spatstat: Spatial Point Pattern Analysis, Model-Fitting, Simulation, Tests

Comprehensive open-source toolbox for analysing Spatial Point Patterns. Focused mainly on two-dimensional point patterns, including multitype/marked points, in any spatial region. Also supports three-dimensional point patterns, space-time point patterns in any number of dimensions, point patterns on a linear network, and patterns of other geometrical objects. Supports spatial covariate data such as pixel images. Contains over 2000 functions for plotting spatial data, exploratory data analysis, model-fitting, simulation, spatial sampling, model diagnostics, and formal inference. Data types include point patterns, line segment patterns, spatial windows, pixel images, tessellations, and linear networks. Exploratory methods include quadrat counts, K-functions and their simulation envelopes, nearest neighbour distance and empty space statistics, Fry plots, pair correlation function, kernel smoothed intensity, relative risk estimation with cross-validated bandwidth selection, mark correlation functions, segregation indices, mark dependence diagnostics, and kernel estimates of covariate effects. Formal hypothesis tests of random pattern (chi-squared, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Diggle-Cressie-Loosmore-Ford, Dao-Genton) and tests for covariate effects (Cox-Berman-Waller-Lawson, Kolmogorov-Smirnov) are also supported. Parametric models can be fitted to point pattern data using the functions ppm(), kppm(), slrm(), dppm() similar to glm(). Types of models include Poisson, Gibbs and Cox point processes, Neyman-Scott cluster processes, and determinantal point processes. Models may involve dependence on covariates, inter-point interaction, cluster formation and dependence on marks. Models are fitted by maximum likelihood, logistic regression, minimum contrast, and composite likelihood methods. A model can be fitted to a list of point patterns (replicated point pattern data) using the function mppm(). The model can include random effects and fixed effects depending on the experimental design, in addition to all the features listed above. Fitted point process models can be simulated, automatically. Formal hypothesis tests of a fitted model are supported (likelihood ratio test, analysis of deviance, Monte Carlo tests) along with basic tools for model selection (stepwise(), AIC()). Tools for validating the fitted model include simulation envelopes, residuals, residual plots and Q-Q plots, leverage and influence diagnostics, partial residuals, and added variable plots.

AuthorAdrian Baddeley <>, Rolf Turner <> and Ege Rubak <>, with substantial contributions of code by Kasper Klitgaard Berthelsen; Ottmar Cronie; Yongtao Guan; Ute Hahn; Abdollah Jalilian; Marie-Colette van Lieshout; Tuomas Rajala; Suman Rakshit; Dominic Schuhmacher; Rasmus Waagepetersen; and Hangsheng Wang. Additional contributions by M. Adepeju; C. Anderson; Q.W. Ang; M. Austenfeld; S. Azaele; M. Baddeley; C. Beale; M. Bell; R. Bernhardt; T. Bendtsen; A. Bevan; B. Biggerstaff; A. Bilgrau; L. Bischof; C. Biscio; R. Bivand; J.M. Blanco Moreno; F. Bonneu; J. Burgos; S. Byers; Y.M. Chang; J.B. Chen; I. Chernayavsky; Y.C. Chin; B. Christensen; J.-F. Coeurjolly; K. Colyvas; R. Corria Ainslie; R. Cotton; M. de la Cruz; P. Dalgaard; M. D'Antuono; S. Das; T. Davies; P.J. Diggle; P. Donnelly; I. Dryden; S. Eglen; A. El-Gabbas; B. Fandohan; O. Flores; E.D. Ford; P. Forbes; S. Frank; J. Franklin; N. Funwi-Gabga; O. Garcia; A. Gault; J. Geldmann; M. Genton; S. Ghalandarayeshi; J. Gilbey; J. Goldstick; P. Grabarnik; C. Graf; U. Hahn; A. Hardegen; M.B. Hansen; M. Hazelton; J. Heikkinen; M. Hering; M. Herrmann; P. Hewson; K. Hingee; K. Hornik; P. Hunziker; J. Hywood; R. Ihaka; C. Icos; A. Jammalamadaka; R. John-Chandran; D. Johnson; M. Khanmohammadi; R. Klaver; P. Kovesi; M. Kuhn; J. Laake; F. Lavancier; T. Lawrence; R.A. Lamb; J. Lee; G.P. Leser; H.T. Li; G. Limitsios; A. Lister; B. Madin; M. Maechler; J. Marcus; K. Marchikanti; R. Mark; J. Mateu; P. McCullagh; U. Mehlig; F. Mestre; S. Meyer; X.C. Mi; L. De Middeleer; R.K. Milne; E. Miranda; J. Moller; M. Moradi; V. Morera Pujol; E. Mudrak; G.M. Nair; N. Najari; N. Nava; L.S. Nielsen; F. Nunes; J.R. Nyengaard; J. Oehlschlaegel; T. Onkelinx; S. O'Riordan; E. Parilov; J. Picka; N. Picard; M. Porter; S. Protsiv; A. Raftery; S. Rakshit; B. Ramage; P. Ramon; X. Raynaud, M. Reiter; I. Renner; T.O. Richardson; B.D. Ripley; E. Rosenbaum; B. Rowlingson; J. Rudokas; J. Rudge; C. Ryan; F. Safavimanesh; A. Sarkka; C. Schank; K. Schladitz; S. Schutte; B.T. Scott; O. Semboli; F. Semecurbe; V. Shcherbakov; G.C. Shen; P. Shi; H.-J. Ship; I.-M. Sintorn; Y. Song; M. Spiess; M. Stevenson; K. Stucki; M. Sumner; P. Surovy; B. Taylor; T. Thorarinsdottir; B. Turlach; T. Tvedebrink; K. Ummer; M. Uppala; A. van Burgel; T. Verbeke; M. Vihtakari; A. Villers; F. Vinatier; S. Voss; S. Wagner; H. Wang; H. Wendrock; J. Wild; C. Witthoft; S. Wong; M. Woringer; M.E. Zamboni and A. Zeileis.
Date of publication2017-03-23 13:37:57 UTC
MaintainerAdrian Baddeley <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

adaptive.density: Intensity Estimate of Point Pattern Using Tessellation

add.texture: Fill Plot With Texture

addvar: Added Variable Plot for Point Process Model

affine: Apply Affine Transformation Apply Affine Transformation To Pixel Image

affine.linnet: Apply Geometrical Transformations to a Linear Network

affine.lpp: Apply Geometrical Transformations to Point Pattern on a...

affine.owin: Apply Affine Transformation To Window

affine.ppp: Apply Affine Transformation To Point Pattern

affine.psp: Apply Affine Transformation To Line Segment Pattern

affine.tess: Apply Geometrical Transformation To Tessellation

allstats: Calculate four standard summary functions of a point pattern.

alltypes: Calculate Summary Statistic for All Types in a Multitype...

amacrine: Hughes' Amacrine Cell Data

anemones: Beadlet Anemones Data

angles.psp: Orientation Angles of Line Segments

anova.lppm: ANOVA for Fitted Point Process Models on Linear Network

anova.mppm: ANOVA for Fitted Point Process Models for Replicated Patterns

anova.ppm: ANOVA for Fitted Point Process Models

anova.slrm: Analysis of Deviance for Spatial Logistic Regression Models

ants: Harkness-Isham ants' nests data

anylist: List of Objects Check Whether Image Contains NA Values

append.psp: Combine Two Line Segment Patterns

applynbd: Apply Function to Every Neighbourhood in a Point Pattern

areaGain: Difference of Disc Areas

AreaInter: The Area Interaction Point Process Model

areaLoss: Difference of Disc Areas

area.owin: Area of a Window

as.box3: Convert Data to Three-Dimensional Box

as.boxx: Convert Data to Multi-Dimensional Box Coerce Hyperframe to Data Frame Convert Pixel Image to Data Frame Convert Window to Data Frame Coerce Point Pattern to a Data Frame Coerce Line Segment Pattern to a Data Frame Convert Tessellation to Data Frame

as.function.fv: Convert Function Value Table to Function Convert Pixel Image to Function of Coordinates

as.function.leverage.ppm: Convert Leverage Object to Function of Coordinates

as.function.owin: Convert Window to Indicator Function

as.function.tess: Convert a Tessellation to a Function

as.fv: Convert Data To Class fv

as.hyperframe: Convert Data to Hyperframe

as.hyperframe.ppx: Extract coordinates and marks of multidimensional point... Convert to Pixel Image

as.interact: Extract Interaction Structure

as.layered: Convert Data To Layered Object

as.linfun: Convert Data to a Function on a Linear Network

as.linim: Convert to Pixel Image on Linear Network

as.linnet.linim: Extract Linear Network from Data on a Linear Network

as.linnet.psp: Convert Line Segment Pattern to Linear Network

as.lpp: Convert Data to a Point Pattern on a Linear Network

as.mask: Pixel Image Approximation of a Window

as.mask.psp: Convert Line Segment Pattern to Binary Pixel Mask Convert Pixel Image to Matrix or Array

as.matrix.owin: Convert Pixel Image to Matrix

as.owin: Convert Data To Class owin

as.polygonal: Convert a Window to a Polygonal Window

as.ppm: Extract Fitted Point Process Model

as.ppp: Convert Data To Class ppp

as.psp: Convert Data To Class psp

as.rectangle: Window Frame

as.solist: Convert List of Two-Dimensional Spatial Objects

as.tess: Convert Data To Tessellation

auc: Area Under ROC Curve

austates: Australian States and Mainland Territories

BadGey: Hybrid Geyer Point Process Model

bc.ppm: Bias Correction for Fitted Model

bdist.pixels: Distance to Boundary of Window

bdist.points: Distance to Boundary of Window

bdist.tiles: Distance to Boundary of Window

bdspots: Breakdown Spots in Microelectronic Materials

beachcolours: Create Colour Scheme for a Range of Numbers

beginner: Print Introduction For Beginners

begins: Check Start of Character String

bei: Tropical rain forest trees

berman.test: Berman's Tests for Point Process Model

betacells: Beta Ganglion Cells in Cat Retina

bind.fv: Combine Function Value Tables

blur: Apply Gaussian Blur to a Pixel Image

border: Border Region of a Window

boundingbox: Bounding Box of a Window, Image, or Point Pattern Convex Hull of Points

boundingcircle: Smallest Enclosing Circle

box3: Three-Dimensional Box

boxx: Multi-Dimensional Box

bramblecanes: Hutchings' Bramble Canes data

branchlabelfun: Tree Branch Membership Labelling Function

bronzefilter: Bronze gradient filter data

bugfixes: List Recent Bug Fixes

bw.diggle: Cross Validated Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Density

bw.frac: Bandwidth Selection Based on Window Geometry

bw.pcf: Cross Validated Bandwidth Selection for Pair Correlation...

bw.ppl: Likelihood Cross Validation Bandwidth Selection for Kernel...

bw.relrisk: Cross Validated Bandwidth Selection for Relative Risk...

bw.scott: Scott's Rule for Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Density

bw.smoothppp: Cross Validated Bandwidth Selection for Spatial Smoothing

bw.stoyan: Stoyan's Rule of Thumb for Bandwidth Selection Apply Function to Image Broken Down by Factor

by.ppp: Apply a Function to a Point Pattern Broken Down by Factor

cauchy.estK: Fit the Neyman-Scott cluster process with Cauchy kernel

cauchy.estpcf: Fit the Neyman-Scott cluster process with Cauchy kernel

cbind.hyperframe: Combine Hyperframes by Rows or by Columns

CDF: Cumulative Distribution Function From Kernel Density Estimate

cdf.test: Spatial Distribution Test for Point Pattern or Point Process...

cdf.test.mppm: Spatial Distribution Test for Multiple Point Process Model

cells: Biological Cells Point Pattern

centroid.owin: Centroid of a window

chicago: Chicago Street Crime Data

chop.tess: Subdivide a Window or Tessellation using a Set of Lines

chorley: Chorley-Ribble Cancer Data

circdensity: Density Estimation for Circular Data

clarkevans: Clark and Evans Aggregation Index

clarkevans.test: Clark and Evans Test

clickbox: Interactively Define a Rectangle

clickdist: Interactively Measure Distance

clickjoin: Interactively join vertices on a plot

clickpoly: Interactively Define a Polygon

clickppp: Interactively Add Points

clip.infline: Intersect Infinite Straight Lines with a Window

clmfires: Castilla-La Mancha Forest Fires

closepairs: Close Pairs of Points

closepairs.pp3: Close Pairs of Points in 3 Dimensions

closetriples: Close Triples of Points

closing: Morphological Closing

clusterfield: Field of clusters

clusterfit: Fit Cluster or Cox Point Process Model via Minimum Contrast

clusterkernel: Extract Cluster Offspring Kernel

clusterradius: Compute or Extract Effective Range of Cluster Kernel

clusterset: Allard-Fraley Estimator of Cluster Feature

coef.mppm: Coefficients of Point Process Model Fitted to Multiple Point...

coef.ppm: Coefficients of Fitted Point Process Model

coef.slrm: Coefficients of Fitted Spatial Logistic Regression Model

collapse.fv: Collapse Several Function Tables into One

colourmap: Colour Lookup Tables

colourtools: Convert and Compare Colours in Different Formats

commonGrid: Determine A Common Spatial Domain And Pixel Resolution

compareFit: Residual Diagnostics for Multiple Fitted Models

compatible: Test Whether Objects Are Compatible

compatible.fasp: Test Whether Function Arrays Are Compatible

compatible.fv: Test Whether Function Objects Are Compatible Test Whether Pixel Images Are Compatible

compileK: Generic Calculation of K Function and Pair Correlation...

complement.owin: Take Complement of a Window

concatxy: Concatenate x,y Coordinate Vectors

Concom: The Connected Component Process Model

connected: Connected components

connected.linnet: Connected Components of a Linear Network

connected.ppp: Connected Components of a Point Pattern Contour plot of pixel image

contour.imlist: Array of Contour Plots

convexhull: Convex Hull

convexhull.xy: Convex Hull of Points

convexify: Weil's Convexifying Operation Convolution of Pixel Images

coords: Extract or Change Coordinates of a Spatial or Spatiotemporal...

copper: Berman-Huntington points and lines data

copyExampleFiles: Copy Data Files for Example

corners: Corners of a rectangle

covering: Cover Region with Discs

crossdist: Pairwise distances

crossdist.default: Pairwise distances between two different sets of points

crossdist.lpp: Pairwise distances between two point patterns on a linear...

crossdist.pp3: Pairwise distances between two different three-dimensional...

crossdist.ppp: Pairwise distances between two different point patterns

crossdist.ppx: Pairwise Distances Between Two Different Multi-Dimensional...

crossdist.psp: Pairwise distances between two different line segment...

crossing.linnet: Crossing Points between Linear Network and Other Lines

crossing.psp: Crossing Points of Two Line Segment Patterns Convert Pixel Image from Numeric to Factor

cut.lpp: Classify Points in a Point Pattern on a Network

cut.ppp: Classify Points in a Point Pattern

data.ppm: Extract Original Data from a Fitted Point Process Model

dclf.progress: Progress Plot of Test of Spatial Pattern

dclf.sigtrace: Significance Trace of Cressie-Loosmore-Ford or Maximum...

dclf.test: Diggle-Cressie-Loosmore-Ford and Maximum Absolute Deviation...

default.dummy: Generate a Default Pattern of Dummy Points

default.expand: Default Expansion Rule for Simulation of Model

default.rmhcontrol: Set Default Control Parameters for Metropolis-Hastings...

delaunay: Delaunay Triangulation of Point Pattern

delaunayDistance: Distance on Delaunay Triangulation

delaunayNetwork: Linear Network of Delaunay Triangulation or Dirichlet...

deletebranch: Delete or Extract a Branch of a Tree

deltametric: Delta Metric

demohyper: Demonstration Example of Hyperframe of Spatial Data

demopat: Artificial Data Point Pattern

dendrite: Dendritic Spines Data

density.lpp: Kernel Estimate of Intensity on a Linear Network

density.ppp: Kernel Smoothed Intensity of Point Pattern

density.psp: Kernel Smoothing of Line Segment Pattern

density.splitppp: Kernel Smoothed Intensity of Split Point Pattern

deriv.fv: Calculate Derivative of Function Values

detpointprocfamilyfun: Construct a New Determinantal Point Process Model Family...

dfbetas.ppm: Parameter influence measure

dg.envelope: Global Envelopes for Dao-Genton Test

dg.progress: Progress Plot of Dao-Genton Test of Spatial Pattern

dg.sigtrace: Significance Trace of Dao-Genton Test

dg.test: Dao-Genton Adjusted Goodness-Of-Fit Test

diagnose.ppm: Diagnostic Plots for Fitted Point Process Model

diameter: Diameter of an Object

diameter.box3: Geometrical Calculations for Three-Dimensional Box

diameter.boxx: Geometrical Calculations for Multi-Dimensional Box

diameter.linnet: Diameter and Bounding Radius of a Linear Network

diameter.owin: Diameter of a Window

DiggleGatesStibbard: Diggle-Gates-Stibbard Point Process Model

DiggleGratton: Diggle-Gratton model

dilated.areas: Areas of Morphological Dilations

dilation: Morphological Dilation

dim.detpointprocfamily: Dimension of Determinantal Point Process Model

dimhat: Estimate Dimension of Central Subspace

dirichlet: Dirichlet Tessellation of Point Pattern

dirichletAreas: Compute Areas of Tiles in Dirichlet Tessellation

dirichletVertices: Vertices and Edges of Dirichlet Tessellation

dirichletWeights: Compute Quadrature Weights Based on Dirichlet Tessellation

disc: Circular Window

discpartarea: Area of Part of Disc

discretise: Safely Convert Point Pattern Window to Binary Mask

discs: Union of Discs

distcdf: Distribution Function of Interpoint Distance

distfun: Distance Map as a Function

distfun.lpp: Distance Map on Linear Network

distmap: Distance Map

distmap.owin: Distance Map of Window

distmap.ppp: Distance Map of Point Pattern

distmap.psp: Distance Map of Line Segment Pattern

divide.linnet: Divide Linear Network at Cut Points

dkernel: Kernel distributions and random generation

dmixpois: Mixed Poisson Distribution

domain: Extract the Domain of any Spatial Object

dppapproxkernel: Approximate Determinantal Point Process Kernel

dppapproxpcf: Approximate Pair Correlation Function of Determinantal Point...

dppBessel: Bessel Type Determinantal Point Process Model

dppCauchy: Generalized Cauchy Determinantal Point Process Model

dppeigen: Internal function calculating eig and index

dppGauss: Gaussian Determinantal Point Process Model

dppkernel: Extract Kernel from Determinantal Point Process Model Object

dppm: Fit Determinantal Point Process Model

dppMatern: Whittle-Matern Determinantal Point Process Model

dppparbounds: Parameter Bound for a Determinantal Point Process Model

dppPowerExp: Power Exponential Spectral Determinantal Point Process Model

dppspecden: Extract Spectral Density from Determinantal Point Process...

dppspecdenrange: Range of Spectral Density of a Determinantal Point Process...

dummify: Convert Data to Numeric Values by Constructing Dummy...

dummy.ppm: Extract Dummy Points Used to Fit a Point Process Model

duplicated.ppp: Determine Duplicated Points in a Spatial Point Pattern

edge.Ripley: Ripley's Isotropic Edge Correction

edges: Extract Boundary Edges of a Window.

edges2triangles: List Triangles in a Graph

edges2vees: List Dihedral Triples in a Graph

edge.Trans: Translation Edge Correction

edit.hyperframe: Invoke Text Editor on Hyperframe

edit.ppp: Invoke Text Editor on Spatial Data

eem: Exponential Energy Marks

effectfun: Compute Fitted Effect of a Spatial Covariate in a Point...

ellipse: Elliptical Window.

