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A dataset with micro-level data to generate contextual indicator of risk of war victimization by aggregation. The dataset consists of 243110 cases and three variables. The cases are individuals by three-month time periods.




The dataframe contains the following columns:

area - context ID variable, ranges from 1 to 80

w_all - experience of a war event (0 - no, 1 - yes)

weight - design weights


TRACES dataset. Full TRACES datasets can be accessed through the Data and Research Information Services from the Swiss Foundation for Research in the Social Sciences (


Elcheroth, G., Penic, S., Fasel, R., Giudici, F., Glaeser, S., Joye, D., Le Goff, J.-M., Morselli, D., & Spini, D. (2012). Spatially weighted context data: a new approach for modelling the impact of collective experiences.LIVES Working Papers, 19.

Spini, D., Elcheroth, G., & Fasel, R. (2011). TRACES: Methodological and technical report. LIVES Working Papers, 4.



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