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Monte Carlo test of spatial segregation in a multivariate point process by simulating data from random re-labelling of the categorical marks.


mcseg.test(pts, marks, h, stpts = NULL, ntest = 100, proc = TRUE)



matrix containing the x,y-coordinates of the data point locations.


numeric/character vector of the marked type labels of the point pattern.


numeric vector of the bandwidths at which to calculate the cross-validated likelihood function.


matrix containing the x,y-coordinates of the locations at which to implement the pointwise segregation test, with default NULL not to do the pointwise segregation test.


integer with default 100, number of simulations for the Monte Carlo test.


logical with default TRUE to print the processing messages.


The null hypothesis is that the estimated risk surface is spatially constant, i.e., the type-specific probabilities are p_k(x)=p_k, for all k, see phat. Each Monte Carlo simulation is done by relabeling the data categorical marks at random whilst preserving the observed number of cases of each type.

The segregation test can also be done pointwise, usually at a fine grid of points, to mark the areas where the estimated type-specific probabilities are significantly greater or smaller than the spatial average.


A list with components


numeric, p-value of the Monte Carlo test.


matrix, p-values of the test at each point in stpts (if stpts is not NULL), with each column corresponds to one type


copy of the arguments pts, marks, h, stpts, ntest, proc.


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See Also

cvloglk and phat

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