Man pages for sptotal
Predicting Totals and Weighted Sums from Spatial Data

AIC.slmfitExtract the AIC from a 'slmfit' object for comparing models.
AKmooseData Set with Alaska Moose Counts.
check.variogram-deprecatedPlot an Empirical Semi-Variogram of Residuals
coef.slmfitExtract Model Coefficients from a 'slmfit' object
corModelExponentialSpatial Correlation Models
estcovparmEstimate Covariance Parameters
exampledatasetData Set with Uncorrelated Poisson Counts.
fitted.slmfitExtract Fitted Values from an 'slmfit' object.
geostatSimSimulate geostatistical data on set of given locations
get.predinfo-deprecatedDisplay basic summary information in a tabular form.
get.predplot-deprecatedCreate a default map from predictions
GR2Computes the Generalized R-squared.
LLtoTMConvert Lat and Long to Transverse Mercator (TM)
loglik.slmfitExtract Log-Likelihood from a fitted class 'slmfit' object
m2LL.FPBK.nodetCovariance Parameter Estimation Function.
mginvConstructing the generalized inverse of a matrix
plot.predict.slmfitCreate a default map from predictions
plot.slmfitPlot an Empirical Semi-Variogram of Residuals
pointSimCSRsimulate completely spatially random point patterns.
pointSimSystCreates a systematic grid of points.
predict.slmfitPerform Finite Population Block Kriging
predict.stratafitPerform Finite Population Block Kriging
print.predict.slmfitPrints a short summary for the 'predict.slmfit()' function.
print.predict.stratafitPrints a short summary for the 'predict.stratafit()'...
print.slmfitPrints the fitted coefficient table of a fitted spatial...
print.summary.slmfitPrints the summary of a fitted spatial linear model.
residuals.slmfitExtract Model Residuals from an 'slmfit' object.
simdataSimulated Spatially Autocorrelated Data.
slmfitFits a Spatial Linear Model
sptotalsptotal: A package used for performing Finite Population...
stratafitFits a Separate Spatial Linear Model for Each Stratum
summary.slmfitSummarizes a fitted spatial linear model.
summary.stratafitSummarizes a fitted spatial linear model with a...
svSemi-variogram computation
USlakesDissolved Organic Carbon in U.S. Lakes
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