Man pages for spatstat.geom
Geometrical Functionality of the 'spatstat' Family

add.textureFill Plot With Texture
affineApply Affine Transformation
affine.imApply Affine Transformation To Pixel Image
affine.owinApply Affine Transformation To Window
affine.pppApply Affine Transformation To Point Pattern
affine.pspApply Affine Transformation To Line Segment Pattern
affine.tessApply Geometrical Transformation To Tessellation
angles.pspOrientation Angles of Line Segments
anylistList of Objects
anyNA.imCheck Whether Image Contains NA Values
append.pspCombine Two Line Segment Patterns
applynbdApply Function to Every Neighbourhood in a Point Pattern
areaGainDifference of Disc Areas
areaLossDifference of Disc Areas
area.owinArea of a Window
as.box3Convert Data to Three-Dimensional Box
as.boxxConvert Data to Multi-Dimensional Box Hyperframe to Data Frame Pixel Image to Data Frame Window to Data Frame Point Pattern to a Data Frame Line Segment Pattern to a Data Frame Tessellation to Data Frame
as.function.imConvert Pixel Image to Function of Coordinates
as.function.owinConvert Window to Indicator Function
as.function.tessConvert a Tessellation to a Function
as.hyperframeConvert Data to Hyperframe
as.hyperframe.ppxExtract coordinates and marks of multidimensional point...
as.imConvert to Pixel Image
as.layeredConvert Data To Layered Object
as.maskPixel Image Approximation of a Window
as.mask.pspConvert Line Segment Pattern to Binary Pixel Mask
as.matrix.imConvert Pixel Image to Matrix or Array
as.matrix.owinConvert Pixel Image to Matrix
as.owinConvert Data To Class owin
as.polygonalConvert a Window to a Polygonal Window
as.pppConvert Data To Class ppp
as.pspConvert Data To Class psp
as.rectangleWindow Frame
as.solistConvert List of Two-Dimensional Spatial Objects
as.tessConvert Data To Tessellation
bdist.pixelsDistance to Boundary of Window
bdist.pointsDistance to Boundary of Window
bdist.tilesDistance to Boundary of Window
beachcoloursCreate Colour Scheme for a Range of Numbers
borderBorder Region of a Window
boundingboxBounding Box of a Window, Image, or Point Pattern Hull of Points
boundingcircleSmallest Enclosing Circle
box3Three-Dimensional Box
boxxMulti-Dimensional Box
bufftessBuffer Distance Tessellation
by.imApply Function to Image Broken Down by Factor
by.pppApply a Function to a Point Pattern Broken Down by Factor
cbind.hyperframeCombine Hyperframes by Rows or by Columns
centroid.owinCentroid of a window
chop.tessSubdivide a Window or Tessellation using a Set of Lines
clickboxInteractively Define a Rectangle
clickdistInteractively Measure Distance
clickpolyInteractively Define a Polygon
clickpppInteractively Add Points
clip.inflineIntersect Infinite Straight Lines with a Window
closepairsClose Pairs of Points
closepairs.pp3Close Pairs of Points in 3 Dimensions
closetriplesClose Triples of Points
closingMorphological Closing
colourmapColour Lookup Tables
colouroutputsExtract or Assign Colour Values in a Colour Map
colourtoolsConvert and Compare Colours in Different Formats
commonGridDetermine A Common Spatial Domain And Pixel Resolution
compatibleTest Whether Objects Are Compatible
compatible.imTest Whether Pixel Images Are Compatible
complement.owinTake Complement of a Window
concatxyConcatenate x,y Coordinate Vectors
connectedConnected components
connected.pppConnected Components of a Point Pattern
connected.tessConnected Components of Tiles of a Tessellation
contour.imContour plot of pixel image
contour.imlistArray of Contour Plots
convexhullConvex Hull
convexhull.xyConvex Hull of Points
convexifyWeil's Convexifying Operation
convexmetricDistance Metric Defined by Convex Set
convolve.imConvolution of Pixel Images
coordsExtract or Change Coordinates of a Spatial or Spatiotemporal...
cornersCorners of a rectangle
coveringCover Region with Discs
crossdistPairwise distances
crossdist.defaultPairwise distances between two different sets of points
crossdist.pp3Pairwise distances between two different three-dimensional...
crossdist.pppPairwise distances between two different point patterns
crossdist.ppxPairwise Distances Between Two Different Multi-Dimensional...
crossdist.pspPairwise distances between two different line segment...
