Man pages for sprm
Sparse and Non-Sparse Partial Robust M Regression and Classification

biplot.prmBiplot for prm objects
biplot.prmdaBiplot for prmda objects of PRM discriminant analysis
biplot.sprmBiplot for sprm objects
biplot.sprmdaBiplot for sprmda objects of Sparse PRM discriminant analysis
plot.prmPlots for prm objects
plot.sprmPlots for sprm objects
predict.prmPredict method for models of class prm
predict.prmdaPredict method for models of class prmda
predict.sprmPredict method for models of class sprm
predict.sprmdaPredict method for models of class sprmda
prmdaRobust PLS for binary classification
prmdaCVCross validation method for PRM classification models.
prmsPartial robust M regression
prmsCVCross validation method for PRM regression models.
sprmdaSparse and robust PLS for binary classification
sprmdaCVCross validation method for sparse PRM classification models.
sprm-packageSparse and Non-Sparse Partial Robust M Regression and...
sprmsSparse partial robust M regression
sprmsCVCross validation method for SPRM regression models.
summary.prmSummary of a prm model
summary.prmdaSummary of a prmda model
summary.sprmSummary of a sprm model
summary.sprmdaSummary of a sprmda model
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