Man pages for spocc
Interface to Species Occurrence Data Sources

as.alaCoerce occurrence keys to ALA id objects
as.bisonCoerce occurrence keys to bisonkey/occkey objects
as.ecoengineCoerce occurrence keys to ecoenginekey/occkey objects
as.gbifCoerce occurrence keys to gbifkey/occkey objects
as.idigbioCoerce occurrence keys to idigbio objects
as.inatCoerce occurrence keys to iNaturalist id objects
as.obisCoerce occurrence keys to obis id objects
as.vertnetCoerce occurrence keys to vertnetkey/occkey objects
bbox2wktConvert a bounding box to a Well Known Text polygon, and a...
fixnamesChange names to be the same for each taxon.
inspectGet more data on individual occurrences
occSearch for species occurrence data across many data sources.
occ2dfCombine results from occ calls to a single data.frame
occ_coverageAutomatically generate coverages for a spocc search
occ_namesSearch for species names across many data sources.
occ_names_optionsLook up options for parameters passed to each source for...
occ_optionsLook up options for parameters passed to each source
spocc_capwordsCapitalize the first letter of a character string.
spocc_duplicatesA note about duplicate occurrence records
spocc_objectsspocc objects and their print, plot, and summary methods
spocc-packageInterface to many species occurrence data sources
wkt_visVisualize well-known text area's on a map.
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