crossing.pspCrossing Points of Two Line Segment Patterns
cut.imConvert Pixel Image from Numeric to Factor
cut.pppClassify Points in a Point Pattern
default.dummyGenerate a Default Pattern of Dummy Points
delaunayDelaunay Triangulation of Point Pattern
delaunayDistanceDistance on Delaunay Triangulation
deltametricDelta Metric
diameterDiameter of an Object
diameter.box3Geometrical Calculations for Three-Dimensional Box
diameter.boxxGeometrical Calculations for Multi-Dimensional Box
diameter.owinDiameter of a Window
dilated.areasAreas of Morphological Dilations
dilationMorphological Dilation
dirichletDirichlet Tessellation of Point Pattern
dirichletAreasCompute Areas of Tiles in Dirichlet Tessellation
dirichletVerticesVertices and Edges of Dirichlet Tessellation
dirichletWeightsCompute Quadrature Weights Based on Dirichlet Tessellation
discCircular Window
discpartareaArea of Part of Disc
discretiseSafely Convert Point Pattern Window to Binary Mask
discsUnion of Discs
distfunDistance Map as a Function
distmapDistance Map
distmap.owinDistance Map of Window
distmap.pppDistance Map of Point Pattern
distmap.pspDistance Map of Line Segment Pattern
domainExtract the Domain of any Spatial Object
duplicated.pppDetermine Duplicated Points in a Spatial Point Pattern
edgesExtract Boundary Edges of a Window.
edges2trianglesList Triangles in a Graph
edges2veesList Dihedral Triples in a Graph
edit.hyperframeInvoke Text Editor on Hyperframe
edit.pppInvoke Text Editor on Spatial Data
ellipseElliptical Window.
endpoints.pspEndpoints of Line Segment Pattern
eroded.areasAreas of Morphological Erosions
erosionMorphological Erosion by a Disc
erosionAnyMorphological Erosion of Windows
eval.imEvaluate Expression Involving Pixel Images
ewcdfWeighted Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function
Extract.anylistExtract or Replace Subset of a List of Things
Extract.hyperframeExtract or Replace Subset of Hyperframe
Extract.imExtract Subset of Image
Extract.layeredExtract or Replace Subset of a Layered Object
Extract.listofExtract or Replace Subset of a List of Things
Extract.owinExtract Subset of Window
Extract.pppExtract or Replace Subset of Point Pattern
Extract.ppxExtract Subset of Multidimensional Point Pattern
Extract.pspExtract Subset of Line Segment Pattern
Extract.quadSubset of Quadrature Scheme
Extract.solistExtract or Replace Subset of a List of Spatial Objects
Extract.splitpppExtract or Replace Sub-Patterns
Extract.tessExtract or Replace Subset of Tessellation
extrapolate.pspExtrapolate Line Segments to Obtain Infinite Lines
fardistFarthest Distance to Boundary of Window
flipxyExchange X and Y Coordinates
fourierbasisFourier Basis Functions
FrameExtract or Change the Containing Rectangle of a Spatial...
framedist.pixelsDistance to Bounding Frame
funxySpatial Function Class
gridcentresRectangular grid of points
gridweightsCompute Quadrature Weights Based on Grid Counts
grow.boxxAdd margins to box in any dimension
grow.rectangleAdd margins to rectangle
harmoniseMake Objects Compatible
harmonise.imMake Pixel Images Compatible
harmonise.owinMake Windows Compatible
has.closeCheck Whether Points Have Close Neighbours
headtailFirst or Last Part of a Spatial Pattern
hextessHexagonal Grid or Tessellation
hist.funxyHistogram of Values of a Spatial Function
hist.imHistogram of Pixel Values in an Image
hotrodHeat Kernel for a One-Dimensional Rod
hyperframeHyper Data Frame
identify.pppIdentify Points in a Point Pattern
identify.pspIdentify Segments in a Line Segment Pattern
imCreate a Pixel Image Object
im.applyApply Function Pixelwise to List of Images
imcovSpatial Covariance of a Pixel Image
im.objectClass of Images
incircleFind Largest Circle Inside Window
inflineInfinite Straight Lines
inside.boxxTest Whether Points Are Inside A Multidimensional Box
inside.owinTest Whether Points Are Inside A Window
integral.imIntegral of a Pixel Image
intensityIntensity of a Dataset or a Model
intensity.pppEmpirical Intensity of Point Pattern
intensity.ppxIntensity of a Multidimensional Space-Time Point Pattern
intensity.pspEmpirical Intensity of Line Segment Pattern
intensity.quadratcountIntensity Estimates Using Quadrat Counts