Emark: Diagnostics for random marking

emend: Force Model to be Valid

emend.ppm: Force Point Process Model to be Valid

endpoints.psp: Endpoints of Line Segment Pattern

envelope: Simulation Envelopes of Summary Function

envelope.envelope: Recompute Envelopes

envelope.lpp: Envelope for Point Patterns on Linear Network

envelope.pp3: Simulation Envelopes of Summary Function for 3D Point Pattern

eroded.areas: Areas of Morphological Erosions

erosion: Morphological Erosion by a Disc

erosionAny: Morphological Erosion of Windows

eval.fasp: Evaluate Expression Involving Function Arrays

eval.fv: Evaluate Expression Involving Functions Evaluate Expression Involving Pixel Images

eval.linim: Evaluate Expression Involving Pixel Images on Linear Network

ewcdf: Weighted Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function

exactMPLEstrauss: Exact Maximum Pseudolikelihood Estimate for Stationary...

expand.owin: Apply Expansion Rule

Extract.anylist: Extract or Replace Subset of a List of Things

Extract.fasp: Extract Subset of Function Array

Extract.fv: Extract or Replace Subset of Function Values

Extract.hyperframe: Extract or Replace Subset of Hyperframe Extract Subset of Image

Extract.influence.ppm: Extract Subset of Influence Object

Extract.layered: Extract or Replace Subset of a Layered Object

Extract.leverage.ppm: Extract Subset of Leverage Object

Extract.linim: Extract Subset of Pixel Image on Linear Network

Extract.linnet: Extract Subset of Linear Network

Extract.listof: Extract or Replace Subset of a List of Things

Extract.lpp: Extract Subset of Point Pattern on Linear Network

Extract.msr: Extract Subset of Signed or Vector Measure

Extract.owin: Extract Subset of Window

Extract.ppp: Extract or Replace Subset of Point Pattern

Extract.ppx: Extract Subset of Multidimensional Point Pattern

Extract.psp: Extract Subset of Line Segment Pattern

Extract.quad: Subset of Quadrature Scheme

Extract.solist: Extract or Replace Subset of a List of Spatial Objects

Extract.splitppp: Extract or Replace Sub-Patterns

Extract.ssf: Subset of spatially sampled function

Extract.tess: Extract or Replace Subset of Tessellation

F3est: Empty Space Function of a Three-Dimensional Point Pattern

fardist: Farthest Distance to Boundary of Window

fasp.object: Function Arrays for Spatial Patterns

Fest: Estimate the Empty Space Function or its Hazard Rate

Fiksel: The Fiksel Interaction

Finhom: Inhomogeneous Empty Space Function

finpines: Pine saplings in Finland.

fitin: Extract the Interaction from a Fitted Point Process Model

fitted.lppm: Fitted Intensity for Point Process on Linear Network

fitted.mppm: Fitted Conditional Intensity for Multiple Point Process Model

fitted.ppm: Fitted Conditional Intensity for Point Process Model

fitted.slrm: Fitted Probabilities for Spatial Logistic Regression

fixef.mppm: Extract Fixed Effects from Point Process Model

flipxy: Exchange X and Y Coordinates

flu: Influenza Virus Proteins

FmultiInhom: Inhomogeneous Marked F-Function

foo: Foo is Not a Real Name

formula.fv: Extract or Change the Plot Formula for a Function Value Table

formula.ppm: Model Formulae for Gibbs Point Process Models

fourierbasis: Fourier Basis Functions

Frame: Extract or Change the Containing Rectangle of a Spatial...

fryplot: Fry Plot of Point Pattern

funxy: Spatial Function Class

fv: Create a Function Value Table

fvnames: Abbreviations for Groups of Columns in Function Value Table

fv.object: Function Value Table

G3est: Nearest Neighbour Distance Distribution Function of a...

ganglia: Beta Ganglion Cells in Cat Retina, Old Version

gauss.hermite: Gauss-Hermite Quadrature Approximation to Expectation for...

Gcom: Model Compensator of Nearest Neighbour Function

Gcross: Multitype Nearest Neighbour Distance Function (i-to-j)

Gdot: Multitype Nearest Neighbour Distance Function (i-to-any)

Gest: Nearest Neighbour Distance Function G

Geyer: Geyer's Saturation Point Process Model

Gfox: Foxall's Distance Functions

Ginhom: Inhomogeneous Nearest Neighbour Function

Gmulti: Marked Nearest Neighbour Distance Function

GmultiInhom: Inhomogeneous Marked G-Function

gordon: People in Gordon Square

gorillas: Gorilla Nesting Sites

Gres: Residual G Function

gridcentres: Rectangular grid of points

gridweights: Compute Quadrature Weights Based on Grid Counts

grow.boxx: Add margins to box in any dimension

grow.rectangle: Add margins to rectangle

hamster: Aherne's hamster tumour data

Hardcore: The Hard Core Point Process Model

harmonic: Basis for Harmonic Functions

harmonise: Make Objects Compatible

harmonise.fv: Make Function Tables Compatible Make Pixel Images Compatible

harmonise.owin: Make Windows Compatible

has.close: Check Whether Points Have Close Neighbours

headtail: First or Last Part of a Spatial Pattern

heather: Diggle's Heather Data

Hest: Spherical Contact Distribution Function

hextess: Hexagonal Grid or Tessellation

HierHard: The Hierarchical Hard Core Point Process Model Hierarchical Pairwise Interaction Process Family

HierStrauss: The Hierarchical Strauss Point Process Model

HierStraussHard: The Hierarchical Strauss Hard Core Point Process Model Histogram of Pixel Values in an Image

hopskel: Hopkins-Skellam Test

humberside: Humberside Data on Childhood Leukaemia and Lymphoma

Hybrid: Hybrid Interaction Point Process Model Hybrid Interaction Family

hyperframe: Hyper Data Frame

hyytiala: Scots pines and other trees at Hyytiala

identify.ppp: Identify Points in a Point Pattern

identify.psp: Identify Segments in a Line Segment Pattern

idw: Inverse-distance weighted smoothing of observations at...

Iest: Estimate the I-function

im: Create a Pixel Image Object

im.apply: Apply Function Pixelwise to List of Images

imcov: Spatial Covariance of a Pixel Image

im.object: Class of Images

improve.kppm: Improve Intensity Estimate of Fitted Cluster Point Process...

incircle: Find Largest Circle Inside Window

increment.fv: Increments of a Function

infline: Infinite Straight Lines

influence.ppm: Influence Measure for Spatial Point Process Model Infinite Order Interaction Family

insertVertices: Insert New Vertices in a Linear Network

inside.boxx: Test Whether Points Are Inside A Multidimensional Box

inside.owin: Test Whether Points Are Inside A Window Integral of a Pixel Image

integral.linim: Integral on a Linear Network

integral.msr: Integral of a Measure

intensity: Intensity of a Dataset or a Model

intensity.dppm: Intensity of Determinantal Point Process Model

intensity.lpp: Empirical Intensity of Point Pattern on Linear Network

intensity.ppm: Intensity of Fitted Point Process Model

intensity.ppp: Empirical Intensity of Point Pattern

intensity.ppx: Intensity of a Multidimensional Space-Time Point Pattern

intensity.quadratcount: Intensity Estimates Using Quadrat Counts

interp.colourmap: Interpolate smoothly between specified colours Interpolate a Pixel Image

intersect.owin: Intersection, Union or Set Subtraction of Windows

intersect.tess: Intersection of Two Tessellations

invoke.symbolmap: Plot Data Using Graphics Symbol Map

iplot: Point and Click Interface for Displaying Spatial Data

ippm: Fit Point Process Model Involving Irregular Trend Parameters

is.convex: Test Whether a Window is Convex

is.dppm: Recognise Fitted Determinantal Point Process Models

is.empty: Test Whether An Object Is Empty

is.hybrid: Test Whether Object is a Hybrid Test Whether An Object Is A Pixel Image

is.lpp: Test Whether An Object Is A Point Pattern on a Linear Network

is.marked: Test Whether Marks Are Present

is.marked.ppm: Test Whether A Point Process Model is Marked

is.marked.ppp: Test Whether A Point Pattern is Marked

is.multitype: Test whether Object is Multitype

is.multitype.ppm: Test Whether A Point Process Model is Multitype

is.multitype.ppp: Test Whether A Point Pattern is Multitype

is.owin: Test Whether An Object Is A Window

is.ppm: Test Whether An Object Is A Fitted Point Process Model

is.ppp: Test Whether An Object Is A Point Pattern

is.rectangle: Determine Type of Window

is.stationary: Recognise Stationary and Poisson Point Process Models

is.subset.owin: Determine Whether One Window is Contained In Another

istat: Point and Click Interface for Exploratory Analysis of Point...

japanesepines: Japanese Pines Point Pattern

Jcross: Multitype J Function (i-to-j)

Jdot: Multitype J Function (i-to-any)

Jest: Estimate the J-function

Jinhom: Inhomogeneous J-function

Jmulti: Marked J Function

K3est: K-function of a Three-Dimensional Point Pattern

kaplan.meier: Kaplan-Meier Estimator using Histogram Data

Kcom: Model Compensator of K Function

Kcross: Multitype K Function (Cross-type)

Kcross.inhom: Inhomogeneous Cross K Function

Kdot: Multitype K Function (i-to-any)

Kdot.inhom: Inhomogeneous Multitype K Dot Function

kernel.factor: Scale factor for density kernel

kernel.moment: Moment of Smoothing Kernel

kernel.squint: Integral of Squared Kernel

Kest: K-function

Kest.fft: K-function using FFT

Kinhom: Inhomogeneous K-function

Kmark: Mark-Weighted K Function

Kmeasure: Reduced Second Moment Measure

Kmodel: K Function or Pair Correlation Function of a Point Process...

Kmodel.dppm: K-function or Pair Correlation Function of a Determinantal...

Kmodel.kppm: K Function or Pair Correlation Function of Cluster Model or...

Kmodel.ppm: K Function or Pair Correlation Function of Gibbs Point... Kaplan-Meier and Reduced Sample Estimator using Histograms

Kmulti: Marked K-Function

Kmulti.inhom: Inhomogeneous Marked K-Function

Kovesi: Colour Sequences with Uniform Perceptual Contrast

kppm: Fit Cluster or Cox Point Process Model

Kres: Residual K Function

Kscaled: Locally Scaled K-function

Ksector: Sector K-function

LambertW: Lambert's W Function

lansing: Lansing Woods Point Pattern

laslett: Laslett's Transform Print News About Latest Version of Package

layered: Create List of Plotting Layers

layerplotargs: Extract or Replace the Plot Arguments of a Layered Object

layout.boxes: Generate a Row or Column Arrangement of Rectangles.

Lcross: Multitype L-function (cross-type)

Lcross.inhom: Inhomogeneous Cross Type L Function

Ldot: Multitype L-function (i-to-any)

Ldot.inhom: Inhomogeneous Multitype L Dot Function

lengths.psp: Lengths of Line Segments

LennardJones: The Lennard-Jones Potential

Lest: L-function

letterR: Window in Shape of Letter R

levelset: Level Set of a Pixel Image

leverage.ppm: Leverage Measure for Spatial Point Process Model

lgcp.estK: Fit a Log-Gaussian Cox Point Process by Minimum Contrast

lgcp.estpcf: Fit a Log-Gaussian Cox Point Process by Minimum Contrast

lineardisc: Compute Disc of Given Radius in Linear Network

linearK: Linear K Function

linearKcross: Multitype K Function (Cross-type) for Linear Point Pattern

linearKcross.inhom: Inhomogeneous multitype K Function (Cross-type) for Linear...

linearKdot: Multitype K Function (Dot-type) for Linear Point Pattern

linearKdot.inhom: Inhomogeneous multitype K Function (Dot-type) for Linear...

linearKinhom: Inhomogeneous Linear K Function

linearmarkconnect: Mark Connection Function for Multitype Point Pattern on...

linearmarkequal: Mark Connection Function for Multitype Point Pattern on...

linearpcf: Linear Pair Correlation Function

linearpcfcross: Multitype Pair Correlation Function (Cross-type) for Linear...

linearpcfcross.inhom: Inhomogeneous Multitype Pair Correlation Function...

linearpcfdot: Multitype Pair Correlation Function (Dot-type) for Linear...

linearpcfdot.inhom: Inhomogeneous Multitype Pair Correlation Function (Dot-type)...

linearpcfinhom: Inhomogeneous Linear Pair Correlation Function

linequad: Quadrature Scheme on a Linear Network

linfun: Function on a Linear Network

Linhom: L-function

linim: Create Pixel Image on Linear Network

linnet: Create a Linear Network

lintess: Tessellation on a Linear Network

lixellate: Subdivide Segments of a Network

localK: Neighbourhood density function

localKinhom: Inhomogeneous Neighbourhood Density Function

localpcf: Local pair correlation function

logLik.dppm: Log Likelihood and AIC for Fitted Determinantal Point Process...

logLik.kppm: Log Likelihood and AIC for Fitted Cox or Cluster Point...

logLik.mppm: Log Likelihood and AIC for Multiple Point Process Model

logLik.ppm: Log Likelihood and AIC for Point Process Model

logLik.slrm: Loglikelihood of Spatial Logistic Regression

lohboot: Bootstrap Confidence Bands for Summary Function

longleaf: Longleaf Pines Point Pattern

lpp: Create Point Pattern on Linear Network

lppm: Fit Point Process Model to Point Pattern on Linear Network

lurking: Lurking variable plot

lut: Lookup Tables

markconnect: Mark Connection Function

markcorr: Mark Correlation Function

markcrosscorr: Mark Cross-Correlation Function

marks: Marks of a Point Pattern

marks.psp: Marks of a Line Segment Pattern

markstat: Summarise Marks in Every Neighbourhood in a Point Pattern

marks.tess: Marks of a Tessellation

marktable: Tabulate Marks in Neighbourhood of Every Point in a Point...

markvario: Mark Variogram

matchingdist: Distance for a Point Pattern Matching

matclust.estK: Fit the Matern Cluster Point Process by Minimum Contrast

matclust.estpcf: Fit the Matern Cluster Point Process by Minimum Contrast... S3 Group Generic methods for images

Math.imlist: S3 Group Generic methods for List of Images

Math.linim: S3 Group Generic Methods for Images on a Linear Network

matrixpower: Power of a Matrix

maxnndist: Compute Minimum or Maximum Nearest-Neighbour Distance Mean and Median of Pixel Values in an Image

mean.linim: Mean, Median, Quantiles of Pixel Values on a Linear Network

measureVariation: Positive and Negative Parts, and Variation, of a Measure

mergeLevels: Merge Levels of a Factor

methods.box3: Methods for Three-Dimensional Box

methods.boxx: Methods for Multi-Dimensional Box

methods.dppm: Methods for Determinantal Point Process Models

methods.fii: Methods for Fitted Interactions

methods.funxy: Methods for Spatial Functions

methods.kppm: Methods for Cluster Point Process Models

methods.layered: Methods for Layered Objects

methods.linfun: Methods for Functions on Linear Network

methods.linim: Methods for Images on a Linear Network

methods.linnet: Methods for Linear Networks

methods.lpp: Methods for Point Patterns on a Linear Network

methods.lppm: Methods for Fitted Point Process Models on a Linear Network

methods.objsurf: Methods for Objective Function Surfaces

methods.pp3: Methods for three-dimensional point patterns

methods.ppx: Methods for Multidimensional Space-Time Point Patterns

methods.rho2hat: Methods for Intensity Functions of Two Spatial Covariates

methods.rhohat: Methods for Intensity Functions of Spatial Covariate

methods.slrm: Methods for Spatial Logistic Regression Models

methods.ssf: Methods for Spatially Sampled Functions

methods.units: Methods for Units

methods.zclustermodel: Methods for Cluster Models

midpoints.psp: Midpoints of Line Segment Pattern

mincontrast: Method of Minimum Contrast

MinkowskiSum: Minkowski Sum of Windows

miplot: Morisita Index Plot

model.depends: Identify Covariates Involved in each Model Term

model.frame.ppm: Extract the Variables in a Point Process Model

model.images: Compute Images of Constructed Covariates

model.matrix.ppm: Extract Design Matrix from Point Process Model

model.matrix.slrm: Extract Design Matrix from Spatial Logistic Regression Model

moribund: Outdated Functions

mppm: Fit Point Process Model to Several Point Patterns

msr: Signed or Vector-Valued Measure

mucosa: Cells in Gastric Mucosa

MultiHard: The Multitype Hard Core Point Process Model

multiplicity.ppp: Count Multiplicity of Duplicate Points

MultiStrauss: The Multitype Strauss Point Process Model

MultiStraussHard: The Multitype/Hard Core Strauss Point Process Model

murchison: Murchison gold deposits

nbfires: Point Patterns of New Brunswick Forest Fires

nearest.raster.point: Find Pixel Nearest to a Given Point

nearestsegment: Find Line Segment Nearest to Each Point

nestsplit: Nested Split

nnclean: Nearest Neighbour Clutter Removal

nncorr: Nearest-Neighbour Correlation Indices of Marked Point Pattern

nncross: Nearest Neighbours Between Two Patterns

nncross.lpp: Nearest Neighbours on a Linear Network

nncross.pp3: Nearest Neighbours Between Two Patterns in 3D

nndensity: Estimate Intensity of Point Pattern Using Nearest Neighbour...

nndist: Nearest neighbour distances

nndist.lpp: Nearest neighbour distances on a linear network

nndist.pp3: Nearest neighbour distances in three dimensions

nndist.ppx: Nearest Neighbour Distances in Any Dimensions

nndist.psp: Nearest neighbour distances between line segments

nnfun: Nearest Neighbour Index Map as a Function

nnfun.lpp: Nearest Neighbour Map on Linear Network

nnmap: K-th Nearest Point Map

nnmark: Mark of Nearest Neighbour

nnorient: Nearest Neighbour Orientation Distribution

nnwhich: Nearest neighbour

nnwhich.lpp: Identify Nearest Neighbours on a Linear Network

nnwhich.pp3: Nearest neighbours in three dimensions

nnwhich.ppx: Nearest Neighbours in Any Dimensions

nobjects: Count Number of Geometrical Objects in a Spatial Dataset

npfun: Dummy Function Returns Number of Points

npoints: Number of Points in a Point Pattern

nsegments: Number of Line Segments in a Line Segment Pattern

nvertices: Count Number of Vertices

nztrees: New Zealand Trees Point Pattern

objsurf: Objective Function Surface

opening: Morphological Opening

Ops.msr: Arithmetic Operations on Measures

Ord: Generic Ord Interaction model Ord Interaction Process Family

OrdThresh: Ord's Interaction model

osteo: Osteocyte Lacunae Data: Replicated Three-Dimensional Point...

