Man pages for splus2R
Supplemental S-PLUS Functionality in R

allTrueTest whether all expressions return TRUE
anyMissingReturns TRUE if missing values are round, otherwise FALSE
as.rectangularCovnert to rectangular object
asSeriesDataConvert to a seriesData
bits.per.integerInternal Size of an integer
colIdsColumn and row summary function
deparseTextDeparses input argument
do.testTest Functions and Expressions - for automated testing
expectStopTest whether expected stop() or warning() messages are...
ifelse1Conditional Data Selection
is.missingCheck for missing values
is.numberCheck Values
is.numeric.atomic.vectorTests whether an object is a vector or not
is.orderableIf a value can be ordered
is.rectangularChecks for object rectangularity
lowerCaseCase conversion
MCMake Closure for functions
nDotArgsDetermine Number of Arguments to Function
numColsObject dimensions
numericSequenceConstructor for numericSequence Class
numericSequence-methodsMethods for class signalSeries in package splus2R
oldUnclassClass conversion
peaksLocal maxima
positionsPositions of signalSeries objects
rmvnormMultivariate Normal (Gaussian) Distribution
seriesDataAccess Data Of series Objects
seriesDataNewCreates template for new seriesData object
seriesDataValidValidates the structure of seriesData object
showStructureDescribe the structure of an object
signalSeriesConstructor function for the signalSeries class
signalSeries-methodsMethods for class signalSeries in package splus2R
stdevStandard deviation
subscript2dUniform Rectangular Data Subscripting Function
vecnormp-norm of a vector
which.naDetermine Which Values are Missing Values
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