spMC: Continuous-Lag Spatial Markov Chains

A set of functions is provided for 1) the stratum lengths analysis along a chosen direction, 2) fast estimation of continuous lag spatial Markov chains model parameters and probability computing (also for large data sets), 3) transition probability maps and transiograms drawing, 4) simulation methods for categorical random fields.

AuthorLuca Sartore
Date of publication2016-10-22 12:17:39
MaintainerLuca Sartore <drwolf85@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages


boxplot.lengths: Stratum Lengths Boxplot

contour.pemt: Display Contours with Multi-directional Transiograms

density.lengths: Empirical Densities Estimation of Stratum Lengths

embed_MC: Transition Probabilities Estimation for Embedded Markov Chain

getlen: Estimation of Stratum Lengths for Embedded Markov Chain

hist.lengths: Histograms of Stratum Lengths for Each Observed Category

image.multi_tpfit: Images with Multidimensional Transiograms

image.pemt: Images with Multi-directional Transiograms

is.lengths: Object test for lengths class

is.multi_tpfit: Object test for multi_tpfit class

is.multi_transiogram: Object test for multi_transiogram class

is.pemt: Images with Multi-direct'ional Transiograms

is.tpfit: Object test for tpfit class

is.transiogram: Object test for transiogram class

mixplot: Plot of Multiple One-dimensional Transiograms

mlen: Mean Length Estimation for Embedded Markov Chain

multi_tpfit: Multidimensional Model Parameters Estimation

multi_tpfit_ils: Iterated Least Squares Method for Multidimensional Model...

multi_tpfit_me: Maximum Entropy Method for Multidimensional Model Parameters...

multi_tpfit_ml: Mean Length Method for Multidimensional Model Parameters...

pemt: Multi-directional Transiograms Estimation

persp.multi_tpfit: Perspective Plots with Multidimensional Transiograms

persp.pemt: Perspective Plots with Multi-directional Transiograms

plot.density.lengths: Plot Empirical Densities Estimates of Stratum Lengths

plot.hist.lengths: Plot Histograms of Stratum Lengths

plot.lengths: Plot Stratum Lengths

plot.transiogram: Plot One-dimensional Transiograms

predict.multi_tpfit: Compute Theoretical Multidimensional Transiograms

predict.tpfit: Compute Theoretical One-dimensional Transiograms

print.density.lengths: Printing Empirical Densities Estimates of Stratum Lengths

print.lengths: Printing Stratum Lengths for Each Observed Category

print.multi_tpfit: Printing Model Parameters for Multidimensional Continuous Lag...

print.multi_transiogram: Printing Theoretical Multidimensional Transiograms

print.summary.lengths: Printing Stratum Lengths Summary for Each Observed Category

print.tpfit: Printing Model Parameters for One-dimensional Continuous Lag...

print.transiogram: Printing Theoretical or Empirical One-dimensional...

quench: Conditional Simulation Adjuster Via Quenching Algorithm

setCores: Set the number of CPU cores for HPC

sim: Random Field Simulation

sim_ck: Conditional Simulation Based on Indicator Cokriging

sim_ik: Conditional Simulation Based on Indicator Kriging

sim_mcs: Multinomial Categorical Simulation

sim_path: Conditional Simulation Based on Path Algorithms

spMC-package: Continuous Lag Spatial Markov Chains

summary.lengths: Summarizing Stratum Lengths

tpfit: One-dimensional Model Parameters Estimation

tpfit_ils: Iterated Least Squares Method for One-dimensional Model...

tpfit_me: Maximum Entropy Method for One-dimensional Model Parameters...

tpfit_ml: Mean Length Method for One-dimensional Model Parameters...

transiogram: Empirical Transition Probabilities Estimation for 1-D MC

which_lines: Points Classification through Directional Lines


ACM Man page
boxplot.lengths Man page
contour.pemt Man page
density.lengths Man page
embed_MC Man page
getlen Man page
hist.lengths Man page
image.multi_tpfit Man page
image.pemt Man page
is.lengths Man page
is.multi_tpfit Man page
is.multi_transiogram Man page
is.pemt Man page
is.tpfit Man page
is.transiogram Man page
mixplot Man page
mlen Man page
multi_tpfit Man page
multi_tpfit_ils Man page
multi_tpfit_me Man page
multi_tpfit_ml Man page
pemt Man page
persp.multi_tpfit Man page
persp.pemt Man page
plot.density.lengths Man page
plot.hist.lengths Man page
plot.lengths Man page
plot.transiogram Man page
predict.multi_tpfit Man page
predict.tpfit Man page
print.density.lengths Man page
print.lengths Man page
print.multi_tpfit Man page
print.multi_transiogram Man page
print.summary.lengths Man page
print.tpfit Man page
print.transiogram Man page
quench Man page
setCores Man page
sim Man page
sim_ck Man page
sim_ik Man page
sim_mcs Man page
sim_path Man page
spMC Man page
spMC-package Man page
summary.lengths Man page
tpfit Man page
tpfit_ils Man page
tpfit_me Man page
tpfit_ml Man page
transiogram Man page
which_lines Man page


