stilt: Separable Gaussian Process Interpolation (Emulation)

Functions to build and use an interpolator ("emulator") for time series or 1D regularly spaced data in multidimensional space. The standard usage is for interpolating time-resolved computer model output between model parameter settings. It can also be used for interpolating multivariate data (e.g., oceanographic time-series data, etc.) in space. There are functions to test the emulator using cross-validation, and to produce contour plots over 2D slices in model input parameter (or physical) space.

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AuthorRoman Olson, Won Chang, Klaus Keller, and Murali Haran
Date of publication2014-05-12 07:59:34
MaintainerWon Chang <>

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Data.1D.model Man page
Data.1D.par Man page
Data.Sicopolis.model Man page
Data.Sicopolis.par Man page
Data.UVic.model Man page
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design.mat Man page
emul.1D Man page
emulator Man page
emul.lik Man page
emul.minus.lik Man page
emul.predict Man page
emul.Sicopolis Man page
emul.subset Man page
initialize.emul Man page
make.emulator Man page
make.parvec Man page
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mymessage Man page
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stilt Man page
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