#function to compute potential efficiency of low quarter
#of low-quarter. From Mirriam and Keller, 1978, p. 41. Note that rates (as suggested in Mirriam and Keller)
#are used in the calculation, not depths, asin AELQ , but the numberical result is identical if depths are used
# x is caught depth (catch cans), rate is sprinkler flow rate (lpm or gpm), ss is sprinkler spacing, sl is lateral spacing
  #get subarray of low quarter
  #use applied rate rather than caught rate for denominator
  #SI use mm for depth, meters for spacing, lpm for sprinkler flow rate, hr duration
  #US Customary use in. for depth, feet for spacing, gpm for sprinkler flow rate, hr duration

## PELQ for traveling system
#use applied depth rather than caught depth for denominator}
#SI x=mm,rate=lps, ls=m, ts=m/s - note lps for rate not lpm as in stationary
#US x=in., rate=gpm,ls=ft, ts= ft/min
{ x<-sort(x)

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