interp.colourmapInterpolate smoothly between specified colours
interp.imInterpolate a Pixel Image
intersect.boxxIntersection Of Boxes Of Arbitrary Dimension
intersect.owinIntersection, Union or Set Subtraction of Windows
intersect.tessIntersection of Two Tessellations
invoke.metricPerform Geometric Task using a Specified Metric
invoke.symbolmapPlot Data Using Graphics Symbol Map
is.connectedDetermine Whether an Object is Connected
is.connected.pppDetermine Whether a Point Pattern is Connected
is.convexTest Whether a Window is Convex
is.emptyTest Whether An Object Is Empty
is.imTest Whether An Object Is A Pixel Image
is.linimTest Whether an Object is a Pixel Image on a Linear Network
is.lppTest Whether An Object Is A Point Pattern on a Linear Network
is.markedTest Whether Marks Are Present
is.marked.pppTest Whether A Point Pattern is Marked
is.multitypeTest whether Object is Multitype
is.multitype.pppTest Whether A Point Pattern is Multitype
is.owinTest Whether An Object Is A Window
is.pppTest Whether An Object Is A Point Pattern
is.rectangleDetermine Type of Window
is.subset.owinDetermine Whether One Window is Contained In Another
layeredCreate List of Plotting Layers
layerplotargsExtract or Replace the Plot Arguments of a Layered Object
layout.boxesGenerate a Row or Column Arrangement of Rectangles.
lengths_pspLengths of Line Segments
levelsetLevel Set of a Pixel Image
lutLookup Tables
marksMarks of a Point Pattern
marks.pspMarks of a Line Segment Pattern
markstatSummarise Marks in Every Neighbourhood in a Point Pattern
marks.tessMarks of a Tessellation
matchingdistDistance for a Point Pattern Matching
Math.imS3 Group Generic methods for images
Math.imlistS3 Group Generic methods for List of Images
maxnndistCompute Minimum or Maximum Nearest-Neighbour Distance
mean.ewcdfMean of Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function
mean.imMean and Median of Pixel Values in an Image
mergeLevelsMerge Levels of a Factor
methods.box3Methods for Three-Dimensional Box
methods.boxxMethods for Multi-Dimensional Box
methods.distfunGeometrical Operations for Distance Functions
methods.funxyMethods for Spatial Functions
methods.layeredMethods for Layered Objects
methods.pp3Methods for three-dimensional point patterns
methods.ppxMethods for Multidimensional Space-Time Point Patterns
methods.unitnameMethods for Units
metric.objectDistance Metric
midpoints.pspMidpoints of Line Segment Pattern
MinkowskiSumMinkowski Sum of Windows
multiplicity.pppCount Multiplicity of Duplicate Points
nearest.raster.pointFind Pixel Nearest to a Given Point
nearestsegmentFind Line Segment Nearest to Each Point
nearestValueImage of Nearest Defined Pixel Value
nestsplitNested Split
nncrossNearest Neighbours Between Two Patterns
nncross.pp3Nearest Neighbours Between Two Patterns in 3D
nncross.ppxNearest Neighbours Between Two Patterns in Any Dimensions
nndistNearest neighbour distances
nndist.pp3Nearest neighbour distances in three dimensions
nndist.ppxNearest Neighbour Distances in Any Dimensions
nndist.pspNearest neighbour distances between line segments
nnfunNearest Neighbour Index Map as a Function
nnmapK-th Nearest Point Map
nnmarkMark of Nearest Neighbour
nnwhichNearest neighbour
nnwhich.pp3Nearest neighbours in three dimensions
nnwhich.ppxNearest Neighbours in Any Dimensions
nobjectsCount Number of Geometrical Objects in a Spatial Dataset
npointsNumber of Points in a Point Pattern
nsegmentsNumber of Line Segments in a Line Segment Pattern
nverticesCount Number of Vertices
openingMorphological Opening
overlap.owinCompute Area of Overlap
owinCreate a Window
owin2maskConvert Window to Binary Mask under Constraints
owin.objectClass owin
padimagePad the Border of a Pixel Image
pairdistPairwise distances
pairdist.defaultPairwise distances
pairdist.pp3Pairwise distances in Three Dimensions
pairdist.pppPairwise distances
pairdist.ppxPairwise Distances in Any Dimensions
pairdist.pspPairwise distances between line segments
perimeterPerimeter Length of Window
periodifyMake Periodic Copies of a Spatial Pattern
persp.imPerspective Plot of Pixel Image
perspPointsDraw Points or Lines on a Surface Viewed in Perspective
pixelcentresExtract Pixel Centres as Point Pattern
