splus2R: Supplemental S-PLUS Functionality in R

Currently there are many functions in S-PLUS that are missing in R. To facilitate the conversion of S-PLUS packages to R packages, this package provides some missing S-PLUS functionality in R.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorWilliam Constantine, Tim Hesterberg, Knut Wittkowski, Tingting Song, Stephen Kaluzny
Date of publication2016-09-02 15:17:06
MaintainerStephen Kaluzny <skaluzny@tibco.com>

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Man pages

allTrue: Test whether all expressions return TRUE

anyMissing: Returns TRUE if missing values are round, otherwise FALSE

as.rectangular: Covnert to rectangular object

asSeriesData: Convert to a seriesData

bits.per.integer: Internal Size of an integer

colIds: Column and row summary function

deparseText: Deparses input argument

do.test: Test Functions and Expressions - for automated testing

expectStop: Test whether expected stop() or warning() messages are...

ifelse1: Conditional Data Selection

is.inf: Infinite

is.missing: Check for missing values

is.number: Check Values

is.numeric.atomic.vector: Tests whether an object is a vector or not

is.orderable: If a value can be ordered

is.rectangular: Checks for object rectangularity

lowerCase: Case conversion

MC: Make Closure for functions

nDotArgs: Determine Number of Arguments to Function

numCols: Object dimensions

numericSequence: Constructor for numericSequence Class

numericSequence-methods: Methods for class signalSeries in package splus2R

oldUnclass: Class conversion

peaks: Local maxima

positions: Positions of signalSeries objects

rmvnorm: Multivariate Normal (Gaussian) Distribution

seriesData: Access Data Of series Objects

seriesDataNew: Creates template for new seriesData object

seriesDataValid: Validates the structure of seriesData object

showStructure: Describe the structure of an object

signalSeries: Constructor function for the signalSeries class

signalSeries-methods: Methods for class signalSeries in package splus2R

stdev: Standard deviation

subscript2d: Uniform Rectangular Data Subscripting Function

vecnorm: p-norm of a vector

which.na: Determine Which Values are Missing Values


allTrue Man page
anyMissing Man page
Arith,signalSeries,ANY-method Man page
as.data.frame.signalSeries Man page
as.matrix.signalSeries Man page
as.numeric,signalSeries-method Man page
as.rectangular Man page
asSeriesData Man page
as.vector,signalSeries-method Man page
bits.per.integer Man page
coerce,list,signalSeries-method Man page
coerce,numeric,numericSequence-method Man page
coerce,numericSequence,character-method Man page
coerce,numericSequence,integer-method Man page
coerce,numericSequence,numeric-method Man page
coerce,signalSeries,character-method Man page
coerce,signalSeries,complex-method Man page
coerce,signalSeries,data.frame-method Man page
coerce,signalSeries,integer-method Man page
coerce,signalSeries,logical-method Man page
coerce,signalSeries,matrix-method Man page
coerce,signalSeries,numeric-method Man page
coerce,signalSeries,vector-method Man page
colIds Man page
colMaxs Man page
colMedians Man page
colMins Man page
colRanges Man page
colVars Man page
Compare,signalSeries,ANY-method Man page
cumsum.signalSeries Man page
deltat.signalSeries Man page
deparseText Man page
diff.signalSeries Man page
dim,signalSeries-method Man page
do.test Man page
duplicated,numericSequence-method Man page
expectStop Man page
expectWarnings Man page
ifelse1 Man page
is.inf Man page
is.missing Man page
is.na,numericSequence-method Man page
is.number Man page
isNumericAtomicVector Man page
is.orderable Man page
is.rectangular Man page
length,numericSequence-method Man page
length,signalSeries-method Man page
Logic,signalSeries,ANY-method Man page
lowerCase Man page
match,ANY,numericSequence-method Man page
match,numericSequence,ANY-method Man page
Math2,numericSequence-method Man page
Math2,signalSeries-method Man page
Math,numericSequence-method Man page
Math,signalSeries-method Man page
MC Man page
mean,numericSequence-method Man page
mean,signalSeries-method Man page
median,numericSequence-method Man page
min,signalSeries-method Man page
ncol,signalSeries-method Man page
nDotArgs Man page
numCols Man page
numericSequence Man page
numericSequence-class Man page
[<-,numericSequence-method Man page
[,numericSequence-method Man page
[[<-,numericSequence-method Man page
[[,numericSequence-method Man page
numericSequence-methods Man page
numRows Man page
oldUnclass Man page
Ops,ANY,numericSequence-method Man page
Ops,numericSequence,ANY-method Man page
Ops,signalSeries,ANY-method Man page
peaks Man page
plot.signalSeries Man page
plot,signalSeries-method Man page
positions Man page
quantile,numericSequence-method Man page
rev,numericSequence-method Man page
rmvnorm Man page
rowIds Man page
rowMaxs Man page
rowMins Man page
rowRanges Man page
seriesData Man page
[<-.seriesData Man page
seriesData<- Man page
seriesDataNew Man page
seriesDataValid Man page
show,numericSequence-method Man page
show,signalSeries-method Man page
showStructure Man page
signalSeries Man page
signalSeries-class Man page
[,signalSeries-method Man page
signalSeries-methods Man page
sort,numericSequence-method Man page
sort,numericSequence,missing-method Man page
stdev Man page
subscript2d Man page
subscript2dDataFrame Man page
subscript2d.default Man page
subscript2dMatrix Man page
summary,numericSequence-method Man page
Summary,numericSequence-method Man page
summary,signalSeries-method Man page
Summary,signalSeries-method Man page
sum,signalSeries-method Man page
unique,numericSequence-method Man page
unique,numericSequence,missing-method Man page
upperCase Man page
vecnorm Man page
which.na Man page
which.na,numericSequence-method Man page

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