spMC/R/print.multi_tpfit.R spMC/R/tpfit_me.R spMC/R/print.summary.lengths.R spMC/R/summary.lengths.R spMC/R/predict.multi_tpfit.R spMC/R/is.multi_transiogram.R spMC/R/is.transiogram.R spMC/R/is.multi_tpfit.R spMC/R/print.density.lengths.R spMC/R/persp.pemt.R spMC/R/multi_tpfit_me.R spMC/R/plot.hist.lengths.R spMC/R/sim_mcs.R spMC/R/sim_ik.R spMC/R/embed_MC.R spMC/R/mixplot.R spMC/R/mlen.R spMC/R/print.lengths.R spMC/R/which_lines.R spMC/R/contour.pemt.R spMC/R/setCores.R spMC/R/boxplot.lengths.R spMC/R/quench.R spMC/R/plot.density.lengths.R spMC/R/persp.multi_tpfit.R spMC/R/is.tpfit.R spMC/R/print.tpfit.R spMC/R/multi_tpfit.R spMC/R/getlen.R spMC/R/predict.tpfit.R spMC/R/tpfit_ml.R spMC/R/is.lengths.R spMC/R/hist.lengths.R spMC/R/multi_tpfit_ml.R spMC/R/print.multi_transiogram.R spMC/R/multi_tpfit_ils.R spMC/R/tpfit_ils.R spMC/R/sim_ck.R spMC/R/image.multi_tpfit.R spMC/R/print.transiogram.R spMC/R/sim.R spMC/R/is.pemt.R spMC/R/tpfit.R spMC/R/density.lengths.R spMC/R/plot.lengths.R spMC/R/pemt.R spMC/R/transiogram.R spMC/R/zzz.R spMC/R/sim_path.R spMC/R/image.pemt.R spMC/R/plot.transiogram.R
spMC/man/print.density.lengths.Rd spMC/man/sim_ik.Rd spMC/man/multi_tpfit_ml.Rd spMC/man/print.summary.lengths.Rd spMC/man/mixplot.Rd spMC/man/pemt.Rd spMC/man/print.lengths.Rd spMC/man/predict.multi_tpfit.Rd spMC/man/multi_tpfit_ils.Rd spMC/man/multi_tpfit_me.Rd spMC/man/image.multi_tpfit.Rd spMC/man/tpfit_ils.Rd spMC/man/quench.Rd spMC/man/persp.pemt.Rd spMC/man/summary.lengths.Rd spMC/man/sim_mcs.Rd spMC/man/persp.multi_tpfit.Rd spMC/man/is.tpfit.Rd spMC/man/sim_ck.Rd spMC/man/image.pemt.Rd spMC/man/transiogram.Rd spMC/man/is.transiogram.Rd spMC/man/which_lines.Rd spMC/man/plot.transiogram.Rd spMC/man/plot.density.lengths.Rd spMC/man/tpfit.Rd spMC/man/is.multi_transiogram.Rd spMC/man/hist.lengths.Rd spMC/man/plot.lengths.Rd spMC/man/print.tpfit.Rd spMC/man/print.multi_transiogram.Rd spMC/man/tpfit_me.Rd spMC/man/print.transiogram.Rd spMC/man/density.lengths.Rd spMC/man/contour.pemt.Rd spMC/man/embed_MC.Rd spMC/man/mlen.Rd spMC/man/boxplot.lengths.Rd spMC/man/getlen.Rd spMC/man/plot.hist.lengths.Rd spMC/man/is.lengths.Rd spMC/man/multi_tpfit.Rd spMC/man/tpfit_ml.Rd spMC/man/ACM.Rd spMC/man/predict.tpfit.Rd spMC/man/is.multi_tpfit.Rd spMC/man/setCores.Rd spMC/man/sim_path.Rd spMC/man/spMC-package.Rd spMC/man/sim.Rd spMC/man/print.multi_tpfit.Rd spMC/man/is.pemt.Rd

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