pixellateConvert Spatial Object to Pixel Image
pixellate.owinConvert Window to Pixel Image
pixellate.pppConvert Point Pattern to Pixel Image
pixellate.pspConvert Line Segment Pattern to Pixel Image
pixelquadQuadrature Scheme Based on Pixel Grid
plot.anylistPlot a List of Things
plot.colourmapPlot a Colour Map
plot.hyperframePlot Entries in a Hyperframe
plot.imPlot a Pixel Image
plot.imlistPlot a List of Images
plot.layeredLayered Plot
plot.listofPlot a List of Things
plot.onearrowPlot an Arrow
plot.owinPlot a Spatial Window
plot.pp3Plot a Three-Dimensional Point Pattern
plot.pppplot a Spatial Point Pattern
plot.pppmatchingPlot a Point Matching
plot.pspplot a Spatial Line Segment Pattern
plot.quadPlot a Spatial Quadrature Scheme
plot.quadratcountPlot Quadrat Counts
plot.solistPlot a List of Spatial Objects
plot.splitpppPlot a List of Point Patterns
plot.symbolmapPlot a Graphics Symbol Map
plot.tessPlot a Tessellation
plot.textstringPlot a Text String
plot.texturemapPlot a Texture Map
plot.yardstickPlot a Yardstick or Scale Bar
pointsOnLinesPlace Points Evenly Along Specified Lines
polartessTessellation Using Polar Coordinates
pp3Three Dimensional Point Pattern
pppCreate a Point Pattern
pppdistDistance Between Two Point Patterns
pppmatchingCreate a Point Matching
pppmatching.objectClass of Point Matchings
ppp.objectClass of Point Patterns
ppxMultidimensional Space-Time Point Pattern
print.imPrint Brief Details of an Image
print.owinPrint Brief Details of a Spatial Window
print.pppPrint Brief Details of a Point Pattern Dataset
print.pspPrint Brief Details of a Line Segment Pattern Dataset
print.quadPrint a Quadrature Scheme
progressreportPrint Progress Reports
project2segmentMove Point To Nearest Line
project2setFind Nearest Point in a Region
pspCreate a Line Segment Pattern
psp.objectClass of Line Segment Patterns
quad.objectClass of Quadrature Schemes
quadratcountQuadrat counting for a point pattern
quadratsDivide Region into Quadrats
quadschemeGenerate a Quadrature Scheme from a Point Pattern
quadscheme.logiGenerate a Logistic Regression Quadrature Scheme from a Point...
quantessQuantile Tessellation
quantile.ewcdfQuantiles of Weighted Empirical Cumulative Distribution...
quantile.imSample Quantiles of Pixel Image
quasirandomQuasirandom Patterns
raster.xCartesian Coordinates for a Pixel Raster
rectdistmapDistance Map Using Rectangular Distance Metric
reflectReflect In Origin
regularpolygonCreate A Regular Polygon
relevel.imReorder Levels of a Factor-Valued Image or Pattern
Replace.imReset Values in Subset of Image
requireversionRequire a Specific Version of a Package
rescaleConvert dataset to another unit of length
rescale.imConvert Pixel Image to Another Unit of Length
rescale.owinConvert Window to Another Unit of Length
rescale.pppConvert Point Pattern to Another Unit of Length
rescale.pspConvert Line Segment Pattern to Another Unit of Length
rescue.rectangleConvert Window Back To Rectangle
rgbimCreate Colour-Valued Pixel Image
riprasEstimate window from points alone
rjitterRandom Perturbation of a Point Pattern
rlinegridGenerate grid of parallel lines with random displacement
rotate.imRotate a Pixel Image
rotate.inflineRotate or Shift Infinite Lines
rotate.owinRotate a Window
rotate.pppRotate a Point Pattern
rotate.pspRotate a Line Segment Pattern
roundingDetect Numerical Rounding
round.pppApply Numerical Rounding to Spatial Coordinates
rQuasiGenerate Quasirandom Point Pattern in Given Window
rsystSimulate systematic random point pattern
runifrectGenerate N Uniform Random Points in a Rectangle
run.simplepanelRun Point-and-Click Interface
scalardilateApply Scalar Dilation
scaletointervalRescale Data to Lie Between Specified Limits
scanppRead Point Pattern From Data File
selfcrossing.pspCrossing Points in a Line Segment Pattern
selfcut.pspCut Line Segments Where They Intersect
sessionLibsPrint Names and Version Numbers of Libraries Loaded
setcovSet Covariance of a Window
shiftApply Vector Translation
shift.imApply Vector Translation To Pixel Image
shift.owinApply Vector Translation To Window
shift.pppApply Vector Translation To Point Pattern
shift.ppxApply Vector Translation To Box Or Point Pattern In Arbitrary...