overlap.owin: Compute Area of Overlap

owin: Create a Window

owin.object: Class owin

padimage: Pad the Border of a Pixel Image

pairdist: Pairwise distances

pairdist.default: Pairwise distances

pairdist.lpp: Pairwise shortest-path distances between points on a linear...

pairdist.pp3: Pairwise distances in Three Dimensions

pairdist.ppp: Pairwise distances

pairdist.ppx: Pairwise Distances in Any Dimensions

pairdist.psp: Pairwise distances between line segments

pairorient: Point Pair Orientation Distribution

PairPiece: The Piecewise Constant Pairwise Interaction Point Process... Saturated Pairwise Interaction Point Process Family Scatterplot Matrix for Pixel Images

pairs.linim: Scatterplot Matrix for Pixel Images on a Linear Network

Pairwise: Generic Pairwise Interaction model Pairwise Interaction Process Family

panel.contour: Panel Plots using Colour Image or Contour Lines

paracou: Kimboto trees at Paracou, French Guiana

parameters: Extract Model Parameters in Understandable Form

parres: Partial Residuals for Point Process Model

pcf: Pair Correlation Function

pcf3est: Pair Correlation Function of a Three-Dimensional Point...

pcfcross: Multitype pair correlation function (cross-type)

pcfcross.inhom: Inhomogeneous Multitype Pair Correlation Function...

pcfdot: Multitype pair correlation function (i-to-any)

pcfdot.inhom: Inhomogeneous Multitype Pair Correlation Function...

pcf.fasp: Pair Correlation Function obtained from array of K functions

pcf.fv: Pair Correlation Function obtained from K Function

pcfinhom: Inhomogeneous Pair Correlation Function

pcfmulti: Marked pair correlation function

pcf.ppp: Pair Correlation Function of Point Pattern

Penttinen: Penttinen Interaction

perimeter: Perimeter Length of Window

periodify: Make Periodic Copies of a Spatial Pattern Perspective Plot of Pixel Image

perspPoints: Draw Points or Lines on a Surface Viewed in Perspective

pixelcentres: Extract Pixel Centres as Point Pattern

pixellate: Convert Spatial Object to Pixel Image

pixellate.owin: Convert Window to Pixel Image

pixellate.ppp: Convert Point Pattern to Pixel Image

pixellate.psp: Convert Line Segment Pattern to Pixel Image

pixelquad: Quadrature Scheme Based on Pixel Grid

plot.anylist: Plot a List of Things

plot.bermantest: Plot Result of Berman Test

plot.cdftest: Plot a Spatial Distribution Test

plot.colourmap: Plot a Colour Map

plot.dppm: Plot a fitted determinantal point process

plot.envelope: Plot a Simulation Envelope

plot.fasp: Plot a Function Array

plot.fv: Plot Function Values

plot.hyperframe: Plot Entries in a Hyperframe Plot a Pixel Image

plot.imlist: Plot a List of Images

plot.influence.ppm: Plot Influence Measure

plot.kppm: Plot a fitted cluster point process

plot.laslett: Plot Laslett Transform

plot.layered: Layered Plot

plot.leverage.ppm: Plot Leverage Function

plot.linim: Plot Pixel Image on Linear Network

plot.linnet: Plot a linear network

plot.lintess: Plot a Tessellation on a Linear Network

plot.listof: Plot a List of Things

plot.lpp: Plot Point Pattern on Linear Network

plot.lppm: Plot a Fitted Point Process Model on a Linear Network

plot.mppm: plot a Fitted Multiple Point Process Model

plot.msr: Plot a Signed or Vector-Valued Measure

plot.onearrow: Plot an Arrow

plot.owin: Plot a Spatial Window

plot.plotppm: Plot a plotppm Object Created by plot.ppm

plot.pp3: Plot a Three-Dimensional Point Pattern

plot.ppm: plot a Fitted Point Process Model

plot.ppp: plot a Spatial Point Pattern

plot.psp: plot a Spatial Line Segment Pattern

plot.quad: Plot a Spatial Quadrature Scheme

plot.quadratcount: Plot Quadrat Counts

plot.quadrattest: Display the result of a quadrat counting test.

plot.rppm: Plot a Recursively Partitioned Point Process Model

plot.scan.test: Plot Result of Scan Test

plot.slrm: Plot a Fitted Spatial Logistic Regression

plot.solist: Plot a List of Spatial Objects

plot.splitppp: Plot a List of Point Patterns

plot.ssf: Plot a Spatially Sampled Function

plot.symbolmap: Plot a Graphics Symbol Map

plot.tess: Plot a tessellation

plot.textstring: Plot a Text String

plot.texturemap: Plot a Texture Map

plot.yardstick: Plot a Yardstick or Scale Bar

points.lpp: Draw Points on Existing Plot

pointsOnLines: Place Points Evenly Along Specified Lines

Poisson: Poisson Point Process Model

polynom: Polynomial in One or Two Variables

ponderosa: Ponderosa Pine Tree Point Pattern

pool: Pool Data

pool.anylist: Pool Data from a List of Objects

pool.envelope: Pool Data from Several Envelopes

pool.fasp: Pool Data from Several Function Arrays

pool.fv: Pool Several Functions

pool.quadrattest: Pool Several Quadrat Tests

pool.rat: Pool Data from Several Ratio Objects

pp3: Three Dimensional Point Pattern

ppm: Fit Point Process Model to Data

ppmInfluence: Leverage and Influence Measures for Spatial Point Process...

ppm.object: Class of Fitted Point Process Models

ppm.ppp: Fit Point Process Model to Point Pattern Data

ppp: Create a Point Pattern

pppdist: Distance Between Two Point Patterns

pppmatching: Create a Point Matching

pppmatching.object: Class of Point Matchings

ppp.object: Class of Point Patterns

PPversion: Transform a Function into its P-P or Q-Q Version

ppx: Multidimensional Space-Time Point Pattern

predict.dppm: Prediction from a Fitted Determinantal Point Process Model

predict.kppm: Prediction from a Fitted Cluster Point Process Model

predict.lppm: Predict Point Process Model on Linear Network

predict.mppm: Prediction for Fitted Multiple Point Process Model

predict.ppm: Prediction from a Fitted Point Process Model

predict.rppm: Make Predictions From a Recursively Partitioned Point Process...

predict.slrm: Predicted or Fitted Values from Spatial Logistic Regression Print Brief Details of an Image

print.owin: Print Brief Details of a Spatial Window

print.ppm: Print a Fitted Point Process Model

print.ppp: Print Brief Details of a Point Pattern Dataset

print.psp: Print Brief Details of a Line Segment Pattern Dataset

print.quad: Print a Quadrature Scheme

profilepl: Fit Models by Profile Maximum Pseudolikelihood or AIC

progressreport: Print Progress Reports

project2segment: Move Point To Nearest Line

project2set: Find Nearest Point in a Region

prune.rppm: Prune a Recursively Partitioned Point Process Model

pseudoR2: Calculate Pseudo-R-Squared for Point Process Model

psib: Sibling Probability of Cluster Point Process

psp: Create a Line Segment Pattern

psp.object: Class of Line Segment Patterns

psst: Pseudoscore Diagnostic For Fitted Model against General...

psstA: Pseudoscore Diagnostic For Fitted Model against...

psstG: Pseudoscore Diagnostic For Fitted Model against Saturation...

pyramidal: Pyramidal Neurons in Cingulate Cortex

qqplot.ppm: Q-Q Plot of Residuals from Fitted Point Process Model

quad.object: Class of Quadrature Schemes

quad.ppm: Extract Quadrature Scheme Used to Fit a Point Process Model

quadratcount: Quadrat counting for a point pattern

quadratresample: Resample a Point Pattern by Resampling Quadrats

quadrats: Divide Region into Quadrats

quadrat.test: Dispersion Test for Spatial Point Pattern Based on Quadrat...

quadrat.test.mppm: Chi-Squared Test for Multiple Point Process Model Based on...

quadrat.test.splitppp: Dispersion Test of CSR for Split Point Pattern Based on...

quadscheme: Generate a Quadrature Scheme from a Point Pattern

quadscheme.logi: Generate a Logistic Regression Quadrature Scheme from a Point...

quantess: Quantile Tessellation

quantile.density: Quantiles of a Density Estimate

quantile.ewcdf: Quantiles of Weighted Empirical Cumulative Distribution... Sample Quantiles of Pixel Image

quasirandom: Quasirandom Patterns

rags: Alternating Gibbs Sampler for Multitype Point Processes

ragsAreaInter: Alternating Gibbs Sampler for Area-Interaction Process

ragsMultiHard: Alternating Gibbs Sampler for Multitype Hard Core Process

ranef.mppm: Extract Random Effects from Point Process Model

range.fv: Range of Function Values

raster.x: Cartesian Coordinates for a Pixel Raster

rat: Ratio object

rCauchy: Simulate Neyman-Scott Point Process with Cauchy cluster...

rcell: Simulate Baddeley-Silverman Cell Process

rcellnumber: Generate Random Numbers of Points for Cell Process

rDGS: Perfect Simulation of the Diggle-Gates-Stibbard Process

rDiggleGratton: Perfect Simulation of the Diggle-Gratton Process

rdpp: Simulation of a Determinantal Point Process

reach: Interaction Distance of a Point Process

reach.dppm: Range of Interaction for a Determinantal Point Process Model

reduced.sample: Reduced Sample Estimator using Histogram Data

redwood: California Redwoods Point Pattern (Ripley's Subset)

redwoodfull: California Redwoods Point Pattern (Entire Dataset)

reflect: Reflect In Origin

regularpolygon: Create A Regular Polygon Reorder Levels of a Factor-Valued Image or Pattern

reload.or.compute: Compute Unless Previously Saved

relrisk: Estimate of Spatially-Varying Relative Risk

relrisk.ppm: Parametric Estimate of Spatially-Varying Relative Risk

relrisk.ppp: Nonparametric Estimate of Spatially-Varying Relative Risk Reset Values in Subset of Image

requireversion: Require a Specific Version of a Package

rescale: Convert dataset to another unit of length Convert Pixel Image to Another Unit of Length

rescale.owin: Convert Window to Another Unit of Length

rescale.ppp: Convert Point Pattern to Another Unit of Length

rescale.psp: Convert Line Segment Pattern to Another Unit of Length

rescue.rectangle: Convert Window Back To Rectangle

residuals.dppm: Residuals for Fitted Determinantal Point Process Model

residuals.kppm: Residuals for Fitted Cox or Cluster Point Process Model

residuals.mppm: Residuals for Point Process Model Fitted to Multiple Point...

residualspaper: Data and Code From JRSS Discussion Paper on Residuals

residuals.ppm: Residuals for Fitted Point Process Model

rex: Richardson Extrapolation

rGaussPoisson: Simulate Gauss-Poisson Process

rgbim: Create Colour-Valued Pixel Image

rHardcore: Perfect Simulation of the Hardcore Process

rho2hat: Smoothed Relative Density of Pairs of Covariate Values

rhohat: Smoothing Estimate of Intensity as Function of a Covariate

ripras: Estimate window from points alone

rjitter: Random Perturbation of a Point Pattern

rknn: Theoretical Distribution of Nearest Neighbour Distance

rlabel: Random Re-Labelling of Point Pattern

rLGCP: Simulate Log-Gaussian Cox Process

rlinegrid: Generate grid of parallel lines with random displacement

rlpp: Random Points on a Linear Network

rMatClust: Simulate Matern Cluster Process

rMaternI: Simulate Matern Model I

rMaternII: Simulate Matern Model II

rmh: Simulate point patterns using the Metropolis-Hastings...

rmhcontrol: Set Control Parameters for Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm.

rmh.default: Simulate Point Process Models using the Metropolis-Hastings...

rmhexpand: Specify Simulation Window or Expansion Rule

rmhmodel: Define Point Process Model for Metropolis-Hastings...

rmhmodel.default: Build Point Process Model for Metropolis-Hastings Simulation.

rmhmodel.list: Define Point Process Model for Metropolis-Hastings...

rmhmodel.ppm: Interpret Fitted Model for Metropolis-Hastings Simulation.

rmh.ppm: Simulate from a Fitted Point Process Model

rmhstart: Determine Initial State for Metropolis-Hastings Simulation.

rMosaicField: Mosaic Random Field

rMosaicSet: Mosaic Random Set

rmpoint: Generate N Random Multitype Points

rmpoispp: Generate Multitype Poisson Point Pattern

rNeymanScott: Simulate Neyman-Scott Process

rnoise: Random Pixel Noise

roc: Receiver Operating Characteristic

rose: Rose Diagram

rotate: Rotate Rotate a Pixel Image

rotate.infline: Rotate or Shift Infinite Lines

rotate.owin: Rotate a Window

rotate.ppp: Rotate a Point Pattern

rotate.psp: Rotate a Line Segment Pattern

rotmean: Rotational Average of a Pixel Image

rounding: Detect Numerical Rounding

round.ppp: Apply Numerical Rounding to Spatial Coordinates

rPenttinen: Perfect Simulation of the Penttinen Process

rpoint: Generate N Random Points

rpoisline: Generate Poisson Random Line Process

rpoislinetess: Poisson Line Tessellation

rpoislpp: Poisson Point Process on a Linear Network

rpoispp: Generate Poisson Point Pattern

rpoispp3: Generate Poisson Point Pattern in Three Dimensions

rpoisppOnLines: Generate Poisson Point Pattern on Line Segments

rpoisppx: Generate Poisson Point Pattern in Any Dimensions

rPoissonCluster: Simulate Poisson Cluster Process

rppm: Recursively Partitioned Point Process Model

rQuasi: Generate Quasirandom Point Pattern in Given Window

rshift: Random Shift

rshift.ppp: Randomly Shift a Point Pattern

rshift.psp: Randomly Shift a Line Segment Pattern

rshift.splitppp: Randomly Shift a List of Point Patterns

rSSI: Simulate Simple Sequential Inhibition

rstrat: Simulate Stratified Random Point Pattern

rStrauss: Perfect Simulation of the Strauss Process

rStraussHard: Perfect Simulation of the Strauss-Hardcore Process

rsyst: Simulate systematic random point pattern

rtemper: Simulated Annealing or Simulated Tempering for Gibbs Point...

rthin: Random Thinning

rThomas: Simulate Thomas Process

runifdisc: Generate N Uniform Random Points in a Disc

runiflpp: Uniform Random Points on a Linear Network

runifpoint: Generate N Uniform Random Points

runifpoint3: Generate N Uniform Random Points in Three Dimensions

runifpointOnLines: Generate N Uniform Random Points On Line Segments

runifpointx: Generate N Uniform Random Points in Any Dimensions

run.simplepanel: Run Point-and-Click Interface

rVarGamma: Simulate Neyman-Scott Point Process with Variance Gamma...

SatPiece: Piecewise Constant Saturated Pairwise Interaction Point...

Saturated: Saturated Pairwise Interaction model

scalardilate: Apply Scalar Dilation

scaletointerval: Rescale Data to Lie Between Specified Limits

scanLRTS: Likelihood Ratio Test Statistic for Scan Test

scanpp: Read Point Pattern From Data File

scan.test: Spatial Scan Test

sdr: Sufficient Dimension Reduction

sdrPredict: Compute Predictors from Sufficient Dimension Reduction

segregation.test: Test of Spatial Segregation of Types

selfcrossing.psp: Crossing Points in a Line Segment Pattern

selfcut.psp: Cut Line Segments Where They Intersect

sessionLibs: Print Names and Version Numbers of Libraries Loaded

setcov: Set Covariance of a Window

shapley: Galaxies in the Shapley Supercluster

sharpen: Data Sharpening of Point Pattern

shift: Apply Vector Translation Apply Vector Translation To Pixel Image

shift.owin: Apply Vector Translation To Window

shift.ppp: Apply Vector Translation To Point Pattern

shift.psp: Apply Vector Translation To Line Segment Pattern

sidelengths.owin: Side Lengths of Enclosing Rectangle of a Window

simba: Simulated data from a two-group experiment with replication...

simdat: Simulated Point Pattern

simplenet: Simple Example of Linear Network

simplepanel: Simple Point-and-Click Interface Panels

simplify.owin: Approximate a Polygon by a Simpler Polygon

simulate.dppm: Simulation of Determinantal Point Process Model

simulate.kppm: Simulate a Fitted Cluster Point Process Model

simulate.lppm: Simulate a Fitted Point Process Model on a Linear Network

simulate.mppm: Simulate a Point Process Model Fitted to Several Point...

simulate.ppm: Simulate a Fitted Gibbs Point Process Model

simulate.slrm: Simulate a Fitted Spatial Logistic Regression Model

slrm: Spatial Logistic Regression

Smooth: Spatial smoothing of data

Smoothfun.ppp: Smooth Interpolation of Marks as a Spatial Function

Smooth.fv: Apply Smoothing to Function Values

Smooth.msr: Smooth a Signed or Vector-Valued Measure

Smooth.ppp: Spatial smoothing of observations at irregular points

Smooth.ssf: Smooth a Spatially Sampled Function

Softcore: The Soft Core Point Process Model

solapply: Apply a Function Over a List and Obtain a List of Objects

solist: List of Two-Dimensional Spatial Objects

solutionset: Evaluate Logical Expression Involving Pixel Images and Return...

