRequestXML-methodsMethods for Encoding Requests to SOS in XML Format
encodeXML-methodsEncode Classes as XML
getCapabilities-methodsRequest Capabilities from a SOS
GetObservationGetObservation and GetObservationById Request Objects
getObservation-methodsRequest Observations
GMLClasses and Construction Functions from the GML Namespace
KMLMethods for the Namespace kml
OGCClasses and Construction Functions for the OGC Namespace
OmMeasurementClass and Construction Function for om:Measurement Elements
OmObservationClasses for om:Observation Elements
OmObservationCollectionClass "OmObservationCollection"
OWSClasses and Construction Functions for Elements of the OWS...
parseParsing Functions for XML Documents and Elements
read.sosRead Data from a SOS Connection
SAClasses of the Namespace sa
SMLClasses of the Namespace sml
SOSClass, and Construction and Accessor Functions for "SOS"
sos4R-packageA client for the OGC Sensor Observation Service
SosBindingsBindings and Connecition Methods of OGC Sensor Observation...
SosCapabilitiesClass and Construction Function for "SosCapabilities_1.0.0"
SosContentsClass and Construction Function of "SosContents"
sosConvertSOS Conversion functions for Observation Results
sosCreateConvenience Functions for Request Parameter Creations
SosEventTimeClasses and Construction Functions for sos:eventTime...
SosFeatureOfInterestClass and Construction Function for "SosFeatureOfInterest"
SosFilter_CapabilitiesClasses and Construction Functions for...
SosObservationOfferingClasses and Related Functions for "SosObservationOffering"
sosRequest-methodsSend Request to SOS
SupportedFunctions to Access Supported Features of the Current sos4R...
SWEClasses and Construction Functions for the SWE Namespace
TM_OperatorsClasses and Construction Methods for Temporal Operator...
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