encodeRequestXML-methods: Methods for Encoding Requests to SOS in XML Format

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These methods encode objects representing requests to a Sensor Observation Service into a XML format which can be used in the POST binding, see SosBindings.


signature(obj = "SosDescribeSensor")

Encode a DescribeSensor request.

signature(obj = "SosGetObservation")

Encode a GetObservation request.

signature(obj = "SosGetObservationById")

Encode a GetObservationById request.

signature(obj = "OwsGetCapabilities")

Encode a GetCapabilities request.


Annex A (normative) “SOS Schema” in Na, A., Priest, M. (Eds.), Sensor Observation Service, Open Geospatial Consortium Inc., OGC 06-009r6, Version: 1.0.

See Also

SosBindings, encodeXML

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