spftir: Pre-Processing and Analysis of Mid-Infrared Spectral Region

Functions to manipulate, pre-process and analyze spectra in the mid-infrared region. The pre-processing of the mid-infrared spectra is a transcendental step in the spectral analysis. Preprocessing of the spectra includes smoothing, offset, baseline correction, and normalization, is performed before the analysis of the spectra and is essential to obtain conclusive results in subsequent quantitative or qualitative analysis. This package was supported by FONDECYT 3150630, and CIPA Conicyt-Regional R08C1002 is gratefully acknowledged.

AuthorClaudio Pozo Valenzuela [aut, cre], Saddys Rodriguez-Llamazares [aut]
Date of publication2016-10-29 10:48:28
MaintainerClaudio Pozo Valenzuela <claudiopozova@gmail.com>

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