Man pages for spduration
Split-Population Duration (Cure) Regression

accessorsAccessor methods for spdur Objects
add_durationAdd duration variables to panel data
AIC.spdurAIC method for spdur spdur results to summary data frame
attempt_dateAttempt to convert to R date format
BIC.spdurBIC method for spdur
bscoupB&S 2003 coup data
coupsGlobal coups, 1979 to 2010
expand.callExpand call to full names.
forecast.spdurForecast from a spdur model
hazardCalculate hazard function values
loglogRegular Log-logistic regression
loglog_lnlRegular Log-logistic likelihood
model.coupsModel of global coups from 1979 to 2010
panel_lagLag panel data
plot_hazardPlot hazard function
plot_hazard1Plot conditional hazard rate
plot_hazard2Simulate and plot hazard function
plot.spdurPlot split-duration model results.
predict.spdurPredict methods for spdur Objects
print.summary.spdurPrint a split-population duration model results summary
sepplotGenerate a Separation Plot
spdurSplit-population duration (cure) regression
spdurationSplit-Population Duration (Cure) Regression Models
sploglogSplit-population Log-logistic regression
sploglog_lnlSplit-population Log-logistic log likelihood
spweib_lnlSplit-population Weibull log likelihood
spweibullSplit-population Weibull regression
summary.spdurSummarize split-population duration results
weib_lnlRegular weibull log likelihood
weibullRegular Weibull regression
xtable.spdurCreate export table for a split-duration model
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