sperrorest: Spatial Error Estimation and Variable Importance

This package implements spatial error estimation and permutation-based variable importance measures for predictive models using spatial cross-validation and spatial block bootstrap.

AuthorAlexander Brenning
Date of publication2012-06-20 07:10:59
MaintainerAlexander Brenning <brenning@uwaterloo.ca>

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Man pages

add.distance: Add distance information to resampling objects

as.represampling: Resampling objects with repetition, i.e. sets of...

as.resampling: Resampling objects such as partitionings or bootstrap samples

as.tilename: Alphanumeric tile names

dataset.distance: Calculate mean nearest-neighbour distance between point...

ecuador: J. Muenchow's Ecuador landslide data set

err.default: Default error function

get.small.tiles: Identify small partitions that need to be fixed.

partition.cv: Partition the data for a (non-spatial) cross-validation

partition.cv.strat: Partition the data for a stratified (non-spatial)...

partition.disc: Leave-one-disc-out cross-validation and leave-one-out...

partition.factor: Partition the data for a (non-spatial) leave-one-factor-out...

partition.kmeans: Partition samples spatially using k-means clustering of the...

partition.tiles: Partition the study area into rectangular tiles

plot.represampling: Plot spatial resampling objects

represampling.bootstrap: Non-spatial bootstrap resampling

represampling.disc.bootstrap: Overlapping spatial block bootstrap using circular blocks

represampling.factor.bootstrap: Bootstrap at an aggregated level

represampling.kmeans.bootstrap: Spatial block bootstrap at the level of spatial k-means...

represampling.tile.bootstrap: Spatial block bootstrap using rectangular blocks

resample.strat.uniform: Draw stratified random sample

resample.uniform: Draw uniform random (sub)sample

sperrorest: Perform spatial error estimation and variable importance...

sperrorest-package: Spatial Error Estimation and Variable Importance

summary.represampling: Summary statistics for a resampling objects

summary.sperrorest: Summary and print methods for sperrorest results

summary.sperroresterror: Summarize error statistics obtained by 'sperrorest'

summary.sperrorestimportance: Summarize variable importance statistics obtained by...

tile.neighbors: Determine the names of neighbouring tiles in a rectangular...

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