spatdim: Spatial Dimension of a Dataset

spatialcdf: Spatial Cumulative Distribution Function

spatstat-deprecated: Deprecated spatstat functions

spatstat-internal: Internal spatstat functions

spatstat.options: Internal Options in Spatstat Package

spatstat-package: The Spatstat Package

spiders: Spider Webs on Mortar Lines of a Brick Wall

split.hyperframe: Divide Hyperframe Into Subsets and Reassemble Divide Image Into Sub-images

split.msr: Divide a Measure into Parts

split.ppp: Divide Point Pattern into Sub-patterns

split.ppx: Divide Multidimensional Point Pattern into Sub-patterns

spokes: Spokes pattern of dummy points

sporophores: Sporophores Data

spruces: Spruces Point Pattern

square: Square Window

ssf: Spatially Sampled Function

stieltjes: Compute Integral of Function Against Cumulative Distribution

stienen: Stienen Diagram

stratrand: Stratified random point pattern

Strauss: The Strauss Point Process Model

StraussHard: The Strauss / Hard Core Point Process Model

studpermu.test: Studentised Permutation Test

subfits: Extract List of Individual Point Process Models

subset.hyperframe: Subset of Hyperframe Satisfying A Condition

subset.ppp: Subset of Point Pattern Satisfying A Condition

subspaceDistance: Distance Between Linear Spaces

suffstat: Sufficient Statistic of Point Process Model

summary.anylist: Summary of a List of Things Summarizing a Pixel Image

summary.kppm: Summarizing a Fitted Cox or Cluster Point Process Model

summary.listof: Summary of a List of Things

summary.owin: Summary of a Spatial Window

summary.ppm: Summarizing a Fitted Point Process Model

summary.ppp: Summary of a Point Pattern Dataset

summary.psp: Summary of a Line Segment Pattern Dataset

summary.quad: Summarizing a Quadrature Scheme

summary.solist: Summary of a List of Spatial Objects

summary.splitppp: Summary of a Split Point Pattern

sumouter: Compute Quadratic Forms

superimpose: Superimpose Several Geometric Patterns

superimpose.lpp: Superimpose Several Point Patterns on Linear Network

swedishpines: Swedish Pines Point Pattern

symbolmap: Graphics Symbol Map

tess: Create a Tessellation

texturemap: Texture Map

textureplot: Plot Image or Tessellation Using Texture Fill

thinNetwork: Remove Vertices or Segments from a Linear Network

thomas.estK: Fit the Thomas Point Process by Minimum Contrast

thomas.estpcf: Fit the Thomas Point Process by Minimum Contrast

tile.areas: Compute Areas of Tiles in a Tessellation

tileindex: Determine Which Tile Contains Each Given Point

tilenames: Names of Tiles in a Tessellation

tiles: Extract List of Tiles in a Tessellation

tiles.empty: Check For Empty Tiles in a Tessellation

timed: Record the Computation Time

timeTaken: Extract the Total Computation Time Pixel Values Along a Transect

transmat: Convert Pixel Array Between Different Conventions

treebranchlabels: Label Vertices of a Tree by Branch Membership

treeprune: Prune Tree to Given Level

triangulate.owin: Decompose Window into Triangles

trim.rectangle: Cut margins from rectangle Triplet Interaction Family

Triplets: The Triplet Point Process Model

Tstat: Third order summary statistic

tweak.colourmap: Change Colour Values in a Colour Map

union.quad: Union of Data and Dummy Points

unique.ppp: Extract Unique Points from a Spatial Point Pattern

unitname: Name for Unit of Length

unmark: Remove Marks

unnormdensity: Weighted kernel smoother

unstack.msr: Separate a Vector Measure into its Scalar Components

unstack.ppp: Separate Multiple Columns of Marks

update.detpointprocfamily: Set Parameter Values in a Determinantal Point Process Model

update.interact: Update an Interpoint Interaction

update.kppm: Update a Fitted Cluster Point Process Model

update.ppm: Update a Fitted Point Process Model

update.rmhcontrol: Update Control Parameters of Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm

update.symbolmap: Update a Graphics Symbol Map.

urkiola: Urkiola Woods Point Pattern

valid: Check Whether Point Process Model is Valid

valid.detpointprocfamily: Check Validity of a Determinantal Point Process Model

valid.ppm: Check Whether Point Process Model is Valid

varblock: Estimate Variance of Summary Statistic by Subdivision

varcount: Predicted Variance of the Number of Points

vargamma.estK: Fit the Neyman-Scott Cluster Point Process with Variance...

vargamma.estpcf: Fit the Neyman-Scott Cluster Point Process with Variance...

vcov.kppm: Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted Cluster Point Process...

vcov.mppm: Calculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for Fitted Multiple...

vcov.ppm: Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted Point Process Model

vcov.slrm: Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted Spatial Logistic...

vertices: Vertices of a Window

vesicles: Vesicles Data

volume: Volume of an Object

waka: Trees in Waka national park

waterstriders: Waterstriders data. Three independent replications of a...

