Man pages for sound
A Sound Interface for R

appendSampleAppend Sample Objects
bitsBits per Sample
centerCenter a Sample Object.
channelsNumber of Channels of a Sample Object
cutSampleCut Sample Objects
cutSampleEndsPrepare Sample Object for appendSample
durationDuration of a Sample Object
fitSampleParametersAdjust Parameters of Two Sample Objects.
leftExtract one Channel from a Stereo Sample
loadSampleLoad a WAV File from Disk
mirrorMirror a Stereo Sample
normalizeRescale the Range of a Sample to [-1,1]
noSilenceCut Off Silence from a Sample Object
nullSampleThe NULL Sample Object
Ops.SampleBasic Operations for Sample Objects
panoramaNarrow the Panorama of a Stereo Sample
pitchPitch a Sample Object
playPlay a Sample Object or a WAV File
plot.SamplePlot a Sample Object
print.SamplePrint a Sample Object
rateThe Sampling Rate
reversePlay a Sample Object Backwards
SampleSample Objects
sampleLengthLength of a Sample Object
saveSampleSave a Sample Object as a WAV File
SineCreate Sample Objects for the Basic waveforms
soundThe Waveform Matrix of a Sample Object
stereoCreate a Stereo Sample Object from Two Mono Samples
WavPlayerSet or Get the System Command for Playing WAV Files
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