get_sims: Get Simulations from a Model Object (with New Data)

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Get Simulations from a Model Object (with New Data)


get_sims() is a function to simulate quantities of interest from a multivariate normal distribution for "new data" from a regression model.


get_sims(model, newdata, nsim, seed)



a model object


A data frame on some quantities of interest to be simulated


Number of simulations to be run


An optional seed to set


This (should) be a flexible function that takes a merMod object (estimated from lme4, blme, etc.) or a lm or glm object and generates some quantities of interest when paired with new data of observations of interest. Of note: I've really only tested this function with linear models, generalized linear models, and their mixed model equivalents. For mixed models, this approach does not offer support for the incorporation of the random effects or the random slopes. It's just for the fixed effects, which is typically what most people want anyway. Users who want to better incorporate the random intercepts or slope could find that support in the merTools package.


get_sims() returns a data frame (as a tibble) with the quantities of interest and identifying information about the particular simulation number.


Steven V. Miller


# Note: these models are dumb, but they illustrate how it works.

M1 <- lm(mpg ~ hp, mtcars)
# Note: this function requires the DV to appear somewhere, anywhere in the "new data"
newdat <- data.frame(mpg = 0,
                     hp = c(mean(mtcars$hp) - sd(mtcars$hp),
                            mean(mtcars$hp) + sd(mtcars$hp)))

get_sims(M1, newdat, 100, 8675309)

# Note: this is likely a dumb model, but illustrates how it works.
mtcars$mpgd <- ifelse(mtcars$mpg > 25, 1, 0)

M2 <- glm(mpgd ~ hp, mtcars, family=binomial(link="logit"))

# Again: this function requires the DV to be somewhere, anywhere in the "new data"
newdat$mpgd <- 0

# Note: the simulations are returned on their original "link". Here, that's a "logit"
# You can adjust that accordingly. `plogis(y)` will convert those to probabilities.
get_sims(M2, newdat, 100, 8675309)

M3 <- lmer(mpg ~ hp + (1 | cyl), mtcars)

# Random effects are not required here since we're passing over them.
get_sims(M3, newdat, 100, 8675309)

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