weighted.median: Weighted Median, Quantiles or Variance

where.max: Find Location of Maximum in a Pixel Image

whichhalfplane: Test Which Side of Infinite Line a Point Falls On

whist: Weighted Histogram

will.expand: Test Expansion Rule

Window: Extract or Change the Window of a Spatial Object

WindowOnly: Extract Window of Spatial Object

with.fv: Evaluate an Expression in a Function Table

with.hyperframe: Evaluate an Expression in Each Row of a Hyperframe

with.msr: Evaluate Expression Involving Components of a Measure

with.ssf: Evaluate Expression in a Spatially Sampled Function

yardstick: Text, Arrow or Scale Bar in a Diagram Rounding of Pixel Values

zclustermodel: Cluster Point Process Model


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AIC.dppm Man page
AIC.kppm Man page
AIC.mppm Man page
AIC.ppm Man page
allstats Man page
alltypes Man page
amacrine Man page
anemones Man page
ang2rad Man page
angles.psp Man page
anova.lppm Man page
anova.mppm Man page
anova.ppm Man page
anova.slrm Man page
ants Man page
ants.extra Man page
anycrossing.psp Man page
anyDuplicated.ppp Man page
anyDuplicated.ppx Man page
anylapply Man page
anylist Man page
[<-.anylist Man page
[.anylist Man page Man page
anyNA.sparse3Darray Man page
aperm.sparse3Darray Man page
append.psp Man page
applynbd Man page
applyPolyclipArgs Man page
applySparseEntries Man page
apply.ssf Man page
applytolayers Man page
area Man page
area.default Man page
areadelta2 Man page
areaGain Man page
areaGain.diri Man page
areaGain.grid Man page
AreaInter Man page
areaLoss Man page
areaLoss.diri Man page
areaLoss.grid Man page
area.owin Man page
as.anylist Man page Man page
as.array.sparse3Darray Man page
as.box3 Man page
as.boxx Man page
as.breakpts Man page
as.character.units Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
as.function.fv Man page Man page
as.function.leverage.ppm Man page
as.function.linfun Man page
as.function.owin Man page
as.function.rhohat Man page
as.function.ssf Man page
as.function.tess Man page
as.fv Man page Man page Man page
as.fv.dppm Man page
as.fv.fasp Man page
as.fv.fv Man page
as.fv.kppm Man page
as.fv.matrix Man page
as.fv.minconfit Man page
as.hyperframe Man page
as.hyperframe.anylist Man page Man page
as.hyperframe.default Man page
as.hyperframe.hyperframe Man page
as.hyperframe.listof Man page
as.hyperframe.ppx Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
as.interact Man page
as.interact.fii Man page
as.interact.interact Man page
as.interact.ppm Man page
as.layered Man page
as.layered.default Man page
as.layered.listof Man page
as.layered.msr Man page
as.layered.ppp Man page
as.layered.solist Man page
as.layered.splitppp Man page
as.linfun Man page
as.linfun.linim Man page
as.linfun.lintess Man page
as.linim Man page
as.linim.default Man page
as.linim.linfun Man page
as.linim.linim Man page
as.linnet Man page
as.linnet.linfun Man page
as.linnet.linim Man page
as.linnet.linnet Man page
as.linnet.lintess Man page
as.linnet.lpp Man page
as.linnet.lppm Man page
as.linnet.psp Man page
as.list.hyperframe Man page
as.listof Man page
as.lpp Man page
as.mask Man page
as.mask.psp Man page Man page
as.matrix.owin Man page
as.matrix.ppx Man page
as.owin Man page
as.owin.boxx Man page Man page
as.owin.default Man page
as.owin.distfun Man page
as.owin.dppm Man page
as.owin.funxy Man page Man page
as.owin.influence.ppm Man page
as.owin.kppm Man page
as.owin.layered Man page
as.owin.leverage.ppm Man page
as.owin.linfun Man page
as.owin.linnet Man page
as.owin.lintess Man page
as.owin.lpp Man page
as.owin.lppm Man page
as.owin.msr Man page
as.owin.nnfun Man page
as.owin.owin Man page
as.owin.ppm Man page
as.owin.ppp Man page
as.owin.psp Man page
as.owin.quad Man page
as.owin.quadratcount Man page
as.owin.quadrattest Man page
as.owin.rmhmodel Man page
as.owin.tess Man page
as.polygonal Man page
as.ppm Man page
as.ppm.dppm Man page
as.ppm.kppm Man page
as.ppm.ppm Man page
as.ppm.profilepl Man page
as.ppp Man page Man page
as.ppp.default Man page
as.ppp.influence.ppm Man page
as.ppp.lpp Man page
as.ppp.matrix Man page
as.ppp.ppp Man page
as.ppp.psp Man page
as.ppp.quad Man page
as.ppp.ssf Man page
as.psp Man page Man page
as.psp.default Man page
as.psp.linnet Man page
as.psp.lpp Man page
as.psp.matrix Man page
as.psp.owin Man page
as.psp.psp Man page
as.rectangle Man page
assemble.plot.objects Man page
as.solist Man page
as.sparse3Darray Man page
as.tess Man page Man page
as.tess.list Man page
as.tess.owin Man page
as.tess.quadratcount Man page
as.tess.quadrattest Man page
as.tess.tess Man page
as.units Man page
AsymmDistance.psp Man page
auc Man page
auc.kppm Man page
auc.lpp Man page
auc.lppm Man page
auc.ppm Man page
auc.ppp Man page
augment.msr Man page
austates Man page
BadGey Man page
BartCalc Man page
bbEngine Man page
bc Man page
bc.ppm Man page
bdist.pixels Man page
bdist.points Man page
bdist.tiles Man page
bdry.mask Man page
bdspots Man page
beachcolourmap Man page
beachcolours Man page
beginner Man page
begins Man page
bei Man page
bei.extra Man page
bermantest Man page
berman.test Man page
bermantestEngine Man page
berman.test.lpp Man page
bermantest.lpp Man page
berman.test.lppm Man page
bermantest.lppm Man page
berman.test.ppm Man page
bermantest.ppm Man page
berman.test.ppp Man page
bermantest.ppp Man page
betacells Man page
bilinearform Man page
bind.fv Man page
bind.ratfv Man page
bind.sparse3Darray Man page
blankcoefnames Man page
blur Man page
border Man page
boundingbox Man page Man page
bounding.box3 Man page
boundingbox.default Man page Man page
boundingbox.owin Man page
boundingbox.ppp Man page
boundingbox.solist Man page Man page
boundingcentre Man page
boundingcentre.owin Man page
boundingcentre.ppp Man page
boundingcircle Man page
boundingcircle.owin Man page
boundingcircle.ppp Man page
boundingradius Man page
boundingradius.linnet Man page
boundingradius.owin Man page
boundingradius.ppp Man page
box3 Man page
boxx Man page
bramblecanes Man page
branchlabelfun Man page
break.holes Man page
breakpts Man page
breakpts.from.r Man page
bronzefilter Man page
bt.frame Man page
bugfixes Man page
bw.diggle Man page
bw.frac Man page
bw.optim Man page
bw.pcf Man page
bw.ppl Man page
bw.relrisk Man page
bw.scott Man page
bw.smoothppp Man page
bw.stoyan Man page Man page
by.ppp Man page
calc.DR Man page
calc.NNIR Man page
calc.SAVE Man page
calc.SIR Man page
calc.TSE Man page
cannot.update Man page
cartesian Man page
cauchy.estK Man page
cauchy.estpcf Man page
cbind.fv Man page
cbind.hyperframe Man page
CDF Man page
CDF.density Man page
cdf.test Man page
cdf.test.lpp Man page
cdf.test.lppm Man page
cdf.test.mppm Man page
cdf.test.ppm Man page
cdf.test.ppp Man page
cdf.test.slrm Man page
cellmiddles Man page
cells Man page
censtimeCDFest Man page
centroid.owin Man page
change.default.expand Man page
checkbigmatrix Man page
checkfields Man page
check.finespacing Man page
check.hist.lengths Man page
check.mat.mul Man page
checksolve Man page
check.testfun Man page
chicago Man page
chop.tess Man page
chorley Man page
chorley.extra Man page
circdensity Man page
circticks Man page
circumradius Man page
circumradius.linnet Man page
circumradius.owin Man page
circumradius.ppp Man page
clarkevans Man page
clarkevansCalc Man page
clarkevans.test Man page
clear.simplepanel Man page
clf.test Man page
clickbox Man page
clickdist Man page
clickjoin Man page
clickpoly Man page
clickppp Man page
clip.infline Man page
clippoly.psp Man page
clip.psp Man page
cliprect.psp Man page
clmfires Man page
clmfires.extra Man page
closepaircounts Man page
closepairs Man page
closepairs.pp3 Man page
closepairs.ppp Man page
closethresh Man page
closetriples Man page
closing Man page
closing.owin Man page
closing.ppp Man page
closing.psp Man page
clusterfield Man page
clusterfield.character Man page
clusterfield.function Man page
clusterfield.kppm Man page
clusterfit Man page
clusterkernel Man page
clusterkernel.character Man page
clusterkernel.kppm Man page
clusterradius Man page
clusterradius.character Man page
clusterradius.kppm Man page
clusterset Man page
cobble.xy Man page
codetime Man page
coef.dppm Man page
coef.fii Man page
coef.kppm Man page
coef.lppm Man page
coef.mppm Man page
coef.ppm Man page
coef.slrm Man page
coef.summary.fii Man page
coef.summary.kppm Man page
coef.summary.ppm Man page
coef.vblogit Man page
coerce.marks.numeric Man page
col2hex Man page Man page
collapse.anylist Man page
collapse.fv Man page
colourmap Man page
colouroutputs Man page
colouroutputs<- Man page
colourtools Man page
commonGrid Man page
commonPolyclipArgs Man page
compareFit Man page
compatible Man page
compatible.fasp Man page
compatible.fv Man page Man page
compatible.rat Man page
compatible.units Man page
compileCDF Man page
compileK Man page
compilepcf Man page
complementarycolour Man page
complement.owin Man page Man page
Complex.imlist Man page
Complex.linim Man page
concatxy Man page
Concom Man page
conform.imagelist Man page
conform.ratfv Man page
connected Man page Man page
connected.linnet Man page
connected.owin Man page
connected.ppp Man page
conspire Man page
contour.funxy Man page Man page
contour.imlist Man page
contour.listof Man page
contour.objsurf Man page
contour.ssf Man page
convexhull Man page
convexhull.xy Man page
convexify Man page Man page
coords Man page
coords<- Man page
coords<-.ppp Man page
coords.ppp Man page
coords<-.ppx Man page
coords.ppx Man page
copper Man page
copyExampleFiles Man page
corners Man page
countends Man page
countingweights Man page
covering Man page
CressieReadName Man page
CressieReadStatistic Man page
CressieReadSymbol Man page
crossdist Man page
crossdist.default Man page
crossdist.lpp Man page
crossdist.pp3 Man page
crossdist.ppp Man page
crossdist.ppx Man page
crossdist.psp Man page
crossing.linnet Man page
crossing.psp Man page
crosspaircounts Man page
crosspairquad Man page
crosspairs Man page
crosspairs.pp3 Man page
crosspairs.ppp Man page Man page
cut.lpp Man page
cut.ppp Man page
CVforPCF Man page
damaged.ppm Man page
datagen.rpoisppOnLines Man page
datagen.runifpointOnLines Man page
datagen.runifpoisppOnLines Man page
data.mppm Man page
data.ppm Man page
dclf.progress Man page
dclf.sigtrace Man page
dclf.test Man page
default.clipwindow Man page
default.dummy Man page
default.expand Man page
default.linnet.tolerance Man page
default.ntile Man page
default.n.tiling Man page
default.rmhcontrol Man page
delaunay Man page
delaunay.distance Man page
delaunayDistance Man page Man page
delaunayNetwork Man page
deletebranch Man page
deletebranch.linnet Man page
deletebranch.lpp Man page
deltametric Man page
deltasuffstat Man page
demohyper Man page
demopat Man page
dendrite Man page
densitycrossEngine Man page
density.lpp Man page
densitypointsEngine Man page
density.ppp Man page
density.ppplist Man page
density.psp Man page
density.splitppp Man page
density.splitppx Man page
deriv.fv Man page
detpointprocfamilyfun Man page
deviance.lppm Man page
deviance.ppm Man page
Deviation Man page
dfbetas.ppm Man page
dflt.redraw Man page
dg.envelope Man page
dg.progress Man page
dg.sigtrace Man page
dg.test Man page
diagnose.ppm Man page
diagnose.ppm.engine Man page
diagramobj Man page
[.diagramobj Man page
diameter Man page
diameter.box3 Man page
diameter.boxx Man page
diameter.linnet Man page
diameter.owin Man page
digestCovariates Man page
DiggleGatesStibbard Man page
DiggleGratton Man page
digital.volume Man page
dilated.areas Man page
dilate.owin Man page
dilation Man page
dilationAny Man page
dilation.owin Man page
dilation.ppp Man page
dilation.psp Man page
dim.detpointprocfamily Man page
dim.fasp Man page
dimhat Man page
dim.hyperframe Man page Man page
dim.msr Man page
dimnames<-.fasp Man page
dimnames.fasp Man page
dimnames.msr Man page
dimnames<-.sparse3Darray Man page
dimnames.sparse3Darray Man page
dim.owin Man page
dim<-.sparse3Darray Man page
dim.sparse3Darray Man page
dirichlet Man page
dirichletAreas Man page
dirichlet.edges Man page
dirichletEdges Man page Man page
dirichletNetwork Man page
dirichlet.vertices Man page
dirichletVertices Man page
dirichlet.weights Man page
dirichletWeights Man page
disc Man page
discpartarea Man page
discretise Man page
discs Man page
dist2dpath Man page
distcdf Man page
distfun Man page
distfun.lpp Man page
distfun.owin Man page
distfun.ppp Man page
distfun.psp Man page
distmap Man page
distmap.owin Man page
distmap.ppp Man page
distmap.psp Man page
distributecbind Man page
divide.linnet Man page
dkernel Man page
dknn Man page
dmixpois Man page Man page Man page
do.istat Man page
domain Man page
domain.distfun Man page
domain.dppm Man page
domain.funxy Man page Man page Man page
domain.influence.ppm Man page
domain.kppm Man page
domain.layered Man page
domain.leverage.ppm Man page
domain.lpp Man page
domain.lpp Man page
domain.lppm Man page
domain.msr Man page
domain.nnfun Man page
domain.pp3 Man page
domain.ppm Man page
domain.ppp Man page
domain.ppx Man page
domain.psp Man page
domain.quad Man page
domain.quadratcount Man page
domain.quadrattest Man page
domain.rmhmodel Man page
domain.tess Man page
doMultiStraussHard Man page
dppapproxkernel Man page
dppapproxpcf Man page
dppBessel Man page
dppCauchy Man page
dppeigen Man page
dppGauss Man page
dppkernel Man page
dppm Man page
dppMatern Man page
dppmFixAlgorithm Man page
dppmFixIntensity Man page
dppparbounds Man page
dppPowerExp Man page
dppspecden Man page
dppspecdenrange Man page
dummify Man page
dummy.ppm Man page
duplicated.ppp Man page
duplicated.ppx Man page
edge.Ripley Man page
edges Man page
edges2triangles Man page
edges2vees Man page
edge.Trans Man page
edit.hyperframe Man page Man page
edit.ppp Man page
edit.psp Man page
eem Man page
effectfun Man page
ellipse Man page
Emark Man page
emend Man page
emend.lppm Man page
emend.ppm Man page
emptywindow Man page
endpoints.psp Man page
EntriesToSparse Man page
envelope Man page
envelopeEngine Man page
envelope.envelope Man page
envelope.hasenvelope Man page
envelope.kppm Man page
envelope.lpp Man page
envelope.lppm Man page
envelope.matrix Man page
envelope.pp3 Man page
envelope.ppm Man page
envelope.ppp Man page
envelopeProgressData Man page
envelopeTest Man page
equalpairs Man page
equalpairs.quad Man page
equalsfun.quad Man page
equals.quad Man page
eroded.areas Man page
eroded.volumes Man page
eroded.volumes.box3 Man page
eroded.volumes.boxx Man page
erodemask Man page
erode.owin Man page
erosion Man page
erosionAny Man page
erosion.owin Man page
erosion.ppp Man page
erosion.psp Man page
evalCovar Man page
evalCovariate Man page
evalCovar.lppm Man page
evalCovar.ppm Man page
eval.fasp Man page
eval.fv Man page
eval.hyper Man page Man page
evalInteraction Man page
evalInterEngine Man page
eval.linim Man page
evalPairPotential Man page
evaluate2Dkernel Man page
even.breaks.owin Man page
ewcdf Man page
exactdt Man page
exactMPLEstrauss Man page
exactPdt Man page
existsSpatstatVariable Man page
expand.owin Man page
expandSpecialLists Man page
expandwinPerfect Man page
extractAIC.dppm Man page
extractAIC.kppm Man page
extractAIC.lppm Man page
extractAIC.mppm Man page
extractAIC.ppm Man page
extractAIC.slrm Man page
extractAtomicQtests Man page
extractbranch Man page
extractbranch.linnet Man page
extractbranch.lpp Man page
f3Cengine Man page
f3engine Man page
F3est Man page
fakemaintitle Man page
family.vblogit Man page
fardist Man page
fardist.owin Man page
fardist.ppp Man page
fasp Man page
[.fasp Man page
fasp.object Man page
Fest Man page
fft2D Man page
fftwAvailable Man page
Fhazard Man page
fii Man page
Fiksel Man page
fill.coefs Man page
fillNA Man page
findbestlegendpos Man page
findcbind Man page
findCovariate Man page
Finhom Man page
finpines Man page
fitin Man page
fitin.ppm Man page
fitted.dppm Man page
fitted.kppm Man page
fitted.lppm Man page
fitted.mppm Man page
fitted.ppm Man page
fitted.rppm Man page
fitted.slrm Man page
fixef.mppm Man page
flatfname Man page
flipxy Man page Man page
flipxy.infline Man page
flipxy.layered Man page
flipxy.owin Man page
flipxypolygon Man page
flipxy.ppp Man page
flipxy.psp Man page
flu Man page
FmultiInhom Man page
foo Man page
forbid.logi Man page
FormatFaspFormulae Man page
format.numberwithunit Man page
formula<- Man page
formula.dppm Man page
formula<-.fv Man page
formula.fv Man page
formula.kppm Man page
formula.lppm Man page
formula.ppm Man page
formula.slrm Man page
fourierbasis Man page
Frame Man page
Frame<- Man page
framebottomleft Man page
Frame.default Man page
Frame< Man page
Frame<-.owin Man page
Frame<-.ppp Man page
fryplot Man page
frypoints Man page
funxy Man page
fv Man page
[<-.fv Man page
[.fv Man page
$<-.fv Man page
fvexprmap Man page
fvlabelmap Man page
fvlabels Man page
fvlabels<- Man page
fvlegend Man page
fvnames Man page
fvnames<- Man page
fv.object Man page
g3Cengine Man page
g3engine Man page
G3est Man page
ganglia Man page
gauss.hermite Man page
Gcom Man page
Gcross Man page
Gdot Man page
Gest Man page
getCall.mppm Man page
getdataname Man page
getfields Man page
getglmdata Man page
getglmfit Man page
getglmsubset Man page
getlambda.lpp Man page
getlastshift Man page
getppmdatasubset Man page
getppmOriginalCovariates Man page
getRandomFieldsModelGen Man page
getSpatstatVariable Man page
getSumFun Man page
Geyer Man page
geyercounts Man page
geyerdelta2 Man page
Gfox Man page
Ginhom Man page
GLMpredict Man page
Gmulti Man page
GmultiInhom Man page
good.correction.K Man page
gordon Man page
gorillas Man page
gorillas.extra Man page
Gres Man page
grid1index Man page
gridadjacencymatrix Man page
gridcenters Man page
gridcentres Man page
gridindex Man page
gridweights Man page
grokIndexVector Man page
grow.box3 Man page
grow.boxx Man page
grow.mask Man page
grow.rectangle Man page
grow.simplepanel Man page
hackglmmPQL Man page
Halton Man page
Hammersley Man page
hamster Man page
handle.r.b.args Man page
handle.rshift.args Man page
Hardcore Man page
harmonic Man page
harmonise Man page
