sperrorest: Spatial Error Estimation and Variable Importance

This package implements spatial error estimation and permutation-based variable importance measures for predictive models using spatial cross-validation and spatial block bootstrap.

AuthorAlexander Brenning
Date of publication2012-06-20 07:10:59
MaintainerAlexander Brenning <brenning@uwaterloo.ca>

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Man pages

add.distance: Add distance information to resampling objects

as.represampling: Resampling objects with repetition, i.e. sets of...

as.resampling: Resampling objects such as partitionings or bootstrap samples

as.tilename: Alphanumeric tile names

dataset.distance: Calculate mean nearest-neighbour distance between point...

ecuador: J. Muenchow's Ecuador landslide data set

err.default: Default error function

get.small.tiles: Identify small partitions that need to be fixed.

partition.cv: Partition the data for a (non-spatial) cross-validation

partition.cv.strat: Partition the data for a stratified (non-spatial)...

partition.disc: Leave-one-disc-out cross-validation and leave-one-out...

partition.factor: Partition the data for a (non-spatial) leave-one-factor-out...

partition.kmeans: Partition samples spatially using k-means clustering of the...

partition.tiles: Partition the study area into rectangular tiles

plot.represampling: Plot spatial resampling objects

represampling.bootstrap: Non-spatial bootstrap resampling

represampling.disc.bootstrap: Overlapping spatial block bootstrap using circular blocks

represampling.factor.bootstrap: Bootstrap at an aggregated level

represampling.kmeans.bootstrap: Spatial block bootstrap at the level of spatial k-means...

represampling.tile.bootstrap: Spatial block bootstrap using rectangular blocks

resample.strat.uniform: Draw stratified random sample

resample.uniform: Draw uniform random (sub)sample

sperrorest: Perform spatial error estimation and variable importance...

sperrorest-package: Spatial Error Estimation and Variable Importance

summary.represampling: Summary statistics for a resampling objects

summary.sperrorest: Summary and print methods for sperrorest results

summary.sperroresterror: Summarize error statistics obtained by 'sperrorest'

summary.sperrorestimportance: Summarize variable importance statistics obtained by...

tile.neighbors: Determine the names of neighbouring tiles in a rectangular...


add.distance Man page
add.distance.represampling Man page
add.distance.resampling Man page
as.character.tilename Man page
as.numeric.tilename Man page
as.represampling Man page
as.represampling.list Man page
as.resampling Man page
as.resampling.default Man page
as.resampling.factor Man page
as.resampling.list Man page
as.tilename Man page
as.tilename.character Man page
as.tilename.numeric Man page
dataset.distance Man page
ecuador Man page
err.default Man page
get.small.tiles Man page
is.represampling Man page
is.resampling Man page
partition.cv Man page
partition.cv.strat Man page
partition.disc Man page
partition.factor Man page
partition.kmeans Man page
partition.loo Man page
partition.tiles Man page
plot.represampling Man page
plot.resampling Man page
print.represampling Man page
print.resampling Man page
print.sperrorest Man page
print.sperroresterror Man page
print.sperrorestimportance Man page
print.sperrorestpoolederror Man page
print.tilename Man page
represampling Man page
represampling.bootstrap Man page
represampling.disc.bootstrap Man page
represampling.factor.bootstrap Man page
represampling.kmeans.bootstrap Man page
represampling.tile.bootstrap Man page
resample.strat.uniform Man page
resample.uniform Man page
resampling Man page
sperrorest Man page
sperroresterror Man page
sperrorestimportance Man page
sperrorest-package Man page
summary.represampling Man page
summary.resampling Man page
summary.sperrorest Man page
summary.sperroresterror Man page
summary.sperrorestimportance Man page
summary.sperrorestpoolederror Man page
tilename Man page
tile.neighbors Man page
validate.resampling Man page

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