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The package provides an option to perform FPBK on counts assuming perfect detection of counts on the sites that were in the survey sample. The functions in the package use methods in (Ver Hoef, 2008, <doi:10.1007/s10651-007-0035-y>)


sptotal Main Functions:

slmfit fits a spatial linear model to the response on the observed/sampled sites. The function check.variogram can be used to construct an empirical variogram of the residuals of the spatial linear model.

predict.slmfit uses the spatial linear model fit from slmfit and finite population block kriging to predict the response at unobserved locations. A prediction for the total response as well as a prediction variance are given by default.

get.predinfo and get.predplot take the resulting object from predict.slmfit to construct (1) summary information, including the prediction, prediction variance, and a prediction interval as well as (2) a plot of the site-wise predictions.

Most of the remaining functions in the package are either helper functions or extra optional functions to extract various specific things from an slmfit object, such as residuals, AIC, log-likelihood, etc.

See the Vignette for more details: browseVignettes("sptotal") Reference for Mathematical Details:

Ver Hoef, Jay M. "Spatial methods for plot-based sampling of wildlife populations." A Environmental and Ecological Statistics 15, no. 1 (2008): 3-13.

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