harmonise.fv Man page Man page
harmonise.owin Man page
harmonize Man page
harmonize.fv Man page Man page
harmonize.owin Man page
has.close Man page
has.close.default Man page
has.close.pp3 Man page
has.close.ppp Man page
hasenvelope Man page
has.offset Man page
has.offset.term Man page
head.hyperframe Man page
head.ppp Man page
head.ppx Man page
head.psp Man page
head.tess Man page
heather Man page
HermiteCoefs Man page
Hest Man page
hexagon Man page
hexgrid Man page
hextess Man page
hierarchicalordering Man page
HierHard Man page
hiermat Man page Man page
HierStrauss Man page
HierStraussHard Man page Man page
ho.engine Man page
hopskel Man page
hopskel.test Man page
hsvim Man page
hsvNA Man page
humberside Man page
humberside.convex Man page
Hybrid Man page Man page
hyperframe Man page
[<-.hyperframe Man page
[.hyperframe Man page
$<-.hyperframe Man page
$.hyperframe Man page
hyytiala Man page
IdenticalRows Man page
identify.lpp Man page
identify.ppp Man page
identify.psp Man page
idorempty Man page
idw Man page
Iest Man page
illegal.iformula Man page
im Man page
[< Man page
[.im Man page Man page
image.imlist Man page
image.listof Man page
image.objsurf Man page
image.ssf Man page
im.apply Man page
imcov Man page
im.object Man page
implemented.for.K Man page
impliedcoefficients Man page
impliedpresence Man page
improve.kppm Man page
incircle Man page
increment.fv Man page
infline Man page
[.influence.ppm Man page
influence.ppm Man page Man page
inpoint Man page
inradius Man page
insertVertices Man page
inside3Darray Man page
inside.boxx Man page
inside.owin Man page
instantiate.interact Man page
integral Man page Man page
integral.linfun Man page
integral.linim Man page
integral.msr Man page
integral.ssf Man page
intensity Man page
intensity.detpointprocfamily Man page
intensity.dppm Man page
intensity.lpp Man page
intensity.ppm Man page
intensity.ppp Man page
intensity.ppx Man page
intensity.quadratcount Man page
intensity.splitppp Man page
interactionfamilyname Man page
intermaker Man page
interp.colourmap Man page
interp.colours Man page Man page
intersect.owin Man page
intersect.tess Man page
intX.owin Man page
intX.xypolygon Man page
intY.owin Man page
intY.xypolygon Man page
invokeColourmapRule Man page
invoke.symbolmap Man page
iplot Man page
iplot.default Man page
iplot.layered Man page
iplot.linnet Man page
iplot.lpp Man page
iplot.ppp Man page
ippm Man page
is.atomicQtest Man page
is.cadlag Man page
is.col.argname Man page
is.colour Man page
is.convex Man page Man page
is.dppm Man page
is.empty Man page
is.empty.default Man page
is.empty.owin Man page
is.empty.ppp Man page
is.empty.psp Man page
is.expandable Man page
is.expandable.ppm Man page
is.expandable.rmhmodel Man page
is.fv Man page
is.grey Man page
is.hybrid Man page
is.hybrid.interact Man page
is.hybrid.ppm Man page
is.hyperframe Man page Man page
is.infline Man page
is.interact Man page
is.kppm Man page
is.lpp Man page
is.lppm Man page
is.marked Man page
is.marked.default Man page
is.marked.lppm Man page
is.marked.msr Man page
is.marked.ppm Man page
is.marked.ppp Man page
is.marked.psp Man page
is.marked.quad Man page
is.mask Man page
is.mppm Man page
is.multitype Man page
is.multitype.default Man page
is.multitype.lpp Man page
is.multitype.lppm Man page
is.multitype.msr Man page
is.multitype.ppm Man page
is.multitype.ppp Man page
is.multitype.quad Man page
is.owin Man page
is.poisson Man page
is.poisson.interact Man page
is.poisson.kppm Man page
is.poisson.lppm Man page
is.poisson.mppm Man page
is.poisson.ppm Man page
is.poisson.rmhmodel Man page
is.poisson.slrm Man page
is.polygonal Man page
is.pp3 Man page
is.ppm Man page
is.ppp Man page
is.ppx Man page
is.psp Man page
is.rectangle Man page
isRelevantZero Man page
is.scov Man page
is.slrm Man page
is.sob Man page
is.stationary Man page
is.stationary.detpointprocfamily Man page
is.stationary.dppm Man page
is.stationary.kppm Man page
is.stationary.lppm Man page
is.stationary.ppm Man page
is.stationary.rmhmodel Man page
is.stationary.slrm Man page
is.subset.owin Man page
istat Man page
is.tess Man page
japanesepines Man page
Jcross Man page
Jdot Man page
Jest Man page
Jfox Man page
Jinhom Man page
Jmulti Man page
k3engine Man page
K3est Man page
kaplan.meier Man page
Kborder.engine Man page
Kcom Man page
Kcross Man page
Kcross.inhom Man page
Kdot Man page
Kdot.inhom Man page
kernel.factor Man page
kernel.moment Man page
kernel.squint Man page
Kest Man page
Kest.fft Man page
killinteraction Man page
Kinhom Man page
Kmark Man page
Kmeasure Man page
Kmodel Man page
Kmodel.detpointprocfamily Man page
Kmodel.dppm Man page
Kmodel.kppm Man page
Kmodel.ppm Man page Man page Man page
Kmulti Man page
Kmulti.inhom Man page
Knone.engine Man page
Kount Man page
Kovesi Man page
Kpcf.kppm Man page
kppm Man page
kppmComLik Man page
kppm.formula Man page
kppmMinCon Man page
kppmPalmLik Man page
kppm.ppp Man page
kppm.quad Man page
kraever Man page
kraeverRandomFields Man page
Krect.engine Man page
Kres Man page
Kscaled Man page
Ksector Man page
ksmooth.ppp Man page
kstest Man page
kstest.lpp Man page
kstest.lppm Man page
ks.test.ppm Man page
kstest.ppm Man page
kstest.ppp Man page
kstest.slrm Man page
Kwtsum Man page
labels.dppm Man page
labels.kppm Man page
labels.ppm Man page
labels.slrm Man page
LambertW Man page
lansing Man page
laslett Man page Man page
layered Man page
[<-.layered Man page
[.layered Man page
[[<-.layered Man page
layerplotargs Man page
layerplotargs<- Man page
layout.boxes Man page
Lcross Man page
Lcross.inhom Man page
Ldot Man page
Ldot.inhom Man page
lengths.psp Man page
LennardJones Man page
Lest Man page
letterR Man page
levelsAsFactor Man page
levelset Man page
levels< Man page Man page
leverage Man page
[.leverage.ppm Man page
leverage.ppm Man page
lgcp.estK Man page
lgcp.estpcf Man page
lineardisc Man page
linearK Man page
linearKcross Man page
linearKcross.inhom Man page
linearKdot Man page
linearKdot.inhom Man page
linearKengine Man page
linearKinhom Man page
linearKmulti Man page
linearKmultiEngine Man page
linearKmulti.inhom Man page
linearmarkconnect Man page
linearmarkequal Man page
linearpcf Man page
linearpcfcross Man page
linearpcfcross.inhom Man page
linearpcfdot Man page
linearpcfdot.inhom Man page
linearpcfengine Man page
linearpcfinhom Man page
linearpcfmulti Man page
linearPCFmultiEngine Man page
linearpcfmulti.inhom Man page
linequad Man page
linfun Man page
Linhom Man page
linim Man page
[.linim Man page
linnet Man page
[.linnet Man page
lintess Man page
listof Man page
[<-.listof Man page
lixellate Man page
local2lpp Man page
localK Man page
localKengine Man page
localKinhom Man page
localL Man page
localLinhom Man page
localpcf Man page
localpcfengine Man page
localpcfinhom Man page
localpcfmatrix Man page
[.localpcfmatrix Man page
logicalIndex Man page
logi.dummy Man page
logi.engine Man page
logLik.dppm Man page
logLik.kppm Man page
logLik.lppm Man page
logLik.mppm Man page
logLik.ppm Man page
logLik.slrm Man page
logLik.vblogit Man page
lohboot Man page
longleaf Man page
lookup2DkernelInfo Man page Man page
lpp Man page
[.lpp Man page
lppm Man page
lppm.formula Man page
lppm.lpp Man page
Lscaled Man page
lurking Man page
lut Man page
mad.progress Man page
mad.sigtrace Man page
mad.test Man page
majorminorversion Man page
make.even.breaks Man page
makefvlabel Man page
makeLinnetTolerance Man page
makeunits Man page
\%mapp\% Man page
mapSparseEntries Man page
marginSums Man page
\%mark\% Man page
markappend Man page
markappendop Man page
markcbind Man page
markconnect Man page
markcorr Man page
markcorrint Man page
markcrosscorr Man page
markformat Man page
markformat.default Man page
markformat.ppp Man page
markformat.ppx Man page
markformat.psp Man page
markmean Man page
markreplicateop Man page
marks Man page
marks<- Man page
mark.scale.default Man page
marks.default Man page
marks<-.lpp Man page
markspace.integral Man page
marks<-.ppp Man page
marks.ppp Man page
marks<-.ppx Man page
marks.ppx Man page
marks<-.psp Man page
marks.psp Man page
marks.quad Man page
marks<-.ssf Man page
marks.ssf Man page
markstat Man page
marks<-.tess Man page
marks.tess Man page
marksubset Man page
marksubsetop Man page
marktable Man page
markvar Man page
markvario Man page
mask2df Man page
maskLaslett Man page
match2DkernelName Man page
matchingdist Man page
match.kernel Man page
matclust.estK Man page
matclust.estpcf Man page Man page
Math.imlist Man page
Math.linim Man page
Math.sparse3Darray Man page
matrixinvsqrt Man page
matrixpower Man page
matrixsqrt Man page
maxflow Man page
max.fv Man page
maxnndist Man page
max.ssf Man page
mctest.progress Man page
mctest.sigtrace Man page
mctestSigtraceEngine Man page Man page
mean.linim Man page
meanlistfv Man page
meanX.owin Man page
meanY.owin Man page
measureNegative Man page
measurePositive Man page
measureVariation Man page Man page
median.linim Man page
mergeLevels Man page
methods.box3 Man page
methods.boxx Man page
methods.dppm Man page
methods.fii Man page
methods.funxy Man page
methods.kppm Man page
methods.layered Man page
methods.linfun Man page
methods.linim Man page
methods.linnet Man page
methods.lpp Man page
methods.lppm Man page
methods.objsurf Man page
methods.pp3 Man page
methods.ppm Man page
methods.ppx Man page
methods.rho2hat Man page
methods.rhohat Man page
methods.slrm Man page
methods.ssf Man page
methods.units Man page
methods.zclustermodel Man page
midpoints.psp Man page
mincontrast Man page
min.fv Man page
MinkowskiSum Man page
minnndist Man page
min.ssf Man page
miplot Man page
model.covariates Man page
model.depends Man page
model.frame.dppm Man page
modelFrameGam Man page
model.frame.kppm Man page
model.frame.lppm Man page
model.frame.ppm Man page
model.images Man page
model.images.dppm Man page
model.images.kppm Man page
model.images.lppm Man page
model.images.ppm Man page
model.images.slrm Man page Man page
model.matrix.dppm Man page
model.matrix.kppm Man page
model.matrix.lppm Man page
model.matrix.ppm Man page
model.matrix.slrm Man page Man page
mpl Man page
mpl.engine Man page
mpl.get.covariates Man page
mpl.prepare Man page
mpl.usable Man page
mppm Man page
\%mrep\% Man page
msr Man page
[.msr Man page
\%msub\% Man page
mucosa Man page
mucosa.subwin Man page
MultiHard Man page
MultiPair.checkmatrix Man page
multiplicity Man page Man page
multiplicity.default Man page
multiplicityNumeric Man page
multiplicity.ppp Man page
multiplicity.ppx Man page
multiply.only.finite.entries Man page
MultiStrauss Man page
MultiStraussHard Man page
murchison Man page Man page
names<-.fv Man page
names<-.hyperframe Man page
names.hyperframe Man page
nbfires Man page
nbfires.extra Man page
nbw.rect Man page
nearest.neighbour Man page
nearest.pixel Man page
nearest.raster.point Man page
nearestsegment Man page
nearest.valid.pixel Man page
nestsplit Man page
newformula Man page
newstyle.coeff.handling Man page
nnclean Man page
nncleanEngine Man page
nnclean.pp3 Man page
nnclean.ppp Man page
nncorr Man page
nncross Man page
nncross.default Man page
nncross.lpp Man page
nncross.pp3 Man page
nncross.ppp Man page
nndcumfun Man page
nndensity Man page
nndensity.ppp Man page
nndist Man page
nndist.default Man page
nndist.lpp Man page
nndist.pp3 Man page
nndist.ppp Man page
nndist.ppx Man page
nndist.psp Man page
nnfun Man page
nnfun.lpp Man page
nnfun.ppp Man page
nnfun.psp Man page
nnmap Man page
nnmark Man page
nnmean Man page
nnorient Man page
nnvario Man page
nnwhich Man page
nnwhich.default Man page
nnwhich.lpp Man page
nnwhich.pp3 Man page
nnwhich.ppp Man page
nnwhich.ppx Man page
nobjects Man page
nobjects.ppp Man page
nobjects.ppx Man page
nobjects.psp Man page
nobjects.tess Man page
nobs.dppm Man page
nobs.kppm Man page
nobs.lppm Man page
nobs.mppm Man page
nobs.ppm Man page
no.trend.ppm Man page
npfun Man page
npoints Man page
npoints.pp3 Man page
npoints.ppp Man page
npoints.ppx Man page
n.quad Man page
nsegments Man page
nsegments.linnet Man page
nsegments.lpp Man page
nsegments.psp Man page
numberwithunit Man page
numeric.columns Man page
nvertices Man page
nvertices.default Man page
nvertices.linnet Man page
nvertices.owin Man page
nztrees Man page
objsurf Man page
objsurf.dppm Man page
objsurfEngine Man page
objsurf.kppm Man page
objsurf.minconfit Man page
onearrow Man page
onecolumn Man page
opening Man page
opening.owin Man page
opening.ppp Man page
opening.psp Man page Man page
Ops.imlist Man page
Ops.linim Man page
Ops.msr Man page
Ops.sparse3Darray Man page
optimStatus Man page
Ord Man page Man page
OrdThresh Man page
osteo Man page
outdated.interact Man page
overlap.owin Man page
oversize.quad Man page
owin Man page
[.owin Man page
owin2polypath Man page
owin.object Man page
owinpoly2mask Man page
owinpolycheck Man page
padimage Man page
pairdist Man page
pairdist.default Man page
pairdist.lpp Man page
pairdist.pp3 Man page
pairdist.ppp Man page
pairdist.ppx Man page
pairdist.psp Man page
pairorient Man page
PairPiece Man page Man page Man page
pairs.linim Man page
pairs.listof Man page
pairs.solist Man page
Pairwise Man page Man page
paletteindex Man page
paletteindex Man page
panel.contour Man page
panel.histogram Man page
panel.image Man page
paracou Man page
parameters Man page
parameters.dppm Man page
parameters.fii Man page
parameters.interact Man page
parameters.kppm Man page
parameters.ppm Man page
parameters.profilepl Man page
param.quad Man page
parbreak Man page
parres Man page
partialModelMatrix Man page
pcf Man page
pcf3engine Man page
pcf3est Man page
pcfcross Man page
pcfcross.inhom Man page
pcfdot Man page
pcfdot.inhom Man page
pcf.fasp Man page
pcf.fv Man page
pcfinhom Man page
pcfmodel Man page
pcfmodel.detpointprocfamily Man page
pcfmodel.dppm Man page
pcfmodel.kppm Man page
pcfmodel.ppm Man page
pcfmodel.zclustermodel Man page
pcfmulti Man page
pcfmulti.inhom Man page
pcf.ppp Man page
Penttinen Man page
perimeter Man page
periodify Man page
periodify.owin Man page
periodify.ppp Man page
periodify.psp Man page
perspContour Man page
persp.funxy Man page Man page
persp.leverage.ppm Man page
perspLines Man page
persp.objsurf Man page
perspPoints Man page
perspSegments Man page
pickoption Man page
pixelcentres Man page
pixellate Man page
pixellate.linnet Man page
pixellate.owin Man page
pixellate.ppp Man page
pixellate.psp Man page
pixelquad Man page
pkernel Man page
pknn Man page
plan.legend.layout Man page
plot3Dpoints Man page
plot.addvar Man page
plot.anylist Man page
plot.barplotdata Man page
plot.bermantest Man page Man page Man page
plot.cdftest Man page
plot.colourmap Man page
plot.diagppm Man page
plot.dppm Man page
plotEachLayer Man page
plot.envelope Man page
ploterodeimage Man page
ploterodewin Man page
plot.fasp Man page
plot.fii Man page Man page
plot.funxy Man page
plot.fv Man page
plot.hyperframe Man page Man page
plot.imlist Man page
plot.infline Man page
plot.influence.ppm Man page
plot.kppm Man page
plot.kstest Man page
plot.laslett Man page
plot.layered Man page
plot.leverage.ppm Man page
plot.linfun Man page
plot.linim Man page
plot.linnet Man page
plot.lintess Man page
plot.listof Man page
plot.localpcfmatrix Man page
plot.lpp Man page
plot.lppm Man page
plot.lurk Man page
plot.minconfit Man page
plot.mppm Man page
plot.msr Man page
plot.objsurf Man page
plot.onearrow Man page
plot.owin Man page
plot.parres Man page
plot.plotpairsim Man page
plot.plotppm Man page
plotPolygonBdry Man page
plot.pp3 Man page
plot.ppm Man page
plot.ppp Man page
plot.pppmatching Man page
plot.ppx Man page
plot.profilepl Man page
plot.psp Man page
plot.qqppm Man page
plot.quad Man page
plot.quadratcount Man page
plot.quadrattest Man page
plot.rho2hat Man page
plot.rhohat Man page
plot.rppm Man page
plot.scan.test Man page
plot.slrm Man page
plot.solist Man page
plot.spatialcdf Man page
plot.splitppp Man page
plot.ssf Man page
plot.studpermutest Man page
plot.symbolmap Man page
plot.tess Man page
plot.textstring Man page
plot.texturemap Man page
plot.yardstick Man page
pmixpois Man page
pointgrid Man page
points.lpp Man page
pointsOnLines Man page
PoisSaddle Man page
PoisSaddleArea Man page
PoisSaddleGeyer Man page
PoisSaddlePairwise Man page
Poisson Man page
polyLaslett Man page
polynom Man page
polytileareaEngine Man page
ponderosa Man page
ponderosa.extra Man page
pool Man page
pool.anylist Man page
pool.envelope Man page
pool.fasp Man page
pool.fv Man page
pool.quadrattest Man page
pool.rat Man page
positiveIndex Man page
pp3 Man page
[.pp3 Man page
ppllengine Man page
ppm Man page
ppmCovariates Man page
ppm.default Man page
ppmDerivatives Man page
ppm.formula Man page
ppmInfluence Man page
ppmInfluenceEngine Man page
ppm.object Man page
ppm.ppp Man page
ppm.quad Man page
ppp Man page
[<-.ppp Man page
[.ppp Man page
pppdist Man page
pppdist.mat Man page
pppdist.prohorov Man page
pppmatching Man page
pppmatching.object Man page
ppp.object Man page
ppsubset Man page
PPversion Man page
ppx Man page
[.ppx Man page
predict.dppm Man page
predict.kppm Man page
predict.lppm Man page
predict.mppm Man page
predict.ppm Man page
predict.rho2hat Man page
predict.rhohat Man page
predict.rppm Man page
predict.slrm Man page
predict.vblogit Man page
predict.zclustermodel Man page
prefixfv Man page
prepareTitle Man page
print.addvar Man page
print.anylist Man page
print.autoexec Man page
print.box3 Man page
print.boxx Man page Man page
print.bugtable Man page Man page Man page
print.colourmap Man page
print.detpointprocfamily Man page
print.detpointprocfamilyfun Man page
print.diagppm Man page
print.distfun Man page
print.dppm Man page
print.envelope Man page
print.ewcdf Man page
print.fasp Man page
print.fii Man page
print.funxy Man page
print.fv Man page
print.fvfun Man page
print.hasenvelope Man page
print.hierarchicalordering Man page
print.hyperframe Man page Man page
print.indicfun Man page
print.infline Man page
print.influence.ppm Man page
print.interact Man page
print.intermaker Man page
