Man pages for spMC
Continuous-Lag Spatial Markov Chains

boxplot.lengthsStratum Lengths Boxplot
contour.pemtDisplay Contours with Multi-directional Transiograms
density.lengthsEmpirical Densities Estimation of Stratum Lengths
embed_MCTransition Probabilities Estimation for Embedded Markov Chain
getlenEstimation of Stratum Lengths for Embedded Markov Chain
hist.lengthsHistograms of Stratum Lengths for Each Observed Category
image.multi_tpfitImages with Multidimensional Transiograms
image.pemtImages with Multi-directional Transiograms
is.lengthsObject test for lengths class
is.multi_tpfitObject test for multi_tpfit class
is.multi_transiogramObject test for multi_transiogram class
is.pemtImages with Multi-direct'ional Transiograms
is.tpfitObject test for tpfit class
is.transiogramObject test for transiogram class
mixplotPlot of Multiple One-dimensional Transiograms
mlenMean Length Estimation for Embedded Markov Chain
multi_tpfitMultidimensional Model Parameters Estimation
multi_tpfit_ilsIterated Least Squares Method for Multidimensional Model...
multi_tpfit_meMaximum Entropy Method for Multidimensional Model Parameters...
multi_tpfit_mlMean Length Method for Multidimensional Model Parameters...
pemtMulti-directional Transiograms Estimation
persp.multi_tpfitPerspective Plots with Multidimensional Transiograms
persp.pemtPerspective Plots with Multi-directional Transiograms
plot.density.lengthsPlot Empirical Densities Estimates of Stratum Lengths
plot.hist.lengthsPlot Histograms of Stratum Lengths
plot.lengthsPlot Stratum Lengths
plot.transiogramPlot One-dimensional Transiograms
predict.multi_tpfitCompute Theoretical Multidimensional Transiograms
predict.tpfitCompute Theoretical One-dimensional Transiograms
print.density.lengthsPrinting Empirical Densities Estimates of Stratum Lengths
print.lengthsPrinting Stratum Lengths for Each Observed Category
print.multi_tpfitPrinting Model Parameters for Multidimensional Continuous Lag...
print.multi_transiogramPrinting Theoretical Multidimensional Transiograms
print.summary.lengthsPrinting Stratum Lengths Summary for Each Observed Category
print.tpfitPrinting Model Parameters for One-dimensional Continuous Lag...
print.transiogramPrinting Theoretical or Empirical One-dimensional...
quenchConditional Simulation Adjuster Via Quenching Algorithm
setCoresSet the number of CPU cores for HPC
simRandom Field Simulation
sim_ckConditional Simulation Based on Indicator Cokriging
sim_ikConditional Simulation Based on Indicator Kriging
sim_mcsMultinomial Categorical Simulation
sim_pathConditional Simulation Based on Path Algorithms
spMC-packageContinuous Lag Spatial Markov Chains
summary.lengthsSummarizing Stratum Lengths
tpfitOne-dimensional Model Parameters Estimation
tpfit_ilsIterated Least Squares Method for One-dimensional Model...
tpfit_meMaximum Entropy Method for One-dimensional Model Parameters...
tpfit_mlMean Length Method for One-dimensional Model Parameters...
transiogramEmpirical Transition Probabilities Estimation for 1-D MC
which_linesPoints Classification through Directional Lines
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