Man pages for stevemisc
Steve's Miscellaneous Functions

carrecCreate multivariate data by permutation
cor2dataSimulate Data from Correlation Matrix
corvectorsCreate multivariate data by permutation
db_lselectLazily select variables from multiple tables in a relational...
ess9_labelledSome Labeled Data in the European Social Survey (Round 9)
fct_reorgReorganize a factor after "re-leveling" it
get_simsGet Simulations from a Model Object (with New Data)
get_var_infoGet a small data frame of the variable label and values.
ggplot-themesSteve's Preferred 'ggplot2' Themes and Assorted Stuff
jennySet the Only Reproducible Seed That Matters
make_perclabMake Percentage Label for Proportion and Add Percentage Sign
make_scaleRescale Vector to Arbitrary Minimum and Maximum
mroundMultiply a Number by 100 and Round It (By Default: 2)
ninFind Non-Matching Elements
normal_distMake and annotate a normal distribution with 'ggplot2'
ps_btscsCreate "peace years" or "spells" by cross-sectional unit,...
p_zConvert the p-value you want to the z-value it actually is
r1sdScale a vector by one standard deviation
r2sdScale a vector by two standard deviations
rbnormBounded Normal (Really: Scaled Beta) Distribution
sbtscsCreate "peace years" or "spells" by cross-sectional unit
show_ranefGet a caterpillar plot of random effects from a mixed model
smvrnormSimulate from a Multivariate Normal Distribution
strategic_rivalriesStrategic Rivalries, 1494-2010
studenttThe Student-t Distribution (Location-Scale)
tbl_dfConvert data frame to an object of class "tibble"
usa_midsUnited States Militarized Interstate Disputes (MIDs)
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