print.isf Man page
print.kppm Man page
print.laslett Man page
print.layered Man page
print.leverage.ppm Man page
print.linfun Man page
print.linim Man page
print.linnet Man page
print.lintess Man page
print.localpcfmatrix Man page
print.lpp Man page
print.lppm Man page
print.lut Man page
print.minconfit Man page
print.mppm Man page
print.msr Man page
print.nnfun Man page
print.numberwithunit Man page
print.objsurf Man page
print.onearrow Man page
print.owin Man page
print.parres Man page
print.plotpairsim Man page
print.plotppm Man page
print.pp3 Man page
print.ppm Man page
print.ppp Man page
print.pppmatching Man page
print.ppx Man page
print.profilepl Man page
print.psp Man page
print.qqppm Man page
print.quad Man page
print.quadrattest Man page
print.rat Man page
print.rho2hat Man page
print.rhohat Man page
print.rmhcontrol Man page
print.rmhexpand Man page
print.rmhInfoList Man page
print.rmhmodel Man page
print.rmhstart Man page
print.rppm Man page
print.simplepanel Man page
print.slrm Man page
print.Smoothfun Man page
print.solist Man page
print.sparse3Darray Man page
print.splitppp Man page
print.splitppx Man page
print.ssf Man page
printStatus Man page
print.summary.fii Man page
print.summary.hyperframe Man page Man page
print.summary.kppm Man page
print.summary.linim Man page
print.summary.linnet Man page
print.summary.listof Man page
print.summary.logiquad Man page
print.summary.lpp Man page
print.summary.lut Man page
print.summary.mppm Man page
print.summary.owin Man page
print.summary.pp3 Man page
print.summary.ppm Man page
print.summary.ppp Man page
print.summary.psp Man page
print.summary.quad Man page
print.summary.rmhexpand Man page
print.summary.solist Man page
print.summary.splitppp Man page
print.summary.splitppx Man page
print.summary.units Man page
print.symbolmap Man page
print.tess Man page
print.textstring Man page
print.texturemap Man page
print.timed Man page
print.units Man page
print.vblogit Man page
print.yardstick Man page
print.zclustermodel Man page
profilepl Man page
progressreport Man page
project2segment Man page
project2set Man page
project3Dhom Man page
project.ppm Man page
prune.rppm Man page
pseudoR2 Man page
pseudoR2.lppm Man page
pseudoR2.ppm Man page
psib Man page
psib.kppm Man page
psp Man page
[.psp Man page
psp.object Man page
psst Man page
psstA Man page
psstG Man page
putlastshift Man page
putSpatstatVariable Man page
pyramidal Man page
qkernel Man page
qknn Man page
qmixpois Man page
qqplot.ppm Man page
QQversion Man page
quad Man page
[.quad Man page
quadBlockSizes Man page
quadform Man page
quad.mppm Man page
quad.object Man page
quad.ppm Man page
quadratcount Man page
quadratcount.ppp Man page
quadratcount.splitppp Man page
quadratresample Man page
quadrats Man page
quadrat.test Man page
quadrat.testEngine Man page
quadrat.test.mppm Man page
quadrat.test.ppm Man page
quadrat.test.ppp Man page
quadrat.test.quadratcount Man page
quadrat.test.splitppp Man page
quadscheme Man page
quadscheme.logi Man page
quadscheme.replicated Man page
quadscheme.spatial Man page
quantess Man page Man page
quantess.owin Man page
quantess.ppp Man page
quantile.density Man page
quantile.ewcdf Man page Man page
quantile.linim Man page
quasirandom Man page
rags Man page
ragsAreaInter Man page
ragsMultiHard Man page
RandomFieldsSafe Man page
ranef.mppm Man page
range.fv Man page
range.ssf Man page
rastersample Man page
raster.x Man page Man page
rasterx.mask Man page
raster.xy Man page Man page
rasterxy.mask Man page
raster.y Man page Man page
rastery.mask Man page
rat Man page
ratfv Man page
rbindCompatibleDataFrames Man page
rbind.hyperframe Man page
rCauchy Man page
rcell Man page
rcellnumber Man page
rDGS Man page
rDiggleGratton Man page
rdpp Man page
reach Man page
reach.detpointprocfamily Man page
reach.dppm Man page
reach.fii Man page
reach.interact Man page
reach.ppm Man page
reach.rmhmodel Man page Man page Man page
rebadge.fv Man page
rebound Man page Man page
rebound.owin Man page
rebound.ppp Man page
rebound.psp Man page
recognise.spatstat.type Man page
reconcile.fv Man page
rectquadrat.breaks Man page
rectquadrat.countEngine Man page
redraw.simplepanel Man page
reduced.sample Man page
reduceformula Man page
redwood Man page
redwood3 Man page
redwoodfull Man page
redwoodfull.extra Man page
reflect Man page
reflect.default Man page Man page
reflect.infline Man page
reflect.layered Man page
reflect.tess Man page
regularpolygon Man page
reheat Man page
reincarnate.interact Man page
RelevantDeviation Man page
RelevantEmpty Man page
RelevantZero Man page Man page
relevel.ppp Man page
relevel.ppx Man page
reload.or.compute Man page
relrisk Man page
relrisk.ppm Man page
relrisk.ppp Man page
repair.image.xycoords Man page
repair.old.factor.image Man page
replacementIndex Man page
requireversion Man page
rescale Man page Man page
rescale.layered Man page
rescale.linnet Man page
rescale.lpp Man page
rescale.owin Man page
rescale.ppp Man page
rescale.psp Man page
rescale.units Man page
rescue.rectangle Man page
reset.spatstat.options Man page
resid1panel Man page
resid1plot Man page
resid4plot Man page
residuals.dppm Man page
residuals.kppm Man page
residuals.mppm Man page
residualspaper Man page
residuals.ppm Man page
resolve.2D.kernel Man page
resolveEinfo Man page
resolve.vargamma.shape Man page
restrict.mask Man page
reversePolyclipArgs Man page
rex Man page
rGaussPoisson Man page
rgb2hex Man page
rgb2hsva Man page
rgbim Man page
rgbNA Man page
rHardcore Man page
rho2hat Man page
rhohat Man page
rhohatCalc Man page
rhohatEngine Man page
rhohat.lpp Man page
rhohat.lppm Man page
rhohat.ppm Man page
rhohat.ppp Man page
rhohat.quad Man page
ripras Man page
rjitter Man page
rkernel Man page
rknn Man page
rlabel Man page
rLGCP Man page
rlinegrid Man page
rlpp Man page
rMatClust Man page
rMaternI Man page
rMaternII Man page
rMaternInhibition Man page
rmax.Rigid Man page
rmax.Ripley Man page
rmax.rule Man page
rmax.Trans Man page
rmh Man page
rmhcontrol Man page
rmhcontrol.default Man page
rmhcontrol.list Man page
rmhcontrol.rmhcontrol Man page
rmh.default Man page
rmhEngine Man page
rmhexpand Man page
RmhExpandRule Man page
rmhmodel Man page
rmhmodel.default Man page
rmhmodel.list Man page
rmhmodel.ppm Man page
rmhmodel.rmhmodel Man page
rmh.ppm Man page
rmhResolveControl Man page
rmhResolveExpansion Man page
rmhResolveTypes Man page
rmhsnoop Man page
rmhSnoopEnv Man page
rmhstart Man page
rmhstart.default Man page
rmhstart.list Man page
rmhstart.rmhstart Man page
rmixpois Man page
rMosaicField Man page
rMosaicSet Man page
rmpoint Man page
rmpoint.I.allim Man page
rmpoispp Man page
rNeymanScott Man page
rnoise Man page
roc Man page
rocData Man page
roc.kppm Man page
roc.lpp Man page
roc.lppm Man page
rocModel Man page
roc.ppm Man page
roc.ppp Man page
rose Man page
roseContinuous Man page
rose.default Man page
rose.density Man page
rose.fv Man page
rose.histogram Man page
rotate Man page Man page
rotate.infline Man page
rotate.layered Man page
rotate.linnet Man page
rotate.lpp Man page
rotate.owin Man page
rotate.ppp Man page
rotate.psp Man page
rotate.tess Man page
rotmean Man page
rotxy Man page
rotxypolygon Man page
rounding Man page
rounding.default Man page
rounding.pp3 Man page
rounding.ppp Man page
rounding.ppx Man page
round.pp3 Man page
round.ppp Man page
round.ppx Man page
row.names<-.hyperframe Man page
row.names.hyperframe Man page
rPenttinen Man page
rpoint Man page
rpoint.multi Man page
rpoisline Man page
rpoislinetess Man page
rpoislpp Man page
rpoispp Man page
rpoispp3 Man page
rpoisppOnLines Man page
rpoisppx Man page
rPoissonCluster Man page
rppm Man page
rQuasi Man page
rshift Man page
rshift.ppp Man page
rshift.psp Man page
rshift.splitppp Man page
rSSI Man page
rstrat Man page
rStrauss Man page
rStraussHard Man page
rsyst Man page
rtemper Man page
rthin Man page
rThomas Man page
rtoro Man page
ruletextline Man page
runifdisc Man page
runiflpp Man page
runifpoint Man page
runifpoint3 Man page
runifpointOnLines Man page
runifpointx Man page
runifpoispp Man page
runifpoisppOnLines Man page
runifrect Man page
run.simplepanel Man page
rVarGamma Man page
safedeldir Man page
safelookup Man page
samecolour Man page
SatPiece Man page
Saturated Man page
scalardilate Man page
scalardilate.breakpts Man page
scalardilate.default Man page
scalardilate.diagramobj Man page Man page
scalardilate.layered Man page
scalardilate.linim Man page
scalardilate.linnet Man page
scalardilate.lpp Man page
scalardilate.msr Man page
scalardilate.owin Man page
scalardilate.ppp Man page
scalardilate.psp Man page
scalardilate.tess Man page
scaletointerval Man page
scaletointerval.default Man page Man page
scanBinomLRTS Man page
scanLRTS Man page
scanmeasure Man page Man page
scanmeasure.ppp Man page
scanPoisLRTS Man page
scanpp Man page
scan.test Man page
sdr Man page
sdrPredict Man page
second.moment.calc Man page
second.moment.engine Man page
segregation.test Man page
segregation.test.ppp Man page
selfcrossing.psp Man page
selfcut.psp Man page
sessionLibs Man page
setcov Man page
setmarks Man page
setminus.owin Man page
sewpcf Man page
sewsmod Man page
shapley Man page
shapley.extra Man page
sharpen Man page
sharpen.ppp Man page
shift Man page
shift.diagramobj Man page Man page
shift.infline Man page
shift.influence.ppm Man page
shift.layered Man page
shift.leverage.ppm Man page
shift.linim Man page
shift.linnet Man page
shift.lpp Man page
shift.msr Man page
shift.owin Man page
shift.ppp Man page
shift.psp Man page
shift.quadratcount Man page
shift.quadrattest Man page
shift.tess Man page
shiftxy Man page
shiftxypolygon Man page
shortside Man page
shortside.box3 Man page
shortside.boxx Man page
shortside.owin Man page
sidelengths Man page
sidelengths.box3 Man page
sidelengths.boxx Man page
sidelengths.owin Man page
signalStatus Man page
simba Man page
simdat Man page
simplenet Man page
simplepanel Man page
simplify.owin Man page
simulate.detpointprocfamily Man page
simulate.dppm Man page
simulate.kppm Man page
simulate.lppm Man page
simulate.mppm Man page
simulate.ppm Man page
simulate.profilepl Man page
simulate.rhohat Man page
simulate.slrm Man page
simulrecipe Man page
slrAssemblePixelData Man page
slrm Man page
slr.prepare Man page
Smooth Man page
smoothcrossEngine Man page
Smoothfun Man page
Smoothfun.ppp Man page
smooth.fv Man page
Smooth.fv Man page Man page
smooth.msr Man page
Smooth.msr Man page
smoothpointsEngine Man page
smooth.ppp Man page
Smooth.ppp Man page
Smooth.solist Man page
Smooth.ssf Man page
Softcore Man page
solapply Man page
solist Man page
[<-.solist Man page
[.solist Man page
solutionset Man page
sortalongsegment Man page Man page
sparse3Darray Man page
[<-.sparse3Darray Man page
[.sparse3Darray Man page
SparseEntries Man page
spatdim Man page
spatialcdf Man page
spatialCDFframe Man page
spatialCDFtest Man page
spatstat Man page
spatstatClusterModelInfo Man page
spatstatDiagnostic Man page
spatstatDPPModelInfo Man page
spatstat.options Man page
spatstat-package Man page
spatstat.rawdata.location Man page
spatstatRmhInfo Man page
spatstat.xy.coords Man page
sp.foundclass Man page
sp.foundclasses Man page
sphere.volume Man page
spiders Man page
splitHybridInteraction Man page
split<-.hyperframe Man page
split.hyperframe Man page Man page
split.msr Man page
[<-.splitppp Man page
[.splitppp Man page
split<-.ppp Man page
split.ppp Man page
[<-.splitppx Man page
[.splitppx Man page
split.ppx Man page
spokes Man page
sporophores Man page
spruces Man page
square Man page
ssf Man page
[.ssf Man page
stieltjes Man page
stienen Man page
stienenSet Man page
store.versionstring.spatstat Man page
stratrand Man page
Strauss Man page
strausscounts Man page
StraussHard Man page
str.hyperframe Man page
studpermu.test Man page
subfits Man page Man page
subfits.old Man page
subset.hyperframe Man page
subset.lpp Man page
subset.pp3 Man page
subset.ppp Man page
subset.ppx Man page
subspaceDistance Man page
suffloc Man page
suffstat Man page
suffstat.generic Man page
suffstat.poisson Man page
summarise.trend Man page
summary.anylist Man page
summary.envelope Man page
summary.fii Man page
summary.funxy Man page
summary.hyperframe Man page Man page Man page
Summary.imlist Man page
summary.kppm Man page
summary.linfun Man page
summary.linim Man page
Summary.linim Man page
summary.linnet Man page
summary.listof Man page
summary.logiquad Man page
summary.lpp Man page
summary.lppm Man page
summary.lut Man page
summary.mppm Man page
summary.owin Man page
summary.pp3 Man page
summary.ppm Man page
summary.ppp Man page
summary.pppmatching Man page
summary.ppx Man page
summary.profilepl Man page
summary.psp Man page
summary.quad Man page
summary.rmhexpand Man page
summary.solist Man page
Summary.sparse3Darray Man page
summary.splitppp Man page
summary.splitppx Man page
summary.units Man page
summary.vblogit Man page
sumouter Man page
sumsymouter Man page
sumsymouterSparse Man page
superimpose Man page
superimpose.default Man page
superimpose.lpp Man page
superimposeMarks Man page
superimpose.ppp Man page
superimpose.ppplist Man page
superimpose.psp Man page
superimposePSP Man page
superimpose.splitppp Man page
swedishpines Man page
symbolmap Man page
symbolmaptype Man page
tail.hyperframe Man page
tail.ppp Man page
tail.ppx Man page
tail.psp Man page
tail.tess Man page
tenseur Man page
tensor1x1 Man page
terms.dppm Man page
terms.kppm Man page
terms.lppm Man page
terms.mppm Man page
terms.ppm Man page
terms.slrm Man page
tess Man page
[<-.tess Man page
[.tess Man page
test.crossing.psp Man page
test.selfcrossing.psp Man page
textstring Man page
texturemap Man page
textureplot Man page
thinjump Man page
thinNetwork Man page
thomas.estK Man page
thomas.estpcf Man page
tile.areas Man page
tilecentroids Man page
tileindex Man page
tilenames Man page
tilenames<- Man page
tiles Man page
tiles.empty Man page
timed Man page
timeTaken Man page
to.grey Man page
to.opaque Man page
totalVariation Man page
to.transparent Man page Man page
transmat Man page
treebranchlabels Man page
treeprune Man page
trianglediameters Man page
triangulate.owin Man page
trim.mask Man page
trim.rectangle Man page Man page
Triplets Man page
Tstat Man page
tweak.coefs Man page
tweak.colourmap Man page
tweak.fv.entry Man page
unionOfSparseIndices Man page
union.owin Man page
union.quad Man page
unique.ppp Man page
unique.ppx Man page
\%unit\% Man page
unitname Man page
unitname<- Man page
unitname<-.box3 Man page
unitname.box3 Man page
unitname<-.boxx Man page
unitname.boxx Man page
unitname<-.default Man page
unitname.default Man page
unitname<-.dppm Man page
unitname.dppm Man page
unitname< Man page Man page
unitname<-.kppm Man page
unitname.kppm Man page
unitname<-.linnet Man page
unitname.linnet Man page
unitname<-.lpp Man page
unitname.lpp Man page
unitname<-.minconfit Man page
unitname.minconfit Man page
unitname<-.owin Man page
unitname.owin Man page
unitname<-.pp3 Man page
unitname.pp3 Man page
unitname<-.ppm Man page
unitname.ppm Man page
unitname<-.ppp Man page
unitname.ppp Man page
unitname<-.ppx Man page
unitname.ppx Man page
unitname<-.psp Man page
unitname.psp Man page
unitname<-.quad Man page
unitname.quad Man page
unitname<-.slrm Man page
unitname.slrm Man page
unitname<-.tess Man page
unitname.tess Man page
unit.square Man page
unmark Man page
unmark.lpp Man page
unmark.ppp Man page
unmark.ppx Man page
unmark.psp Man page
unmark.splitppp Man page
unmark.ssf Man page
unmark.tess Man page
unnormdensity Man page
unstackFilter Man page
unstack.layered Man page
unstack.lpp Man page
unstack.msr Man page
unstack.ppp Man page
unstack.psp Man page
unstack.solist Man page
update.detpointprocfamily Man page Man page
update.interact Man page
update.ippm Man page
update.kppm Man page
update.lppm Man page
update.ppm Man page
update.rmhcontrol Man page
update.rmhstart Man page
update.slrm Man page
update.symbolmap Man page
urkiola Man page
valid Man page
validate2Dkernel Man page
validate.angles Man page
validate.lpp.coords Man page
validate.mask Man page
validate.quad Man page
valid.detpointprocfamily Man page
valid.lppm Man page
valid.ppm Man page
validradius Man page
vanilla.fv Man page
varblock Man page
varcount Man page
varcountEngine Man page
vargamma.estK Man page
vargamma.estpcf Man page
vblogit Man page
vblogit.fmla Man page
vcov.kppm Man page
vcov.lppm Man page
vcov.mppm Man page
vcov.ppm Man page
vcov.slrm Man page
vdCorput Man page
verifyclass Man page
versionstring.interact Man page
versionstring.ppm Man page
versionstring.spatstat Man page
vertexdegree Man page
vertices Man page
vertices.linnet Man page
vertices.owin Man page
vesicles Man page
vesicles.extra Man page
Vmark Man page
volume Man page
volume.box3 Man page
volume.boxx Man page
volume.linnet Man page
volume.owin Man page
waka Man page
warn.once Man page
waterstriders Man page
waxlyrical Man page
weighted.median Man page
weighted.quantile Man page
weighted.var Man page
where.max Man page
where.min Man page
whichhalfplane Man page Man page
whist Man page
will.expand Man page
Window Man page
Window<- Man page
Window.distfun Man page
Window.dppm Man page
Window.funxy Man page
Window< Man page Man page
Window.influence.ppm Man page
Window.kppm Man page
Window.layered Man page
Window.leverage.ppm Man page
Window<-.linnet Man page
Window.linnet Man page
Window.lintess Man page
Window<-.lpp Man page
Window.lpp Man page
Window.lppm Man page
Window.msr Man page
Window.nnfun Man page
Window.ppm Man page
Window<-.ppp Man page
Window.ppp Man page
Window<-.psp Man page
Window.psp Man page
Window.quad Man page
Window.quadratcount Man page
Window.quadrattest Man page
Window.rmhmodel Man page
windows.mppm Man page
Window.tess Man page
with.fv Man page
with.hyperframe Man page
with.msr Man page
with.ssf Man page
w.quad Man page
X2testEngine Man page
x.quad Man page Man page
xy.grid Man page
xypolygon2psp Man page
xypolyselfint Man page
yardstick Man page
y.quad Man page Man page
zclustermodel Man page


