Man pages for spsh
Estimation and Prediction of Parameters of Various Soil Hydraulic Property Models

gofFunGoodness-of-fit and Information Criteria
IbetaIncomplete Beta Function
inipopFunGenerates an Initial Population of Transformed Soil Hydraulic...
KvapFunCalculates the Isothermal Water Vapour Conductivity
logLikFun.normCalculation of the Log-likelihood assuming Identially,...
numMualemFunction to Numerically Compute the Mualem Integral
ptf.cWTitle Corrected Weynants et al. (2009) Pedotransfer Function
ptf.vG2BWParameter Transfer Function for Weber et al.(2019) model.
resFunCalculation of the Objective Function Value
shpdata1Measured soil hydraulic property data
shypEstFunWrapper function for the Estimation of Soil Hydrologic...
shypFunWrapper Function for all Supported Soil Hydraulic Property...
shypFun.01110van Genuchten-Mualem Soil Hydraulic Proptery Model
shypFun.01210van Genuchten-Mualem bimodal Soil Hydraulic Propterty Model
shypFun.01310van Genuchten-Mualem trimodal Soil Hydraulic Propterty Model
shypFun.02110Unimodal Kosugi-Mualem Model (2 Parameter Model)
shypFun.03110Unimodal Fredlund-Xing - Mualem Model
shypFun.04110Unimodal Brooks-Corey Model
sncFunNon-capillary Saturation Function to Extend Other Functions
sncFun.01110Unimodal van Genuchten Non-Capillary Saturation Model
sncFun.02110Unimodal Kosugi Non-Capillary Saturation Model
sncFun.04110Unimodal Brooks-Corey Non-Capillary Saturation Model
spsh-packagespsh: Estimation and Prediction of Parameters of Various Soil...
transBoundFunCreates Parameter Transformation and Backtransformation Rules...
transFunParameter Transformation and Back-transformation
weightFunSpecification of Weights for the Data Groups Retention Data...
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