Man pages for spocc
Interface to Species Occurrence Data Sources

as.alaCoerce occurrence keys to ALA id objects
as.bisonCoerce occurrence keys to bisonkey/occkey objects
as.ecoengine-defunctCoerce occurrence keys to ecoenginekey/occkey objects
as.gbifCoerce occurrence keys to gbifkey/occkey objects
as.idigbioCoerce occurrence keys to idigbio objects
as.inatCoerce occurrence keys to iNaturalist id objects
as.obisCoerce occurrence keys to obis id objects
as.vertnetCoerce occurrence keys to vertnetkey/occkey objects
bbox2wktConvert a bounding box to a Well Known Text polygon, and a...
fixnames-defunctChange names to be the same for each taxon.
inspectGet more data on individual occurrences
obis_searchOBIS search
occSearch for species occurrence data across many data sources.
occ2dfCombine results from occ calls to a single data.frame
occ_coverageAutomatically generate coverages for a spocc search
occ_namesSearch for species names across many data sources.
occ_names_optionsLook up options for parameters passed to each source for...
occ_optionsLook up options for parameters passed to each source
spocc_capwordsCapitalize the first letter of a character string.
spocc_duplicatesA note about duplicate occurrence records
spocc_objectsspocc objects and their print, plot, and summary methods
spocc-packageInterface to many species occurrence data sources
wkt_visVisualize well-known text area's on a map.
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