spatstat/R/window.R spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/penttinen.R spatstat/R/classes.R spatstat/R/affine.R spatstat/R/density.lpp.R spatstat/R/nndistlpp.R spatstat/R/vcov.mppm.R spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/exactPdt.R spatstat/R/colourtools.R spatstat/R/segtest.R spatstat/R/sparsecommon.R spatstat/R/cdftest.R spatstat/R/dummy.R spatstat/R/quantess.R spatstat/R/lintess.R spatstat/R/rmhexpand.R spatstat/R/sdr.R spatstat/R/round.R spatstat/R/plot3d.R spatstat/R/quadrattest.R spatstat/R/Jest.R spatstat/R/anova.mppm.R spatstat/R/alltypes.R spatstat/R/Gcom.R spatstat/R/pairpiece.R spatstat/R/varblock.R spatstat/R/nnmap.R spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/plot.ppm.R spatstat/R/sigtrace.R spatstat/R/wingeom.R spatstat/R/funxy.R spatstat/R/subfits.R spatstat/R/clarkevans.R spatstat/R/hypersub.R spatstat/R/compileK.R spatstat/R/vcov.kppm.R spatstat/R/residuals.mppm.R spatstat/R/ewcdf.R spatstat/R/pairwise.R spatstat/R/kmrs.R spatstat/R/edgeRipley.R spatstat/R/bermantest.R spatstat/R/subset.R spatstat/R/nnclean.R spatstat/R/clickppp.R spatstat/R/relrisk.R spatstat/R/relrisk.ppm.R spatstat/R/defaultwin.R spatstat/R/percy.R spatstat/R/pcfmulti.inhom.R spatstat/R/randomseg.R spatstat/R/unstack.R spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/model.depends.R spatstat/R/hasenvelope.R spatstat/R/pairdistlpp.R spatstat/R/rotmean.R spatstat/R/hardcore.R spatstat/R/plot.anylist.R spatstat/R/kernel2d.R spatstat/R/random.R spatstat/R/ippm.R spatstat/R/versions.R spatstat/R/envelopelpp.R spatstat/R/ssf.R spatstat/R/linim.R spatstat/R/randommk.R spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/Tstat.R spatstat/R/linearpcf.R spatstat/R/hybrid.R spatstat/R/Kmodel.R spatstat/R/ho.R spatstat/R/hierhard.R spatstat/R/tess.R spatstat/R/Jinhom.R spatstat/R/nearestsegment.R spatstat/R/Kest.R spatstat/R/news.R spatstat/R/distan3D.R spatstat/R/fardist.R spatstat/R/bugtable.R spatstat/R/linnetsurgery.R spatstat/R/quasirandom.R spatstat/R/is.cadlag.R spatstat/R/dummify.R spatstat/R/rppm.R spatstat/R/triangulate.R spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/cut.ppp.R spatstat/R/FGmultiInhom.R spatstat/R/rmhsnoop.R spatstat/R/fiksel.R spatstat/R/fitted.ppm.R spatstat/R/rmhtemper.R spatstat/R/density.psp.R spatstat/R/plot.fv.R spatstat/R/Math.linim.R spatstat/R/distanxD.R spatstat/R/clip.psp.R spatstat/R/markcorr.R spatstat/R/eval.fv.R spatstat/R/closepairs.R spatstat/R/rLGCP.R spatstat/R/parres.R spatstat/R/linearKmulti.R spatstat/R/envelope3.R spatstat/R/interact.R spatstat/R/deldir.R spatstat/R/dppmclass.R spatstat/R/Kres.R spatstat/R/multihard.R spatstat/R/infline.R spatstat/R/intensity.R spatstat/R/iplot.R spatstat/R/mincontrast.R spatstat/R/digestCovariates.R
spatstat/R/circdensity.R spatstat/R/update.ppm.R spatstat/R/psp.R spatstat/R/profilepl.R spatstat/R/texture.R spatstat/R/hexagons.R spatstat/R/rags.R spatstat/R/rmhmodel.R spatstat/R/linfun.R spatstat/R/effectfun.R spatstat/R/stienen.R spatstat/R/Kcom.R spatstat/R/superimpose.R spatstat/R/randomlpp.R spatstat/R/derivfv.R spatstat/R/colourschemes.R spatstat/R/rlabel.R spatstat/R/connected.R spatstat/R/evalcovar.R spatstat/R/smooth.ppp.R spatstat/R/distmap.R spatstat/R/psp2pix.R spatstat/R/nnmark.R spatstat/R/convexify.R spatstat/R/rescale.R spatstat/R/nnorient.R spatstat/R/bw.optim.R spatstat/R/breakpts.R spatstat/R/nndensity.R spatstat/R/crossdistlpp.R spatstat/R/multistrhard.R spatstat/R/rhohat.R spatstat/R/nnfun.R spatstat/R/bw.diggle.R spatstat/R/otherpackages.R spatstat/R/pixellate.R spatstat/R/allstats.R spatstat/R/linnet.R spatstat/R/layered.R spatstat/R/vcov.ppm.R spatstat/R/summary.kppm.R spatstat/R/badgey.R spatstat/R/solist.R spatstat/R/marktable.R spatstat/R/bc.R spatstat/R/smoothfv.R spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/Gest.R spatstat/R/nncorr.R spatstat/R/reach.R spatstat/R/laslett.R spatstat/R/simulate.detPPF.R spatstat/R/split.ppx.R spatstat/R/clusterset.R spatstat/R/plot.fasp.R spatstat/R/hierstrhard.R spatstat/R/pppmatch.R spatstat/R/ppx.R spatstat/R/triplets.R spatstat/R/summary.quad.R spatstat/R/linearpcfmulti.R spatstat/R/rotate.R spatstat/R/unnormdensity.R spatstat/R/rknn.R spatstat/R/Kmulti.R spatstat/R/areainter.R spatstat/R/beginner.R spatstat/R/marks.R spatstat/R/disc.R spatstat/R/quadclass.R spatstat/R/transect.R spatstat/R/pcf.R spatstat/R/randomNS.R spatstat/R/pp3.R spatstat/R/objsurf.R spatstat/R/linearmrkcon.R spatstat/R/treebranches.R spatstat/R/hasclose.R spatstat/R/covariates.R spatstat/R/matrixpower.R spatstat/R/progress.R spatstat/R/adaptive.density.R spatstat/R/lurking.R spatstat/R/Kmulti.inhom.R spatstat/R/First.R spatstat/R/detpointprocfamilyfun.R spatstat/R/plot.owin.R spatstat/R/colourtables.R spatstat/R/exactMPLEstrauss.R spatstat/R/daogenton.R spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/morisita.R spatstat/R/hackglmm.R spatstat/R/rmh.R spatstat/R/Math.imlist.R spatstat/R/weights.R spatstat/R/bw.ppl.R spatstat/R/cdf.test.mppm.R spatstat/R/fitted.mppm.R spatstat/R/pointsonlines.R spatstat/R/indicator.R spatstat/R/mpl.R spatstat/R/flipxy.R spatstat/R/blur.R spatstat/R/distfun.R spatstat/R/residppm.R spatstat/R/levelset.R spatstat/R/strauss.R spatstat/R/options.R spatstat/R/zclustermodel.R spatstat/R/diagram.R spatstat/R/ppp.R spatstat/R/covering.R spatstat/R/symbolmap.R spatstat/R/aaaa.R spatstat/R/spatialcdf.R spatstat/R/sparse3Darray.R spatstat/R/clickpoly.R spatstat/R/quadscheme.R spatstat/R/lohboot.R spatstat/R/boundingcircle.R spatstat/R/rho2hat.R spatstat/R/rescue.rectangle.R spatstat/R/distfunlpp.R spatstat/R/fii.R spatstat/R/psst.R spatstat/R/datasetup.R spatstat/R/unique.ppp.R spatstat/R/resid4plot.R spatstat/R/rmhstart.R spatstat/R/distances.psp.R spatstat/R/lineardisc.R spatstat/R/edit.R spatstat/R/deltametric.R spatstat/R/eem.R spatstat/R/exactdt.R spatstat/R/quadratresample.R spatstat/R/quadratmtest.R spatstat/R/images.R spatstat/R/kernels.R spatstat/R/fourierbasis.R spatstat/R/ripras.R spatstat/R/leverage.R spatstat/R/rmhcontrol.R spatstat/R/distances.R spatstat/R/rose.R spatstat/R/reduceformula.R spatstat/R/iplotlayered.R spatstat/R/nncross.R spatstat/R/randomImage.R spatstat/R/discarea.R spatstat/R/anova.ppm.R spatstat/R/qqplotppm.R spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/suffstat.R spatstat/R/clickjoin.R spatstat/R/minkowski.R spatstat/R/ppqq.R spatstat/R/dgs.R spatstat/R/Gres.R spatstat/R/kppm.R spatstat/R/ppm.R spatstat/R/hierstrauss.R spatstat/R/terse.R spatstat/R/pairorient.R spatstat/R/boundingbox.R spatstat/R/nncross3D.R spatstat/R/sparselinalg.R spatstat/R/localpcf.R spatstat/R/varcount.R spatstat/R/copyExampleFiles.R spatstat/R/rmh.default.R spatstat/R/polygood.R spatstat/R/sharpen.R spatstat/R/predict.ppm.R spatstat/R/dclftest.R spatstat/R/plot.ppp.R spatstat/R/hermite.R spatstat/R/areadiff.R spatstat/R/pool.R spatstat/R/units.R spatstat/R/polynom.R spatstat/R/timed.R spatstat/R/randomonlines.R spatstat/R/dg.R spatstat/R/split.ppp.R spatstat/R/fv.R spatstat/R/Kscaled.R spatstat/R/slrm.R spatstat/R/centroid.R spatstat/R/ord.R spatstat/R/Fest.R spatstat/R/density.ppp.R spatstat/R/pcfmulti.R spatstat/R/lppm.R spatstat/R/rat.R spatstat/R/Iest.R spatstat/R/rmh.ppm.R spatstat/R/detPPF-class.R spatstat/R/is.subset.owin.R spatstat/R/scriptUtils.R spatstat/R/scanstat.R spatstat/R/hierarchy.R spatstat/R/studpermutest.R spatstat/R/headtail.R spatstat/R/weightedStats.R spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/util.R spatstat/R/lennard.R spatstat/R/lixellate.R spatstat/R/rPerfect.R spatstat/R/harmonic.R spatstat/R/rshift.R spatstat/R/replace.ppp.R spatstat/R/nnfunlpp.R spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/compareFit.R spatstat/R/transmat.R spatstat/R/distbdry.R spatstat/R/pcfinhom.R spatstat/R/Kinhom.R spatstat/R/simulatelppm.R spatstat/R/saturated.R spatstat/R/psstA.R spatstat/R/linequad.R spatstat/R/logistic.R spatstat/R/ordthresh.R spatstat/R/fgk3.R spatstat/R/mppm.R spatstat/R/softcore.R spatstat/R/dist2dpath.R spatstat/R/vblogistic.R spatstat/R/eval.fasp.R spatstat/R/geyer.R spatstat/R/quantiledensity.R spatstat/R/rshift.psp.R spatstat/R/periodify.R spatstat/R/idw.R spatstat/R/close3Dpairs.R spatstat/R/istat.R spatstat/R/interactions.R spatstat/R/factors.R spatstat/R/by.ppp.R spatstat/R/diagnoseppm.R spatstat/R/edgeTrans.R spatstat/R/applynbd.R spatstat/R/psstG.R spatstat/R/addvar.R spatstat/R/Gmulti.R spatstat/R/satpiece.R spatstat/R/pspcross.R spatstat/R/distcdf.R spatstat/R/minnndist.R spatstat/R/summary.ppm.R spatstat/R/hyperframe.R spatstat/R/fryplot.R spatstat/R/indices.R spatstat/R/nndist.R spatstat/R/clusterinfo.R spatstat/R/measures.R spatstat/R/setcov.R spatstat/R/multistrauss.R spatstat/R/morphology.R spatstat/R/ppmclass.R spatstat/R/randomtess.R spatstat/R/rmhResolveTypes.R spatstat/R/smoothfun.R spatstat/R/quadratcount.R spatstat/R/strausshard.R spatstat/R/summary.mppm.R spatstat/R/predictmppm.R spatstat/R/rmhmodel.ppm.R spatstat/R/linearK.R spatstat/R/plot.mppm.R spatstat/R/parameters.R spatstat/R/hopskel.R spatstat/R/localK.R spatstat/R/poisson.R spatstat/R/Hest.R spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/newformula.R spatstat/R/Jmulti.R spatstat/R/plot.plotppm.R spatstat/R/edges2triangles.R spatstat/R/auc.R spatstat/R/concom.R spatstat/R/clusterfunctions.R spatstat/R/bw.pcf.R spatstat/R/fasp.R spatstat/R/Kmeasure.R spatstat/R/dppm.R spatstat/R/GJfox.R spatstat/R/ spatstat/R/simplepanel.R spatstat/R/Ksector.R spatstat/R/envelope.R spatstat/R/listof.R spatstat/R/linalg.R spatstat/R/lpp.R spatstat/R/pickoption.R spatstat/R/multipair.util.R
spatstat/man/where.max.Rd spatstat/man/rpoislpp.Rd spatstat/man/dendrite.Rd spatstat/man/as.boxx.Rd spatstat/man/harmonic.Rd spatstat/man/plot.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/Kmodel.kppm.Rd spatstat/man/thomas.estpcf.Rd spatstat/man/Kcross.Rd spatstat/man/anova.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/distmap.owin.Rd spatstat/man/MultiStrauss.Rd spatstat/man/vertices.Rd spatstat/man/nearest.raster.point.Rd spatstat/man/boundingcircle.Rd spatstat/man/Extract.lpp.Rd spatstat/man/addvar.Rd spatstat/man/Lest.Rd spatstat/man/dfbetas.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/plot.hyperframe.Rd spatstat/man/valid.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/Kdot.Rd spatstat/man/plot.lppm.Rd spatstat/man/bw.diggle.Rd spatstat/man/mucosa.Rd spatstat/man/insertVertices.Rd spatstat/man/Kmodel.dppm.Rd spatstat/man/union.quad.Rd spatstat/man/compatible.Rd spatstat/man/crossdist.lpp.Rd spatstat/man/simba.Rd spatstat/man/mean.linim.Rd spatstat/man/segregation.test.Rd spatstat/man/linearK.Rd spatstat/man/plot.colourmap.Rd spatstat/man/predict.kppm.Rd spatstat/man/nnmark.Rd 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spatstat/man/plot.textstring.Rd spatstat/man/compileK.Rd spatstat/man/plot.onearrow.Rd spatstat/man/as.tess.Rd spatstat/man/clickdist.Rd spatstat/man/Ksector.Rd spatstat/man/parameters.Rd spatstat/man/summary.psp.Rd spatstat/man/rmh.default.Rd spatstat/man/pp3.Rd spatstat/man/Extract.leverage.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/localK.Rd spatstat/man/rVarGamma.Rd spatstat/man/headtail.Rd spatstat/man/round.ppp.Rd spatstat/man/pool.fv.Rd spatstat/man/as.linnet.linim.Rd spatstat/man/pixellate.Rd spatstat/man/layerplotargs.Rd spatstat/man/delaunay.Rd spatstat/man/eroded.areas.Rd spatstat/man/plot.envelope.Rd spatstat/man/intensity.quadratcount.Rd spatstat/man/Extract.linim.Rd spatstat/man/nncross.pp3.Rd spatstat/man/diameter.boxx.Rd spatstat/man/split.ppx.Rd spatstat/man/branchlabelfun.Rd spatstat/man/methods.units.Rd spatstat/man/panel.contour.Rd spatstat/man/rpoint.Rd spatstat/man/is.rectangle.Rd spatstat/man/with.hyperframe.Rd spatstat/man/split.hyperframe.Rd spatstat/man/fvnames.Rd spatstat/man/maxnndist.Rd spatstat/man/as.linnet.psp.Rd spatstat/man/Extract.linnet.Rd spatstat/man/Gcross.Rd spatstat/man/plot.laslett.Rd spatstat/man/rLGCP.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/rmhmodel.list.Rd spatstat/man/integral.linim.Rd spatstat/man/intersect.tess.Rd spatstat/man/areaGain.Rd spatstat/man/model.images.Rd spatstat/man/clusterkernel.Rd spatstat/man/plot.bermantest.Rd spatstat/man/solapply.Rd spatstat/man/rMosaicSet.Rd spatstat/man/Extract.tess.Rd spatstat/man/as.mask.psp.Rd spatstat/man/rMosaicField.Rd spatstat/man/leverage.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/dppspecdenrange.Rd spatstat/man/Strauss.Rd spatstat/man/Hest.Rd spatstat/man/spatialcdf.Rd spatstat/man/dclf.progress.Rd spatstat/man/envelope.lpp.Rd spatstat/man/redwood.Rd spatstat/man/marks.psp.Rd spatstat/man/rlpp.Rd spatstat/man/runifpointx.Rd spatstat/man/ppm.ppp.Rd spatstat/man/funxy.Rd spatstat/man/reload.or.compute.Rd spatstat/man/divide.linnet.Rd spatstat/man/Fest.Rd spatstat/man/as.owin.Rd spatstat/man/matclust.estK.Rd spatstat/man/rpoisline.Rd spatstat/man/commonGrid.Rd spatstat/man/connected.linnet.Rd spatstat/man/rescale.owin.Rd spatstat/man/bw.ppl.Rd spatstat/man/dppBessel.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/dilation.Rd spatstat/man/tiles.empty.Rd spatstat/man/Math.imlist.Rd spatstat/man/ripras.Rd spatstat/man/print.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/nnwhich.lpp.Rd spatstat/man/bc.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/methods.kppm.Rd spatstat/man/chicago.Rd spatstat/man/pool.envelope.Rd spatstat/man/rescale.Rd spatstat/man/coef.mppm.Rd spatstat/man/fitted.mppm.Rd spatstat/man/update.interact.Rd spatstat/man/circdensity.Rd spatstat/man/runifpoint3.Rd spatstat/man/linearKcross.Rd spatstat/man/whichhalfplane.Rd spatstat/man/plot.dppm.Rd spatstat/man/dg.progress.Rd spatstat/man/rStrauss.Rd spatstat/man/is.owin.Rd spatstat/man/dummy.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/rpoisppOnLines.Rd spatstat/man/dppparbounds.Rd spatstat/man/tweak.colourmap.Rd spatstat/man/diameter.Rd spatstat/man/plot.psp.Rd spatstat/man/ragsMultiHard.Rd spatstat/man/Kinhom.Rd spatstat/man/nndensity.Rd spatstat/man/chop.tess.Rd spatstat/man/letterR.Rd spatstat/man/nnfun.Rd spatstat/man/shift.psp.Rd spatstat/man/linearKdot.Rd spatstat/man/residuals.kppm.Rd spatstat/man/prune.rppm.Rd spatstat/man/is.marked.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/murchison.Rd spatstat/man/plot.slrm.Rd spatstat/man/predict.lppm.Rd spatstat/man/Smoothfun.ppp.Rd spatstat/man/simulate.kppm.Rd spatstat/man/unstack.msr.Rd spatstat/man/covering.Rd spatstat/man/plot.linnet.Rd spatstat/man/demopat.Rd spatstat/man/perspPoints.Rd spatstat/man/add.texture.Rd spatstat/man/rtemper.Rd spatstat/man/markconnect.Rd spatstat/man/fryplot.Rd spatstat/man/vesicles.Rd spatstat/man/rmhmodel.Rd spatstat/man/fv.Rd spatstat/man/rknn.Rd spatstat/man/Concom.Rd spatstat/man/gridweights.Rd spatstat/man/predict.rppm.Rd spatstat/man/Gdot.Rd spatstat/man/as.interact.Rd spatstat/man/plot.quad.Rd spatstat/man/print.quad.Rd spatstat/man/endpoints.psp.Rd spatstat/man/nndist.Rd spatstat/man/rose.Rd spatstat/man/quantile.density.Rd spatstat/man/rotmean.Rd spatstat/man/Kcross.inhom.Rd spatstat/man/envelope.envelope.Rd spatstat/man/dg.envelope.Rd spatstat/man/plot.lpp.Rd spatstat/man/formula.fv.Rd spatstat/man/PPversion.Rd spatstat/man/subset.hyperframe.Rd spatstat/man/increment.fv.Rd spatstat/man/roc.Rd spatstat/man/dilated.areas.Rd spatstat/man/as.lpp.Rd spatstat/man/HierStrauss.Rd spatstat/man/fitted.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/rMatClust.Rd spatstat/man/methods.boxx.Rd spatstat/man/scalardilate.Rd spatstat/man/Iest.Rd spatstat/man/plot.plotppm.Rd spatstat/man/sumouter.Rd spatstat/man/linearpcfcross.Rd spatstat/man/bramblecanes.Rd spatstat/man/pcf.Rd spatstat/man/nnwhich.ppx.Rd spatstat/man/bdist.pixels.Rd spatstat/man/simulate.mppm.Rd spatstat/man/im.Rd spatstat/man/identify.ppp.Rd spatstat/man/vcov.slrm.Rd spatstat/man/PairPiece.Rd spatstat/man/bw.relrisk.Rd spatstat/man/HierStraussHard.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/rmhcontrol.Rd spatstat/man/pairdist.pp3.Rd spatstat/man/convexify.Rd spatstat/man/bw.stoyan.Rd spatstat/man/summary.splitppp.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/layout.boxes.Rd spatstat/man/foo.Rd spatstat/man/levelset.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/quantess.Rd spatstat/man/textureplot.Rd spatstat/man/nestsplit.Rd spatstat/man/simdat.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/linearKinhom.Rd spatstat/man/cdf.test.Rd spatstat/man/complement.owin.Rd spatstat/man/plot.pp3.Rd spatstat/man/swedishpines.Rd spatstat/man/trim.rectangle.Rd spatstat/man/quadrat.test.mppm.Rd spatstat/man/as.fv.Rd spatstat/man/varblock.Rd spatstat/man/longleaf.Rd spatstat/man/reflect.Rd spatstat/man/shift.ppp.Rd spatstat/man/exactMPLEstrauss.Rd spatstat/man/dppm.Rd spatstat/man/heather.Rd spatstat/man/delaunayDistance.Rd spatstat/man/GmultiInhom.Rd spatstat/man/rGaussPoisson.Rd spatstat/man/gridcentres.Rd spatstat/man/slrm.Rd spatstat/man/concatxy.Rd spatstat/man/is.multitype.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/fourierbasis.Rd spatstat/man/vcov.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/kppm.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/rDGS.Rd spatstat/man/closepairs.pp3.Rd spatstat/man/clip.infline.Rd spatstat/man/methods.slrm.Rd spatstat/man/marktable.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/subfits.Rd spatstat/man/rPenttinen.Rd spatstat/man/as.ppp.Rd spatstat/man/gauss.hermite.Rd spatstat/man/plot.imlist.Rd spatstat/man/lohboot.Rd spatstat/man/range.fv.Rd spatstat/man/psp.Rd spatstat/man/paracou.Rd spatstat/man/linearKcross.inhom.Rd spatstat/man/pixelquad.Rd spatstat/man/requireversion.Rd spatstat/man/plot.owin.Rd spatstat/man/Ops.msr.Rd spatstat/man/plot.ppp.Rd spatstat/man/reach.dppm.Rd spatstat/man/Extract.layered.Rd spatstat/man/plot.tess.Rd spatstat/man/pcfcross.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/laslett.Rd spatstat/man/kernel.factor.Rd spatstat/man/scan.test.Rd spatstat/man/closepairs.Rd spatstat/man/sdrPredict.Rd spatstat/man/volume.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/waka.Rd spatstat/man/Ginhom.Rd spatstat/man/bronzefilter.Rd spatstat/man/psstA.Rd spatstat/man/owin.object.Rd spatstat/man/plot.listof.Rd spatstat/man/multiplicity.ppp.Rd
spatstat/man/Kmark.Rd spatstat/man/dirichletWeights.Rd spatstat/man/dmixpois.Rd spatstat/man/Kcom.Rd spatstat/man/methods.lppm.Rd spatstat/man/ppp.object.Rd spatstat/man/methods.linfun.Rd spatstat/man/lurking.Rd spatstat/man/linequad.Rd spatstat/man/compareFit.Rd spatstat/man/as.box3.Rd spatstat/man/opening.Rd spatstat/man/psst.Rd spatstat/man/nnmap.Rd spatstat/man/nvertices.Rd spatstat/man/nearestsegment.Rd spatstat/man/dclf.sigtrace.Rd spatstat/man/linearmarkequal.Rd spatstat/man/is.multitype.Rd spatstat/man/linfun.Rd spatstat/man/as.psp.Rd spatstat/man/distfun.lpp.Rd spatstat/man/DiggleGratton.Rd spatstat/man/angles.psp.Rd spatstat/man/bugfixes.Rd spatstat/man/bw.pcf.Rd spatstat/man/tilenames.Rd spatstat/man/dummify.Rd spatstat/man/data.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/edit.hyperframe.Rd spatstat/man/crossing.psp.Rd spatstat/man/discs.Rd spatstat/man/rat.Rd spatstat/man/ganglia.Rd spatstat/man/formula.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/Extract.msr.Rd spatstat/man/density.splitppp.Rd spatstat/man/simplepanel.Rd spatstat/man/update.detpointprocfamily.Rd spatstat/man/rotate.ppp.Rd spatstat/man/sessionLibs.Rd spatstat/man/rthin.Rd spatstat/man/istat.Rd spatstat/man/boxx.Rd spatstat/man/Smooth.Rd spatstat/man/cut.lpp.Rd spatstat/man/as.solist.Rd spatstat/man/methods.funxy.Rd spatstat/man/plot.symbolmap.Rd spatstat/man/scanLRTS.Rd spatstat/man/eval.fasp.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/deriv.fv.Rd spatstat/man/residuals.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/whist.Rd spatstat/man/rNeymanScott.Rd spatstat/man/superimpose.Rd spatstat/man/Extract.quad.Rd spatstat/man/flipxy.Rd spatstat/man/linim.Rd spatstat/man/stratrand.Rd spatstat/man/waterstriders.Rd spatstat/man/linnet.Rd spatstat/man/harmonise.owin.Rd spatstat/man/is.empty.Rd spatstat/man/spruces.Rd spatstat/man/weighted.median.Rd spatstat/man/urkiola.Rd spatstat/man/rounding.Rd spatstat/man/clusterset.Rd spatstat/man/edit.ppp.Rd spatstat/man/pcf3est.Rd spatstat/man/affine.lpp.Rd spatstat/man/eval.linim.Rd spatstat/man/lgcp.estK.Rd spatstat/man/will.expand.Rd spatstat/man/rQuasi.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/clickbox.Rd spatstat/man/ants.Rd spatstat/man/pyramidal.Rd spatstat/man/border.Rd spatstat/man/bw.scott.Rd spatstat/man/is.lpp.Rd spatstat/man/residuals.dppm.Rd spatstat/man/methods.rhohat.Rd spatstat/man/clarkevans.Rd spatstat/man/bei.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/summary.owin.Rd spatstat/man/relrisk.Rd spatstat/man/affine.tess.Rd spatstat/man/as.hyperframe.Rd spatstat/man/rhohat.Rd spatstat/man/AreaInter.Rd spatstat/man/plot.lintess.Rd spatstat/man/plot.yardstick.Rd spatstat/man/ippm.Rd spatstat/man/shift.owin.Rd spatstat/man/dppGauss.Rd spatstat/man/dppspecden.Rd spatstat/man/compatible.fasp.Rd spatstat/man/dim.detpointprocfamily.Rd spatstat/man/Penttinen.Rd spatstat/man/lixellate.Rd spatstat/man/run.simplepanel.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/cdf.test.mppm.Rd spatstat/man/matrixpower.Rd spatstat/man/rshift.ppp.Rd spatstat/man/reach.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/beachcolours.Rd spatstat/man/OrdThresh.Rd spatstat/man/crossdist.ppp.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/Hybrid.Rd spatstat/man/plot.quadratcount.Rd spatstat/man/padimage.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/localpcf.Rd spatstat/man/tileindex.Rd spatstat/man/bdist.points.Rd spatstat/man/amacrine.Rd spatstat/man/rnoise.Rd spatstat/man/simulate.lppm.Rd spatstat/man/model.matrix.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/timed.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/quantile.ewcdf.Rd spatstat/man/lpp.Rd spatstat/man/print.owin.Rd spatstat/man/rpoispp.Rd spatstat/man/Kmulti.inhom.Rd spatstat/man/pointsOnLines.Rd spatstat/man/marks.tess.Rd spatstat/man/matchingdist.Rd spatstat/man/diameter.box3.Rd spatstat/man/zclustermodel.Rd spatstat/man/rshift.splitppp.Rd spatstat/man/rMaternI.Rd spatstat/man/domain.Rd spatstat/man/intensity.Rd spatstat/man/rStraussHard.Rd spatstat/man/as.function.tess.Rd spatstat/man/raster.x.Rd spatstat/man/distmap.Rd spatstat/man/ spatstat/man/is.marked.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/linearpcfdot.inhom.Rd spatstat/man/profilepl.Rd spatstat/man/rppm.Rd spatstat/man/clarkevans.test.Rd spatstat/man/rotate.psp.Rd spatstat/man/betacells.Rd spatstat/man/pcfcross.inhom.Rd spatstat/man/pairdist.default.Rd spatstat/man/plot.leverage.ppm.Rd spatstat/man/predict.slrm.Rd spatstat/man/clusterradius.Rd spatstat/man/nobjects.Rd spatstat/man/Smooth.ppp.Rd

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