shift.pspApply Vector Translation To Line Segment Pattern
sidelengths.owinSide Lengths of Enclosing Rectangle of a Window
simplepanelSimple Point-and-Click Interface Panels
simplify.owinApproximate a Polygon by a Simpler Polygon
solapplyApply a Function Over a List and Obtain a List of Objects
solistList of Two-Dimensional Spatial Objects
solutionsetEvaluate Logical Expression Involving Pixel Images and Return...
spatdimSpatial Dimension of a Dataset
spatstat.geom-deprecatedDeprecated spatstat.geom functions
spatstat.geom-internalInternal spatstat.geom functions
spatstat.geom-packageThe spatstat.geom Package
spatstat.optionsInternal Options in Spatstat Package
split.hyperframeDivide Hyperframe Into Subsets and Reassemble
split.imDivide Image Into Sub-images
split.pppDivide Point Pattern into Sub-patterns
split.ppxDivide Multidimensional Point Pattern into Sub-patterns
spokesSpokes pattern of dummy points
squareSquare Window
stratrandStratified random point pattern
subset.hyperframeSubset of Hyperframe Satisfying A Condition
subset.pppSubset of Point Pattern Satisfying A Condition
subset.pspSubset of Line Segment Satisfying A Condition
summary.anylistSummary of a List of Things
summary.distfunSummarizing a Function of Spatial Location
summary.imSummarizing a Pixel Image
summary.listofSummary of a List of Things
summary.owinSummary of a Spatial Window
summary.pppSummary of a Point Pattern Dataset
summary.pspSummary of a Line Segment Pattern Dataset
summary.quadSummarizing a Quadrature Scheme
summary.solistSummary of a List of Spatial Objects
summary.splitpppSummary of a Split Point Pattern
superimposeSuperimpose Several Geometric Patterns
symbolmapGraphics Symbol Map
tessCreate a Tessellation
test.crossing.pspCheck Whether Segments Cross
text.pppAdd Text Labels to Spatial Pattern
texturemapTexture Map
textureplotPlot Image or Tessellation Using Texture Fill
tile.areasCompute Areas of Tiles in a Tessellation
tileindexDetermine Which Tile Contains Each Given Point
tilenamesNames of Tiles in a Tessellation
tilesExtract List of Tiles in a Tessellation
tiles.emptyCheck For Empty Tiles in a Tessellation
timedRecord the Computation Time
timeTakenExtract the Total Computation Time
transformquantilesTransform the Quantiles
transmatConvert Pixel Array Between Different Conventions
triangulate.owinDecompose Window into Triangles
trim.rectangleCut margins from rectangle
tweak.colourmapChange Colour Values in a Colour Map
union.quadUnion of Data and Dummy Points
uniquemap.defaultMap Duplicate Entries to Unique Entries
uniquemap.pppMap Duplicate Entries to Unique Entries
unique.pppExtract Unique Points from a Spatial Point Pattern
unitnameName for Unit of Length
unmarkRemove Marks
unnormdensityWeighted kernel smoother
unstack.pppSeparate Multiple Columns of Marks
unstack.solistUnstack Each Spatial Object in a List of Objects
update.symbolmapUpdate a Graphics Symbol Map.
venn.tessTessellation Delimited by Several Sets
verticesVertices of a Window
volumeVolume of an Object
weighted.medianWeighted Median, Quantiles or Variance
where.maxFind Location of Maximum in a Pixel Image
whichhalfplaneTest Which Side of Infinite Line a Point Falls On
whistWeighted Histogram
WindowExtract or Change the Window of a Spatial Object
Window.quadExtract Window of Spatial Object
with.hyperframeEvaluate an Expression in Each Row of a Hyperframe
yardstickText, Arrow or Scale Bar in a Diagram
zapsmall.imRounding of Pixel Values
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