Man pages for splusTimeDate
Times and Dates from S-PLUS

class.eventEvent Class
class.GroupVecGroup Vector Class
class.numeric.sequenceNumeric Sequence Class
class.positionsVirtual Classes for Time-Related Objects
class.rel.timeRelative Time Class
class.timeTime and Date Class
class.time.sequenceTime Sequence Class
class.time.spanTime Span Class
class.time.zoneTime Zone Classes
daysReturn Various Periods from a Time or Date Object
eventConstructor Function For 'timeEvent' Objects
format.timeDateSample Formats
groupvec'groupVec' Constructor
gvclasses'groupVec' Class Data Access
gvcol'groupVec' Class - Data Access
gvdata'groupVec' Class Data Access
gvextval'groupVec' Extended Class Validation
gvnames'groupVec' Class Data Access
gvnonvec'groupVec' Extended Class Validation
gvvalid'groupVec' Object Validation
holallsHoliday Generating Functions
holfixHoliday Generating Functions
holidaysHoliday Generating Function
holnrwkdHoliday Generating Functions
hoursReturn Various Periods from a Time Vector
is.monthendThe End of Month Day Information
mdyReturn Various Periods from a Time Vector
numseqConstructor for 'numericSequence' Class
optionsSet or Return 'timeDate' Options
reltimeConstructor Function for timeRelative Class
shiftPositionsShift a Positions Object
sort.listVector of Indices That Sort Data
timcalConstructor Function for 'timeDate' Objects
timconvConvert Time Zones
timealiAlignment of Times
timeceilRounding Functions for timeDate Objects
timeconvConvert from one time zone to another.
timedateConstructor Function for timeDate Objects
timedefTime Class Internal Functions
timespanConstructor Function For 'timeSpan' Class
timseqSequences of Times
timzncConstructor Function for 'timeZoneC' Class
timznlstTime Zone List
timznsConstructor Function for 'timeZoneR' Class
tsequenCreate a Time Sequence Object
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