Man pages for spTimer
Spatio-Temporal Bayesian Modelling

confint.spTCredible intervals for model parameters.
fitted.spTExtract model fitted values.
NYdataObservations of ozone concentration levels, maximum...
plot.spTPlots for spTimer output.
predict.spTSpatial and temporal predictions for the spatio-temporal...
spT.decayChoice for sampling spatial decay parameter phi.
spT.geodistGeodetic/geodesic Distance
spT.GibbsMCMC sampling for the spatio-temporal models.
spT.grid.coordsGrid Coordinates
spTimer-internalService functions and some undocumented functions for the...
spTimer-packageSpatio-Temporal Bayesian Modelling using R
spT.initialsInitial values for the spatio-temporal models.
spT.pCOVERNominal Coverage
spT.priorsPriors for the spatio-temporal models.
spT.segment.plotUtility plot for prediction/forecast
spT.subsetSelect a subset of Spatial data.
spT.timeTimer series information.
spT.validationValidation Commands
spT.validation2Validation Commands
summary.spTSummary statistics of the parameters.
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