Man pages for sperrorest
Perform Spatial Error Estimation and Variable Importance in Parallel

add.distanceAdd distance information to resampling objects
as.represamplingResampling objects with repetition, i.e. sets of...
as.resamplingResampling objects such as partitionings or bootstrap samples
as.tilenameAlphanumeric tile names
dataset_distanceCalculate mean nearest-neighbour distance between point...
ecuadorJ. Muenchow's Ecuador landslide data set
err_defaultDefault error function
get_small_tilesIdentify small partitions that need to be fixed.
maipoMaipo dataset from Marco Pena
partition_cvPartition the data for a (non-spatial) cross-validation
partition_cv_stratPartition the data for a stratified (non-spatial)...
partition_discLeave-one-disc-out cross-validation and leave-one-out...
partition_factorPartition the data for a (non-spatial) leave-one-factor-out...
partition_factor_cvPartition the data for a (non-spatial) k-fold...
partition_kmeansPartition samples spatially using k-means clustering of the...
partition_tilesPartition the study area into rectangular tiles
plot.represamplingPlot spatial resampling objects
represampling_bootstrapNon-spatial bootstrap resampling
represampling_disc_bootstrapOverlapping spatial block bootstrap using circular blocks
represampling_factor_bootstrapBootstrap at an aggregated level
represampling_kmeans_bootstrapSpatial block bootstrap at the level of spatial k-means...
represampling_tile_bootstrapSpatial block bootstrap using rectangular blocks
resample_factorDraw uniform random (sub)sample at the group level
resample_strat_uniformDraw stratified random sample
resample_uniformDraw uniform random (sub)sample
sperrorestPerform spatial error estimation and variable importance...
sperrorest-packageSpatial Error Estimation and Variable Importance
summary.represamplingtitle Summary statistics for a resampling objects
summary.sperrorestSummary and print methods for sperrorest results
summary.sperroresterrorSummarize error statistics obtained by sperrorest
summary.sperrorestimportanceSummarize variable importance statistics obtained by...
tile_neighborsDetermine the names of neighbouring tiles in a rectangular...
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