Man pages for srvyr
'dplyr'-Like Syntax for Summary Statistics of Survey Data

as_surveyCreate a tbl_svy from a data.frame
as_survey_designCreate a tbl_svy survey object using sampling design
as_survey_repCreate a tbl_svy survey object using replicate weights
as_survey_twophaseCreate a tbl_svy survey object using two phase design
as_tibbleCoerce survey variables to a data frame (tibble)
cascadeSummarise multiple values into cascading groups
collectForce computation of a database query
current_svyGet the survey data for the current context
dplyr_singleSingle table verbs from dplyr
get_var_estGet the variance estimates for a survey estimate
group_byGroup a (survey) dataset by one or more variables.
groupsGet/set the grouping variables for tbl.
pipePipe operator
rlang-tidyevalTidy eval helpers from rlang
set_survey_varsSet the variables for the current survey variable
srvyrsrvyr: A package for 'dplyr'-Like Syntax for Summary...
srvyr-se-deprecatedDeprecated SE versions of main srvyr verbs
summariseSummarise multiple values to a single value.
summarise_allManipulate multiple columns.
survey_meanCalculate the mean and its variation using survey methods
survey_quantileCalculate the quantile and its variation using survey methods
survey_ratioCalculate the ratio and its variation using survey methods
survey_tallyCount/tally survey weighted observations by group
survey_totalCalculate the total and its variation using survey methods
survey_varCalculate the population variance and its variation using...
svychisqChisquared tests of association for survey data.
tbl_svytbl_svy object.
tbl_varsList variables produced by a tbl.
unweightedCalculate the an unweighted summary statistic from a survey
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