Man pages for spiders
Fits Predator Preferences Model

calcHypothesescalculate hypotheses
checkHypothesesfunction to check user specified hypotheses
convergedchecks convergence of the parameters for the estimation...
est1estimate hypothesis c_st = 1
estCestimate hypothesis c_st = c
estCsestimate hypothesis c_st = c_s
estCstestimate hypothesis c_st
estCtestimate hypothesis c_st = c_t
estGenestimate a reparameterization of the hypothesis c_st
getTimeCountssum specified columns by time
llobserved count log-likelihood of predator preferances model
llEMnon-observed count log-likelihood of predators preferances
predPrefparameter estimation
print.summary.predPrefpredPref summary print
simPrefsimulate data
spiders-packageFits predator preferences model.
summary.predPrefpredPref summary
sumSpsum over species to get a vector of values for each time...
sumTsum over times to get a vector of values for each species
testClinear contrast of c_st
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