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Window Frame


Extract the window frame of a window or other spatial dataset


 as.rectangle(w, ...)



A window, or a dataset that has a window. Either a window (object of class "owin"), a pixel image (object of class "im") or other data determining such a window.


Optional. Auxiliary data to help determine the window. If w does not belong to a recognised class, the arguments w and ... are passed to as.owin to determine the window.


This function is the quickest way to determine a bounding rectangle for a spatial dataset.

If w is a window, the function just extracts the outer bounding rectangle of w as given by its elements xrange,yrange.

The function can also be applied to any spatial dataset that has a window: for example, a point pattern (object of class "ppp") or a line segment pattern (object of class "psp"). The bounding rectangle of the window of the dataset is extracted.

Use the function boundingbox to compute the smallest bounding rectangle of a dataset.


A window (object of class "owin") of type "rectangle" representing a rectangle.



and \rolf

See Also

owin, as.owin, boundingbox


  w <- owin(c(0,10),c(0,10), poly=list(x=c(1,2,3,2,1), y=c(2,3,4,6,7)))
  r <- as.rectangle(w)
  # returns a 10 x 10 rectangle



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