spatial.gev.bma: Hierarchical spatial generalized extreme value (GEV) modeling with Bayesian Model Averaging (BMA)

This package fits a hierarchical spatial model for the generalized extreme value distribution with the option of model averaging over the space of covariates.

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AuthorAlex Lenkoski
Date of publication2014-05-21 16:58:48
MaintainerAlex Lenkoski <>

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Man pages

dmvnorm: Log density of a multivariate normal distribution Second derivative of the posterior distribution of a spatial... First derivative of the posterior of a spatial GEV model with... The second derivative of a GEV distribution with respect to a...

gev.crps: Compute the Continuous Rank Probability Score (CRPS)

gev.impute: Given the output of the MCMC, return a number of samples for...

gev.init: Initilizes a state object for a Spatial GEV distribution The log likelihood of a GEV distribution

gev.logscore: Compute the Log Score

gev.process.results: Outputs some tables from the results of Spatial GEV MCMC run

gev.results.init: Initialize a results object for spatial.bma.gev

gev.update: Updates all the parameters in a spatial GEV model

gev.update.hyper: Updates the Gaussian Process hyperparameters in the Spatial...

gev.update.lambda: Update the lambda parameter in a Gaussian Process

gev.update.M: Sample a new model from the current model for any linear...

gev.update.tau.kappa: Update the random effects of the precision parameter in a... Internal function to update the random effects of the...

gev.update.tau.xi: Update the random effects for the shape parameter in a...

gev.update.theta: Update the linear parameters in a spatial GEV model

gev.z.p: Calculate the 1/p return level for a GEV distribution The likelihood of a Gaussian process used to initialize the... The first derivative of the posterior density of a spatial... The second derivative of a spatial GEV with respect to a... The first derivative of the posterior density of a spatial... The second derivative of a Gaussian process with respect to...

logdet: Returns the log determinant for a symmetric positive definite... First derivative of a GP with respect to lambda

make.D: Form the distance matrix for use in a Gaussian Process

norway: Extreme Precipitation Data at 69 Sites in Norway

spatial.gev.bma: Run an MCMC to fit a hierarchical spatial generalized extreme...

spatial.gev.bma-package: Fit a Hierarchical Spatial Generalized Extreme Value model...


dmvnorm Man page Man page Man page Man page
gev.crps Man page
gev.impute Man page
gev.init Man page Man page
gev.logscore Man page
gev.process.results Man page
gev.results.init Man page
gev.update Man page
gev.update.hyper Man page
gev.update.lambda Man page
gev.update.M Man page
gev.update.tau.kappa Man page Man page
gev.update.tau.xi Man page
gev.update.theta Man page
gev.z.p Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
logdet Man page Man page
make.D Man page
norway Man page
spatial.gev.bma Man page
spatial.gev.bma-package Man page

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