sqlutils: Utilities for working with SQL files.

This package provides utilities for working with a library of SQL files.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorJason Bryer
Date of publication2014-11-19 17:49:01
MaintainerJason Bryer <jason@bryer.org>

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cacheQuery Man page
execQuery Man page
getCacheFilename Man page
getParameters Man page
getQueries Man page
getSQL Man page
getSQLRaw Man page
is.null.string Man page
isql Man page
parse.element Man page
parse.introduction Man page
print.sqldoc Man page
recodeColumns Man page
sqldoc Man page
sqlexec Man page
sqlexec.JDBCConnection Man page
sqlexec.PostgreSQLConnection Man page
sqlexec.RMySQL Man page
sqlexec.RODBC Man page
sqlexec.SQLiteConnection Man page
sqlFile Man page
sqlPaths Man page
sqlutils Man page
sqlutils.envir Man page
sqlutils-package Man page

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