Man pages for sqlutils
Utilities for working with SQL files.

cacheQueryFunction for working with cached queries.
execQueryExecutes the specified query and returns a data frame. This...
getCacheFilenameReturns the complete filepath to the cache file.
getParametersReturns the parameters that must be set for the given query.
getQueriesReturns a list of available queries in the current...
getSQLReturns the query as a string with the parameters set.
getSQLRawReturns the SQL from the file without the parameters...
is.null.stringDoes the string contain no matter, but very well [:space:]?
isqlInteractive SQL session.
parse.elementParse a raw string containing key and expressions.
parse.introductionParse introduction: the premier part of a roxygen block...
printPrints the SQL documentation.
recodeColumnsRecodes factors with more than 'maxLevels' to characters.
sqldocParses the query and returns a list with all the elements of...
sqlexecGeneric function for executing a query.
sqlexec.JDBCConnectionExecutes queries for RJDBC
sqlexec.PostgreSQLConnectionExecutes queries for RPostgreSQL
sqlexec.RMySQLExecutes queries for RMySQL package.
sqlexec.RODBCExecutes queries for RODBC package.
sqlexec.SQLiteConnectionExecutes queries for RSQLite package.
sqlFileReturns the full path to the query or NULL if not found.
sqlPathsSearch paths for SQL repositories.
sqlutils.envirThe locations of SQL files
sqlutils-packageUtilities for working with SQL files.
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